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0315 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 315 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yul. 024. Ornamental bronze shaft ; use uncertain. Straight hexagonal in middle, expanding above and below into groups of mouldings. Flat knob with pearl moulding encircling it terminates rod at one end. A similar but larger one is at the other end ; beyond rod continues for A" in form of two ring mouldings ; last of them has a drilled hole. Length 2i", diam. of shaft i", of gr. knob 1". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 025. Fr. of bronze plate, with traces of Chinese ` strap ' orn. in very low relief on face. Gr. M. i 'E". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 026-7. Two bronze strap-loops ; 026 D-shaped bronze plate, 027 square ; each with oblong slit by straight edge, and three or four pins respectively at back. r 6" x t" and rlu"xis".

Yul. 028. Bronze strap-loop, double, made of two elliptical plates front and back ; front one with edges cast back in bold chamfer, back one flat ; joined to each other by four pins, leaving space of i" between. Elliptical opening i" x A", pierced through both plates near one edge and a V-nick at centre of one long side of outer ellipse.

" x r". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 02g-30. Two bronze buttons ; 029 square, 030 circular and slightly domical ; each with rectang. loop

at back. Corroded.   " sq. and Ii" diam.

Yul. 035. Bronze button ; round, slightly convex, with back hollowed out leaving flat bar across for attachment. Corroded. Diam. i".

Yul. 032. Bronze arrowhead ; made of long central shaft, round in section, with iron core and with three very low flanges projecting as blades. No barbs ; blunt point, and edges of flanges blunt. Iron core probably projected as tang, but is now flush with butt. Good condition. Length rH", gr. width ?Jr, diam. of shaft at butt -". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 033-6. Four bronze arrow-heads, of type L.J. or ; Ser. ii. p. 767, T. 007. Sides plain ; no barbs. 034-6 much corroded, and retaining stumps of iron tangs, rust from which has overspread blade. Gr. length r-". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 037-9. Three bronze arrow-heads, of type L.J. or, Pl. XXIII, &c. ; but angles cut back in barbs, and triangular depressions in faces. Iron corrosion about butt of Yul. 037. Fair condition. Gr. length IA". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 040. Bronze arrow-head, of type L. Singh. 015, Pl. xxIII. Three sharp prominent blades about small hollow central shaft. Sharp point and barbs. Length ' i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 041. Bronze seal ; round disc with loop shank at back. Device : a peacock standing to L. with upraised tail. Diam. ?S". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 042. Bronze seal ; sq. face with loop shank at back. Device corroded beyond recognition. i" sq.

Yul. 043. Bronze seal ; sq. face with long straight shank at back ending in loop. Badly corroded and face destroyed. A" sq., h. a".

Yul. 044. Bronze seal ; square face with rectang. loop at back. Device, spoilt by corrosion, seems to represent four-footed beast standing to L. with upraised tail. I" sq. Pl. CXI.

Yul. 045. Bronze stud or seal. Disc, with shank at back terminating in large flat sq. head. Traces of device (?) on face of disc, but destroyed by corrosion. Diam. of disc ri", sq. head r x i", length of shank i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 046. Bronze seal or stud ; shaped like preceding, with sq. face, and shank at back terminating in large quatrefoil with raised edges. Device on face : fig. seated cross-legged with both (?) arms uplifted, and halo (?) round head. Corroded and no detail left. Quatrefoil very brittle. Face " x i", quatrefoil i" x i", length of shank F. Pl. CXI.

Yul. 047. Bronze seal ; sq. face, with long shank rising from stepped base at back and terminating in ring. Device: winged griffin (?) standing to R. with uplifted head, much destroyed by corrosion. 1" x i", h. Ii". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 048. Bronze seal ; disc with rectang. loop at back. Device : equal-armed cross with end of each arm thickened and curling over to R. in single volute ; a kind of modified Svastika. Fairly preserved. Diam. i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 049. Bronze seal or stud. Disc, with shank at back terminating in large lozenge-shaped (?) head (broken). On each face traces of device similar to that of Yul. 048, but one with three voluted arms, forming a triangle in centre, much obscured by corrosion. Diam. of faces c. 11", length of shank i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 05o. Terra-cotta relief head ; lion or grotesque human. Surface much corroded and lower part of face lost. H. c. r", projection c. e".

Yul. 051. Fr. of bronze rod, rectang. in section, taper-

ing towards point ; broken both ends, edges cracked. rr xi"x A"

Yul. 052-3. Two sticks of graphite or ink. Short, octagonal in section, tapering slightly to blunt point. Other end cut off sq., with hole pierced through horizontally. Lengths xi" and Fs". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 054. Fr. of lignite pendant or seal. Flat, triangular, sides slightly convex, hole pierced through lengthwise. Surface split away both sides. i a" x ti" x

Yul. 055. Paste pendant or charm ; male pudenda. Cf.

Ser. iv. Pl. Iv, Jiya. 004. Greenish blue. s" x

Yul. 056-7. Two glass pendants ; fiat, triangular, with hole through apex. Glass respectively dark blue, and dark pink, semi-translucent, streaked horizontally with lines of opaque white paste, and finishing (o59) with band of yellow glass ; 056 iridescent. Lengths i" and A". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 058. Fr. of glass pendant ; light blue, translucent, in form apparently of three-armed star ; one arm shorter than the others and pierced for suspension ; one long arm broken. Gr. M. i". Pl. ClI.