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0494 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 494 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.G. 035, 37, 52, 63, u5. Frs. of pottery. Unglazed, painted with cross-hatched square. Gr. fr. (063) 2r Xi".

K.G. 039. Fr. of pottery bowl, unglazed, painted. Lip black. Inside, pair of annular lines. Outside, steep zigzag line with a central annular line cutting through zigzags. Blurred lines form upper and lower borders. The whole appar. burnished after painting. x "x x4". Pl. CXIII.

K.G. 054. Fr. of pottery vessel. Unglazed, painted with annular lines and two zigzag lines. IA."x xj ".

K.G. 055. Fr. of pottery bowl, unglazed, painted. Lip black. Outside between pairs of lines band of hatched lozenge shapes. Outer surface shows mark of scraper or burnisher. I$"X 2". Pl. CXIII.

K.G. 067, 72. Frs. of pottery pot. Unglazed, painted with zone of small hatched triangles between. Pairs of annular lines. 067, I"X xI".

K.G. 076. Fr. of pottery. Short spout of vessel. Unglazed, plain ; red. 14" X I".

K.G. o81, 154. Frs. of pottery. White glaze on both sides, with pattern in pale blue. Hard white slip under glaze. 081, 24"X Ir. PI. CXVIII. 0154, glaze nearly all perished. Inside, pattern in fine blue line-work showing a sort of knot or cloyed work ; resembles modern Dutch tile painting. 2"X I1". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 082, 95, 98, io6, xo8, 237, 238, 24o. Frs. of pottery. Blue and white, glazed. Gr. fr. (082) 2"X x3-". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 084, IO2-3, 107, 239, 241, 245. Frs. of pottery bowls. Glazed white and painted with arabesque in brown-black and soft dull blue added. Gr. fr. (0245) xi" x Ir. Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 085-6, 16o. Frs. of pottery dish. White glaze, arabesque pattern in black outline, and bands of grey blue between double lines of chief design. Centre covered with rosette. 21" Ir. Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 088, IX0, III. Frs. of pottery. White glaze ; blue and black patterns. 088, 21"X ii". Pl. CXVIII. 0110, shows in one panel floral design in blue and black, and in the two flanking panels black cross-hatching. II" X Ii}". 0111, circles of thin black lines, touching each other and black scroll ground in intervals. x"X x".

K.G. 089. Fr. of pottery bowl. Glazed in and out with greenish white. Pattern inside similar to preceding. 4" X 1".

K.G. ogo, 104, 155. Frs. of pottery bowls. White glaze, with black and blue decoration. 0155, shows square lattice of cobalt blue bars with thin diagonals in black. Gr, fr. (0155) 21" X I}". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 091, 92. Frs. of pottery vessels. Deeply incised patterns. 091, shows large circular medallion with right-petalled rosette in centre ; and eight panels around. 2}"f 21"x 21". 092, a broad zone of deeply incised zigzag. 21" x 21". Pl. CXV,

K.G. 096. Fr. of glass, prob. originally moulded with vertical ribs. Horn colour. xi"X xi".

K.G. 097, 98. Frs. of pottery. 097, part of rim. Lip black. Outside, annular line with slightly oblique, thin hatching lines downward. Inside, part of loop of hook ornament with scrabbled' line across. x}"x I} 098, shows annular line from which descends a group of ` triglyph ' lines and ` fish-tail ' ornament in ` metope '. I}"x II".

K.G. 099. Fr. of pottery dish. Glazed white. Upper side, part of arabesque rosette ; within,. five radiating black leaves with closely packed dots between. x "X II". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. oioo, 143, 145. Frs. of pottery. White glaze. Black and grey patterns. oroo, above an annular line Chinese character in bold brushwork. II"X x}". Pl. CXVIII. 0143, broad zone filled with very stylized upstanding trefoil leaves, white, in pairs. Between the repeats of these leaves, a circle with ring of six dots. Lower zone divided by five-line ` triglyphs '. 21" X 21". Pl. CXVIII; 0145, edge painted. Inside, a zone of cross-hatching between annular lines. 2r"X I ". Pl. CXVIII.

K.G. 0x01, 265. Frs. of pottery dishes. Intaglio moulding under white glaze. Edge painted cobalt blue. Gr. fr. (or01) 3"x Ir.

K.G. 0112. Fr. of pottery jar. Unglazed, unpainted. Red. 21"x xe".

K.G. 0115, 158-9, 162-6, 188-9, 199, 201, 203, 232-4, 288, 302-6. Frs. of glass vessels, glass knobs, and beads. Colours, horn white, various shades of green and blue, russet. Gr. fr. (0302) I "X i".

K.G. 0116-7. Chips of stone.

K.G. o118. Stone, pointed-oval, grey, with one flat face, other convex. Much sand-worn and grooved. Length xi".

K.G. 0120. Pottery bowl. Unglazed ; plain, red. Side almost upright turning under rapidly to small simple foot. Diam. 5i" ; H. 21". Pl. CXIV.

K.G. 0x27. Fr. of pottery. Unglazed, grey with buff surface. Painted outside, similar to K.G. 039. I}"X xI", Pl. CXIV.

K.G. 0131. Fr. of pottery vessel. Buff, unglazed, painted with a series of quadrangular panels. The interior angles filled with solid black ; and clumsy fringe of projecting lines. 31"X 21". Pl. CXIII.

K.G. 0142. Fr. of pottery jar, unglazed. Stem partly hollow. Diam. 21" ; H. 3".

K.G. 0147. Fr. of pottery, glazed white outside and fine turquoise inside. Boldly painted floral pattern inside, with touches of cobalt in pattern. I1"X

K.G. 0148, 261. Frs. of pottery, glazed white. Patterns painted in grey-black with washes of bright green. 0148, 2}"X II". 0261, 2"X 2". PI. CXVIII.

K.G. 0153. Fr. of pottery bowl. White glaze ; painted pattern in black and blue. xi"X Ii". Pl. CXVIII,