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0316 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 316 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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Yul. 059. Glass seal ; translucent blue, flat, elliptical. Device roughly cut : an ibex or horse in profile to R., head held high. NH X i «". Pl. CXI.

Yul. o6o. Glass bead ; blue, translucent, of long barrel-shape with surface channelled spirally. Surface partially gone. r x (gr. diam.) i".

Yul. o61. Fr. of agate pendant ; apparently long drop shape, lower end lost ; white agate. Length i", gr. diam. /".

Yul. 062. Glass pendant, in form of model of vase drilled through neck for suspension. Shape exactly as in Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Yo. o6. f., with small ring foot, ovoid body, and longish neck expanding to trumpet mouth. White glass, translucent. H. 32". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 063. Fr. of carnelian bead ; prob. barrel-shaped ; flame-red. Gr. M. A".

Yul. 064. Fr. of glass pendant or bead ; greenish-yellow, translucent ; surface too worn to show orig. shape. Gr. M. r.

Yul. 065. Glass duck charm, as Ark. Han. 021. Deep yellow glass, translucent, pierced for suspension, surface pitted. H. i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 066. Fr. of carnelian bead ; light red, ornamented with lozenge lattice-work of white lines as Ser. iv. Pl. IV,

Jiya. 005. Gr. M.   Pl. CXI.

Yul. 067-8. Two paste beads ; soft pink paste covered with greenish-white glaze ; Amalaka-shaped. Diam. " and â". Pl. CXI.

Yul. o69. Graphite seal ; blunt hexagonal point as Yul. 052-3, with quatrefoil rudely cut on broad end. Hole also pierced horizontally near latter. Length qv", diam. of flat end i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 070. Graphite seal ; four-sided cone, pierced through apex. Design on base effaced. H. i", base A" x i,". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 071. Lignite seal ; in form of flat four-sided pyramid with top cut off. Pierced from side to side. Face mostly destroyed, but shows remains of animal (?) device within a square pearl border. •" x ".

Yul. 072. Lignite seal ; flat, elliptical, pierced laterally. Device : probably on one side a head in profile, on other some scroll device. i" x i".

Yul. 073. Remains of lignite seal ; flat, elliptical, pierced through longest diam. Surface on one side destroyed, on other a bold dragon-like scroll, incomplete. Gr. M. is".

Yul. 074. Lignite seal ; sq. with tunnel handle at back. Face (partially lost) shows Chinese seal character, but broken and too imperfect to be deciphered. Face (orig.) " sq., h. A".

Yul. 075. Fr. of bronze seal-ring ; back of hoop lost ; elliptical table showing intaglio head in profile to L. Head uplifted, with long straight nose, short upper lip, prominent chin. Wears close-fitting cap with band round forehead ; or has hair done close and bound by fillet tied in short streamers at nape of neck. 1" x e", diam. of ring f" Pl. CXI.

Yul. 076. Fr. of bronze seal-ring ; back of hoop lost. Elliptical table damaged by corrosion ; hence device unintelligible. Diam. of ring i".

Yul. 077. Bronze ring, with cell setting for round jewel (lost). On either side of bezel hoop is moulded in relief in manner suggesting buckled ends of straps, and at back orn. with cross grooves. Diam. C". PI. CXI.

Yul. o78. Lignite seal ; flat, pierced horizontally through shortest diam. One edge destroyed, with part of face on each side. Device on one : head in profile to R. with elaborate head-dress. Treatment suggests crude Sasanian work. Remains on other side show three motifs of curled cloud type round edge, and hatching in middle. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. xXIX, L.A. VIII-Ix. oor. i" x /". Pl. CXI.


Kuchâ. ox. Glass seal-ring, yellow, no device traceable ; broken at under-side. Diam.

Kuchâ. 02. Bronze seal ; in a circle of pearls (relief) a winged animal to L. statant, in intaglio ; a group of three pearls in relievo to R. and L. of circle. Plain flat shank, pierced for cord. Moderately good work. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. V, Yo. 0096. b. Gr. diam. i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 03. Bronze seal-ring with device of animal (lion ?) passant to R. p., much worn and corroded. Back of ring broken. Diam. c. f". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 04. Fr. of bronze seal-ring, broken across bezel. Device corroded. Gr. M. /".

Kuchâ. 05. Bronze seal-ring, broken away at back, and bent at bezel. Device crudely cut and undecipherable. For type cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, L.A. 00107. Diam. c. I".


Kuchâ. o6. Bronze seal-ring. Device : lion to R. p. passant ; moderately good workmanship. Diam. i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 07. Bronze seal ; square-headed nail shape, with simple device of an X. Rough work. Head I" sq.

Kuchâ.. o8. Bronze seal-ring, small, with badly drawn Svastika device. Diam. i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 09. Glass beads ; of various shapes, in several

tints of blue and yellow ; one gilded. Gr. diam.

Kuchâ. o1I, I2, 15, 16, 19, 22, 25, 26, 29, 36, 46. Miscellaneous small bronze buckles, frs. of buckles and tags in bronze. 029 is a good specimen of a tag, of rather straight talon shape. Gr. length (026) I ". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 013, 14, 27, 31, 38, 39, 4o, 45, 47, 48. Frs. of bronze. 047, slag. Gr. M. (or-3) r i".