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0493 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 493 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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meander. Red. Ij"X 1I". PI. CXV. 0243, neck and mouth of bottle-shaped vessel. Neck decorated with meander of strong curves. At junction of mouth and neck is an annular groove. Side of mouth pushed out slightly in six places. Lip turned well out and worked flat on top. Handle rises from base of cup-like mouth, is attached almost up to lip and springs outwards to form ordinary loop (now broken away). Buff. Diam. 2" ; H. 3f".

K.G. 02. a, 208-1o, 295, 297, 299. Frs. of bronze. 02. a, flat bezel of ring. Pl. CXVI. 0208, ring, not joined. Both ends flattened. Pl. CXVI. 0209, disc with scalloped edges ; probably bezel of 0208. Pl. CXVI. 0210, piece of moulded bronze. " fig". 0295, flat piece

like knife tip.   "x e". PI. CXVI. 0297, small bead. a".
0299, fr. of rod. "X }".

K.G. 04, 22, 105, 149, 161, 220, 263, 278. Frs. of pottery. Glazed with various greens, some with patterns in black. Gr. fr. (0263) 3}"X 2".

K.G. 07, 141, 230, 267, 268, 270-1. Frs. of alabaster vessels. 0268, shows thin.out-turned lip and rapid downward thickening of wall. Gr. fr. (or4r) Ii"x ri".

K.G. 07. a. Fr. of pottery, unglazed, painted in silhouette with head and neck of goat. ti" X. rr

K.G. o8, 66, 73, 125, 129.

Frs. of pottery vessels. Unglazed. All painted with variations of square with ` fish-tail ' outer angles. o8, lip painted. Below, a broad zone bounded by two lines. Zone seems to be divided by groups of vertical lines into ` triglyphs ' and ` metopes '. The ` metope ' in this instance shows two diagonals dividing the space into four triangles. If"x I ft". Pl. CXIV. o66, shows part of square with greatly prolonged sides and the space between prolongation filled in solid black with open end fringed. This forms the characteristic ` fish-tail '. 21"x If.

K.G. og. Fr. of pottery vessel. Painted with pair of thick annular lines, two groups of three zigzag lines running obliquely, one to R. and other to L. End of a fern-like line. 21"X 21". Pl. CXIV.

K.G. 010, 58, 132. Frs. of pottery, unglazed, painted. 010, edge of bowl slightly everted and rounded. Inside, two lines one within the other, each making two touching ` fish-scale ' curves. Pl. CXIII. 2"X 2h". 058, painted outside with annular line, and from line upward-springing curved lines suggesting tree. If" x I?". PI. CXIII. 0132, painted outside with a rough zigzag line above two strokes hanging from angular line. 2"X If. Pl. CXIII.

K.G. o10. a, 94, 109, 144, 146, 150, 152, 226, 244, 247, 248-50, 26o, 262, 264, 277. Frs. of pottery. Glazed copper green or turquoise, with scroll and floral patterns in black. Gr. fr. (0260) 5"x 21". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. OII, 135. Frs. of pottery vessels, unglazed, painted. Pale red with buff surface. Painted outside with two

pairs of thick annular lines, the space between pairs occupied by a band of disconnected zigzags, suggestive of flying birds. or1, 2f"X Ii". 0135, 2f x 2k". Pl. CXIII.

K.G. 012, 83, 87. Frs. of pottery bowls, glazed, blue and white with floral scrolls in black. Gr. fr. (087) 3"X Ir. 083, Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 014, 38, 68,136. Frs. of pottery, unglazed, painted, with pattern of semi-lunes against a hatched ground. Gr. fr. 014, part of mouth and shoulders. Mouth, trumpet-shaped with thin delicate lip painted black. At root of short neck a broad annular line and another on shoulder just below. Semi-lunes drawn in thick lines, their diameters coinciding with second annular line and the ends of adjacent arcs touching. Ch. of neck 2" ; H. Ii".

K.G. 015, 44. Frs. from mouth of two bowls, unglazed, painted. Lip black. 015, outside an annular line with ` triglyph ' lines running down, and in ` metope ' the ends of three upward curved lines. Inside, part of a recumbent S curve with broad ` scrabbled ' band obliquely across a loop of S. If"X If". 044, inside, a bold lozenge shape with ` scrabbled ' band through its centre parallel with two sides. If"X Ii".

K.G. o16, 17, 43, 75, 76, 77, 133. Frs. of pottery. Unglazed, painted with annular lines. Gr. fr. (orb) 34" X Ii".

K.G. 018, 32, 34, 51, 57, 59, 6o, 65, 134. Frs. of pottery, unglazed, painted. Greenish buff, excepting 0134, which is pinkish. All have ` willow-leaf ' decoration. Gr. fr. (057) 3rX 21".

K.G. 020, 21, 56, 70, 78, 126, 128. Frs. of pottery. Unglazed ; grey, well washed. Painted with lines mostly annular. Gr. fr. (056) 2}"X Ii".

K.G. 023, 47, 62, 64, 137. Frs. of pottery. Unglazed, painted with festoon patterns, some also with crescents. Gr. fr. (047) 3"X 2". Pl. CXIII.

K.G. 024, 223. Frs. of pottery vessels ; ribbed. 024, blackened outside, deep red inside. Flat as though for lid. Channels widen as ribs narrow. 2}"X eft". PI. CXV. 0223, red. Ribbed outside with rounded unequal ribs. 2 "x 2f". Pl. CXV.

K.G. 025, 50, 130. Frs. of pottery, unglazed, painted. All with multi-lined zigzags. Gr. fr. (0130) 2*"X Ir.

K.G. 026, 36, 49, 69-71. Frs. of pottery. Unglazed, painted with zigzags and annular lines. 049, 70-1, show also ` scrabbled bands '. Gr. fr. (069) 21"x Ir".

K.G. 028-9. Pottery trays ; unglazed, buff. Flattened echinus shape with flat foot showing potter's string mark. Inside shows spiral channel made by potter in turning. Mouth is painted round with brown-black from which are streaked rough rays towards sides. 028, diam. 3" ; H. ii". 029, diam. 2h" ; H. I}". .Pl. CXIV.

K.G. 033. Fr. of pottery. Unglazed, painted with black triangle ` fringed ' on side. 2r x 2r", Pl. CXIII.