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0470 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 470 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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B•i•A. 03, 04, 05. Frs. of pottery ; each having part of heavy ring foot. Turquoise glaze with pattern in grey. 03, shows thin stems and one solid leaf in dark grey. 3i" X 2". 04, shows central double circle and stems and scrolled leaves growing from it. 4"x 4". 05, shows series of volutes within a double-line circular border. 4"X 2*". Pl. CXVII.

B•i•A. o6, 07, o8, 023. Frs. of glazed and painted pottery. o6, pale terra-cotta. Deep ring foot and part of bottom of bowl. Inside, glaze discoloured to grey, with bold pattern in black relieved with blobs of dark liver-coloured glaze. 3i"X 2i". 07, glazed mottled turquoise inside, with roughly painted black star in centre. 3i" X 2i". o8, glazed dirty white inside, and painted with bold rosette in black outline with large rich green centre. 2i" X 2". 023, glazed turquoise inside, and painted in black a conventional tree within a circle. 2i"x 2". Pl. CXVII.

B.i.A. 09. Pottery fr. of cover for bowl. Shape is prob. circular in plan and slightly domed in section. Glazed in and out with white on which are traces of bright green. Outer surface of side, ?" deep, is free of glaze and smoothed as though to fit cleanly to mouth of bowl. Top painted in grey black. A border between two pairs of lines painted with suggestion of leaf or cloud in white with black background. Within, highly stylized floral scrolls with large rich green spots (flowers ?) outlined with broad black. 2i"X3i". Pl. CXVII.

B•i•A. ow. Fr. of pottery bowl. Pink buff ; pair of slightly incised lines. Glazed inside greenish white, same outside. 2*"X Ii".

B•i•A. on, o17. Frs. of pottery bowls. ozz, pale red, hard. Pale turquoise glaze with delicate scroll pattern in black and blue spots. Crackled. Ii"x I ". 017, fr. of same or similar bowl. Ii" X i".

B4-A. 012, 014, o16, 027. Frs. of pottery bowls. 012, pale red, rather sandy. Inside shows broad band of black lattice under white glaze. Surface lustred. Ii"X ii". 02.4, fr. of pottery bowl. Red, with richer red surface. Ii"X I". oz6, fr. of similar ware, but glazed also outside over a single black line. 1"x i". 027. Upper surface of rim, broad, flat, and painted deep blue-black. • White glaze on both sides ; over black line scroll pattern with blue patches (on upper face). 1"X I".


Nad Ali. 01-04, on. Frs. of pottery vessels. Wheel-made. oz, buff. Ribbed outside and inside on one side of widest part, the other being plain outside and less ribbed inside. Outside has a patch of dark green glaze and smaller scattered traces, the remainder having all flaked off. 2ft" 2i". 02, ribbed on both sides ; rest on outside only. Gr. fr. (os) 3i"X2".

Nad Ali. 05, o6. Frs. of pottery vessel. Wheel-made. Light buff. Strongly ribbed inside with alternate broad and narrow ribs. Outside, a band of incised lines. Gr. fr. (06) 2" X Ii"

B.i.A. 013, 015, o18, 019, 020, 021, 024, 083. Frs. of pottery vessels ; glazed various shades of green from yellow-green to turquoise, with linear decorations in black. o18, has on inside three parallel straight lines and small patch. Outside plain unglazed and heavily ribbed. 019, inside slightly ribbed, plain glaze. Outside glazed over broad band of black spirals. 024, outside turquoise glaze, border line and border mottled with black patches and small dots. Gr. fr. (au) 3i"X 2yß".

B-i-A. 022. Fr. of pottery vessel. Outer surface of straight side horizontally and evenly channelled, the channels divided by sharp ribs. Inside, smooth. Glazed in and out rich copper green. i "X Ii". Pl. CXVII.

B•i•A. 025. Fr. of pottery dish. Buff, gritty ; starch colour glaze. Pattern, inside a cone outlined with broad cobalt band and dab of rich green at point. Cross-hatched in black and bordered outside by black rings. • Outside surface shows a few radiating stems in black. 2"X Ii". Pl. CXVII.

B•i-A. 026. Fr. of pottery vessel. Buff ; glazed pale turquoise inside and out. Outside, on broad black line is a row of evenly spaced round dots. These are now scars of probably raised pearls (?). Inside, a leaf-form, hatched and outlined with raised dots (scars) ; the same treatment is applied to other lines. Ii"Xi". Pl. CXVII.

B•i•A. 029, 031-2. Frs. of pottery vessels. 029, pale buff, with narrow leaf shape and irreg. scroll incised with three-pointed tool. Ii". oar, incised ripple band and panel of roughly scratched cross-hatching. xi". 032, pale buff. Covered with deep combing crossing at right angles. A projecting, conical, vertically ribbed boss. xi".

B.i.A. 035. Fr. of pottery bowl. Buff, glazed white, edge painted black. Inside, a border of pairs of upright trefoil leaves outlined with thin grey line, background cobalt. A white band above and below, and cobalt again lower down. Outside, lotus petal arcading in broad cobalt line with interspaces filled with simple pattern in black, and above, an annular line. I4"X I".

Bibi.dbst. oz. Fr. of pottery dish (?). Painted with floral design in white on dark brown ground. Red body. x Ii"


Nad Ali. 07, 08. Frs. of pottery vessels. Wheel-made ; pale buff. 07, glazed inside and outside turquoise. rill I". o8, glazed both sides white, and dark grey-blue on flat surface of rim. i"X xi".

Nad Ali. 09, ow. Frs. of pottery vessels. Wheel-made ; terra-cotta. Faint indications of ribs outside. Gr. fr. (09) I g"X 2i".

Nad Ali. 012-015. Bronze objects. 012, grotesque hawk, body flat horizontally, with indications of wings and tail incised. Neck, slightly thicker, but broad and relatively flat, supporting head in the round, rather owl-like. Legs