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0495 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 495 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.G. 0167-87, Igo-6, 198, 289, 300, 307-10. Frs. of glass bangles, some straight, some spiral. Several in various mixed colours, with jewel-like knobs and pipings and marblings. Colours dark blue, light blue, shades of green, yellow, red, black, white. Some opaque, others translucent. Pls. CXVI, CXVIII.

K.G. 0202. Paste bead. Yellow with three red-brown rosettes having green centres. Diam. f".

K.G. 0204, 205, 235, 276, 279, 281, 287, 29o, 296. Frs. of stones.

K.G. 0206. Stone arrow-head, pointed-oval, brown ; little worn. Length Ir.

K.G. 0207. Iron arrow-head. Section of blade, an elongated lozenge ; outline, narrow leaf-shaped. Below widest part it narrows to a hexagon below which is tang. 2"x3-'-ff". Pl. CXVI.


K.G. 0219, 227, 228. Frs. of pottery. White glaze with black patterns. Av. Ij"X

K.G. 0242. Fr. of pottery bowl. Glazed, outside blue and black lines. If"X

K.G. 0246. Fr. of pottery dish. White glaze, inside

with pattern in black, blue and green. 2j" X Ir. Pl. CXVIII. K.G. 0266. Fr. of stone disc, drilled through centre.

Whorl (?). Diam.

K.G. 0269, 272-4. Frs. of worked alabaster.

K.G. 0283-4, 300. Shells. Gr. fr. 1"xA".

K.G. 0286. Bronze plate, roughly lozenge-shaped with solid round stem at one corner. I}"x f". Pl. CXVI.

K.G. 0303, 305, 306. Frs. of glass. 0303, rich blue, moulded in scroll pattern in relief. 1}" X j" X }"—". 0303, green-white, marbled and veined with rich red. j" X j" X i," 0306, from shoulder of vessel, pale pink. I Ay" X j". Pl. CXVI.


Md. (R.R.) I. 01. Fr. of pottery bowl, unglazed. Red. Ribbed inside, causing variations in thickness. Painted with two annular lines. Darker slip wiped over upper part. Vert. ch. 3j" ; hor. ch. 2j".

Md. (R.R.) 1. o2, 28. Frs. of shallow bowls, deep saucer shape, red. 02, with darker slip slightly discoloured inside in burning. Whitish paste adhering to inner surface. Hor. ch. 3r ; vert. eh. 21". 028, 2"X II-V.

Md. (R.R.) 1. 03, 7. Frs. of pottery vessels. 03, conical saucer shape. Dark red with slightly lighter slip. On outside, part of slightly incised pattern, making two flattened triangles apex to apex. Hor. ch. 2j" ; vert. 2r". 07, prob. from beaker-shaped pot, with incised line on outside. Red, coated with dark slip. Hor. eh. I}" ; vert. eh.

Md. (R.R.) I. 04. Fr. of pottery vessel, pink inside to nearly black outside ; outside coated with greenish-yellow slip. Hor. eh. If"; vert. eh. Ir.

Md. (R.R.) I. 05, 33, 4o. Frs. of pottery vessels, irregularly ribbed, green-buff outside. Gr. fr. hor. eh. 21" ; vert. eh. 21".

Md. (R.R.) I. o6. Fr. from wall of pottery vessel, dark grey. Outer surface chipped in places, and showing vertical and oblique marks of scraper (cf. Pumpelly, Explorations in Turkestan, 1904, I. Pl. 14, figs. 3 and 4). Hor. eh. I f" ; vert. eh. 2".

Md. (R.R.) I. o8 + 30, 31, 35. Frs. of pottery vessels. Dove grey, dense, and well washed. All painted in linear patterns in black of varying density. o8+030. Pattern : broad solid band at junction of rim and shoulder and two similar bands z" below. In space between, a series of roughly drawn zigzag lines which form, with band above and band below, a series of triangles having their apices alternately in upper and lower bands resp. Hor. eh. 3f" ; vert. eh. 2". 03%. Pattern on outside : a band on rim extending to inside, two bands below. Below these a


series of vertical lines, curving to L. at their upper ends, and ` feathered ' with four strokes sloping upward from the L. side. Hor. eh. 1" ; vert. eh. I j". 035. Pattern on outside : a broad solid band from which a few unexplained touches project. Hor. eh. Ij"; vert. eh. /".

Md. (R.R.) I. 09-10, 38-9, 41. Frs. from pottery vessels. Wheel-made. Buff, painted with linear designs in black (annular bands, squares, triangles), of varying shades. For pattern of o9, cf. Md. u. o8, Pl. CXIII. Gr. fr. (ozo) hor. eh. 21"X 1i".

Md. (R.R.) I. on. Fr. of pottery vessel, buff. Painted with two zones of hatched triangles between border lines. 21"x 23". Pl. CIII.

Md. (R.R.) I. 0x2-16. Frs. of stone jars, similar to S.S. 012. 012, alabaster, opaque, white. Part of side and flat outward leaning rim. H. e ; hor. eh. I". 013, alabaster, translucent, buff with darker veins. Part of. side and very broad flat brim. H. 1" ; hor. eh. I}". 014, grey-white marble (?). Thin with rim sharply overlapping outwards ; inner edge a sharp right angle with inside surface. H. I" ; hor. eh. j(". ors, same material as 014. Part of wall. H. j" ; hor. eh. I". or6, same as last, but darker grey. Shows annular ribs inside as from turning tool. H. j" ; hor. eh. I".

Md. (R.R.) I. 017, 19, 26, 27. Frs. of glass bangles. Keel-shape section, flat side inside. 017, dark blue with raised white and yellow spots on keel. Ch. 1 i ". 019, dirty white with longitudinal bands of brown-yellow. Ch. IF. 026, dirty white, almost covered with turquoise blue outside, and band of lemon yellow at each side edge. Raised spots of white with touches of brown-yellow, lemon yellow, and blue. Ch. 1". 027, turquoise blue with lemon-yellow and brown-yellow raised spots. Ch. f".

Md. (R.R.) I. 018, 20, 21. Frs. of glass vessels. oz8, rich cobalt blue, curved in one direction, straight in other. Length r" ; eh. r. 020, pale green. Rim rolled outward