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0471 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 471 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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broken away. ex i". Pl. CXVI. 013, grotesque animal, lion (?), standing, with forelegs fused into one solid mass, and hind legs the same. Tail short and a mere triangular flap close to legs. No details. If"x Ii". Pl. CXVI. 0x4, hollow hemisphere with small loop at crown and six

projecting hook-shaped points set equally round edge, one hook broken away. Part of dangling ornament (?). Diam. I". Pl. CXVI. 015, miniature plate-shaped object (lid ?) with loop for string in hollow of bowl, Diam. i" ; depth IV. Pl. CXVI.


Pusht. 01-4, 08. Frs. of pottery vessels. Stoneware (?). or-4, glazed white, fine polish but crackled. or, with grey annular line outside. rjr"x 2*". 02, part of bowl near bottom. Painted in black lines with washes of bright blue. I1"X2 ". Pl. CXVIII. 03, painted inside with

pale blue lines.   '"x Ij". o4. Inside, frs. of pattern in
black lines with dab of vivid green-blue. 1}""x x ". o8. Glazed grey-green (celadon) over raised pattern of fern-like fronds. Surface of glaze perfectly level. I."X 2". All foregoing show very Chinese character. Pl. CXVIII.

Pusht. 05-7, 09, o10, 012, 013, 016-20. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made. 05, o6, oro, 013, oz8, oz9, glazed dark green, with bold patterns in black. Gr. fr. (oz3) rx Ir. oz8, pair of black lines inside ; and below, part of solid dense black rosette. "x r. oq, green glaze much perished, and leaving scrolled black design with leaves, as

in Surhdik. 04, in relief. Outside, large volutes as in Surhdik. 04. Ii" X 2r". Pl. CXVIII. 09, from wall. Glazed white inside with hazy black pattern. Ii"x 012, glazed yellow-brown inside. I" x 1". oz6, glazed all over green-blue, very iridescent, with two black lines on flat of rim and one close under rim, inside. I"X xi". 017, glazed white with part of square panelled pattern inside, of broad cobalt blue lines, with thin inner black lines and dashes. Outside, two grey lines. I"X r. 020, from flat rim like Nad Ali. o8, bright blue on top, white below with two vert. cobalt blue stripes inside. " X jf".

Pusht. o11, 014, o15. Frs. from pottery vessels, wheel-made. orr, buff. Irregularly ribbed inside. "X Ij;". 0z4, grey, strongly and evenly ribbed inside and out. I1"x Ir. 0z5, terra-cotta. Ribbed outside, with trace of glaze (?). ri"X Ir.


Sal. ox, 04, 07, o8, 012-14, 016. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made ; glazed. or, pale terra-cotta with rounded annular moulding outside, and glazed ochre yellow inside. r}"x Ii". 04, pale terra-cotta with rich red slip and remains of black glaze (?) at one end. Ii"X 2". oz3, part of wall of same bowl. Completely covered with black glaze inside, and two spots outside. I "X 2". 07, fr. of thick ring foot and part of wall of bowl. Dull terra-cotta, glazed white inside with part of roughly drawn annular band in grey-black ; two pairs of oblique strokes outside band, with dabs of brilliant washy blue-green in spaces between pairs of strokes. I"X 3f". o8, from flat rim similar to Nad Ali, 07, pale buff with white glaze on upper part outside, and yellow-white inside. Painted inside with upward curving black line and vertical strokes rising from lower half. Patches of bright copper green, and the same colour on upper surface of rim. I}"x Ir. 072, pale grey stoneware (?). White glaze inside with part of series of three overlapping pointed petals outlined blue, and blue


background on which part of tendril. I"x Ir. Pl. CXVIII. 014, glazed both sides pale green-turquoise, with black rim, black annular lines and leaf-like dabs of black. Single annular line outside, below which surface ribbed under glaze. Same type as Surhdik. 04. Ij"X Ift". Pl. CXVIII. or6, grey-white, glazed both sides white, with purplish patch at one end outside. " X i".

Sal. o2, 05, o10. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made ; terra-cotta, ribbed outside. Gr. fr. 2"X2}".

Sal. o3, 09, on. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made. 03, very pale terra-cotta with pink-buff outer surface. Incised with group of three annular lines ; above, band of shallow zigzag in relief ; below, two ` willow-leaf ' forms. I" X 2". Pl. CXV. 09, terra-cotta, pink shade outside, with roughly incised festoon. 2" X I". orz, white-buff. Incised annular lines. Inside channelled. ri"X ii".

Sal. 06, 015. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made. Plain excepting for faint ribbing inside. Gr. fr. If"x x ".


Surhdik. 01, 03, 06, o8. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made; pale to dark terra-cotta. or, glazed pale grey-green inside and on edge. 2i" X 3". 03, glazed inside brilliant turquoise prob. over white slip. I"x I ". o6, dark purplish body, with dark liver-colour glaze, mottled with greenish-grey. ex 3". o8, similar in colour and make to 01. 2"x 21".

Surhdik. 02, 04, 05, 07. Frs. of pottery vessels, wheel-made (?). 02, terra-cotta. Glazed white inside with floral


pattern in grey stems with leaves springing from solid root. Traces of bright green spots. 4" X 2r ; foot r. Pl. CXVIII. 04, dull yellow ochre. Glazed, and painted with black spiral and leaves like Gha. ii. oz. All glaze is perished, leaving black in relief. 3r x xi". PI. CXVIII. 05, light grey. Glazed inside green-white over elaborate floral work in black with green patches. Outside, a solid band of black. xi" x 2}". 07, light grey body, glazed both sides white, with cobalt blue pattern of circle and lines running from it, on inside. I"X I}". Pl. CXVIII;