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0319 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 319 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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Kucha. 0148. Fr. of glass seal-ring, yellow, blank.

Kucha. 0149. Agate seal, pellet-shaped, drilled for cord. On portion ground flat for device, an object resembling a cypress tree in front of Chinese character or gateway ; but cutting so crude that it may be meant for a human figure. 18" x i b". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0150. Agate bead, square, roughly ornamented by chemical process, with border lines and square-ended quatrefoils on both sides. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Khot. 02. r. Ty e" sq., thickness i".

Kuchâ.. 0151. Glass seal, elliptical, moulded, flat at back. Device : a hart couchant, antlers long and formal, with

three parallel tines. Well modelled but worn.   " x ".
Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0152. Glass seal, elliptical concave, moulded ; smooth at back, probably intended to have metal setting. Device : Buddha figure seated in meditation with tree (?) to L. and other object to R. Surface corroded. I" x $". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0153. Glass seal ; elliptical, moulded. Device defaced by corrosion. I" x i96".

Kuchâ.. 0154. Bronze seal, square, with broken square loop at back. Device : antelope passant to R., regardant, with tree to L. Fairly good. II" sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0155. Bronze seal, lozenge-shaped, with square loop at back. Broken at upper end. Device : human figure rising from floral scrolls holding small object in raised R. hand ; L. arm akimbo. Cf. Kucha. 0118. I" Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0156. Bronze seal, elliptical, with massive billet-shaped loop at back, on upper face of which incised diagonal with cup depressions in the four triangles formed.

Device : standing male figure, head to L., in long coat, close flat turban (or cap), staff in R. hand, L. arm held away from body in curved line, sword at belt. Pose

recalls that of king on some of the Kushana coins. Well cut. I" x I". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0157. Bronze seal, circular, with thin shank drilled for cord. Device : hart, tripping, with ample antlers, tined ; naturalistic and well modelled. Border of pearls. f" diam. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0158. Bronze seal, square, with square loop at back. Device : a kind of hippocamp but with ram's head ; tail curling up one side of square ; curved wing. Well modelled. r sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0159. Bronze seal, square, with long projecting shank, modelled and pierced for cord. Device : Chinese lapidary chars. Face f" sq., h. i". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. oi6o. Bronze seal, round, with thin round loop at back. Device : animal (prob. stag) statant to R. Very

corroded. Diam.   Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0161. Bronze seal, square, with broken round shank. Device : probably a Triton figure to front ; the two legs in form of dolphin bodies, curling up each side, and arms outspread to meet them. Detail indistinct. r sq. Pl. CxI.

Kucha. 0162. Bronze seal, square. Device : prob. stag at rest. Much corroded. g" sq. Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0163. Bronze seal, round ; no shank. Sunk face, divided into compartments by three loop-like raised bands converging inwards from raised outer rim. Cf. Yul. 048 and Pumpelly, Explorations, i. Pl. 51, Fig. 8. Fair condition. Diam. i". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0164. Bronze seal, leaf-shaped, loop at back, broken. Device : flying bird with two long crest feathers, bordered with pearls. 1 }" x I". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0165. Fr. of bronze stamp. Device : quatrefoil of Pipal-shaped leaves in profile. Broken loop at back, r x i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ,. 0166. Bronze stud, in form of stag's (?) head. Pin for riveting at back. i-" x I".