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0496 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 496 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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[Chap. XXX

and emphasized with ` check ' along inner edge. H. i" ; ch. i". 021, pale green, part of body of vessel. Hor. ch. ; vert. outer ch. i".

Md. (R.R.) I. 022, 23, 24, 25, 29. Frs. from pottery vessels. Body varies from pale buff to red. Glazed turquoise and painted with annular lines or floral forms in black. Gr. fr. (022) Ii"X Ir. Pl. cxviii.

Md. (R.R.) I. 032, 36. Frs. of pottery vessels. Dark grey and moderately dense. 032, inside smooth, outside roughly incised with triangle drawn with double lines for the sides, and horizontal hatching within the inner triangle. Hor. ch. i" ; vert. eh. I}". 036, outside incised pattern : a horizontal line at one edge, with three irreg. perpendicular strokes running from it ; on one side a series of horizontal

zigzags, and on other oblique hatching. Hor. ch. ii" ; vert. eh. ii".

Md. (R.R.) I. o42. Fr. of pottery vessel, foot. Grey with dull brown surface. Attempt at ring base is evident ; the bottom surface slightly concave. Hor. eh. 2"; H. 1".

Md. (R.R.) I. 043-51. Stone artefacts. 043, grey limestone pointed oval flat on both sides, with steep edge trimming on one side. Pl. CXII. 044, grey-white, blunt one end, rounded point at other (broken). 045, fr. of pinkish grey knife-blade. 046, green-grey jasper arrow-point. Pl. CXII. 047, dark grey jasper arrow-point. Pl. CXII. 048, flint (?), finely worked arrow-point, lower part missing. PI. CXII. 049-5z, flint flakes (scrapers ?). Largest, 047, length If" ; width ".


Md. (R.R.) II. 01, 6, 16, 17, 19-20. Frs. of pottery vessels. Buff, painted with linear patterns in black. Pattern of willow-leaf type. Gr. fr. (o6) hor. eh. 2" ;

vert. eh. 3".   -

Md. (R.R.) II. 02. Fr. of pottery vessel. Pink-buff changing to grey at lower part, and at that part greenish-buff outer surface (slip ?). Outside painted pattern : round base of short neck, a pair of thick annular lines. Below, a voluted scroll with fringe of feathery spines on upper limb. Two black spots occur above and a third to extreme R. Scroll appears to be attached to another to extreme L. Inside, a pair of roughly incised lines. Hor. eh. 21" ; vert. 2i". Pl. CXIV.

Md. (R.R.) u. 08, 8, 23. Frs. of pottery vessels. 03, pink-buff body with green-buff outer surface. Painted in washy black with pattern similar to Md. (R.R.) I. 09, Pl. CXIIi. Hor. eh. 31"; vert. eh. 3". o8, burnt dark grey but surfaces dark pinkish-buff. Pattern as above, Pl. CXIII. Hor. ch. 2i" ; vert. eh. 2". 023, shoulder, neck and rim, distorted in burning and discoloured. Rim painted with band, and two bands below neck. Below these, square pattern as above. Hor. eh. 2" ; vert. eh. 2i".

Md. (R.R.) II. 04. Fr. of pottery vessel. Pink-buff. Painted in brown-black on both sides. Rim, solid band of black. Outside, an annular line i" below rim, below which a row of touching lozenge shapes in outline, filled with crosshatching. Inside a single large lozenge, with broad serrated band through centre, parallel to sides. Hor. eh. 3" ; vert. eh. 2".

Md. (R.R.) II. 05. Fr. of upper edge of pottery bowl ; faintly ribbed inside, buff. Rim painted with broad band from which, on inside, depend three zigzag lines, very freely drawn. Hor. eh. 4" ; vert. eh. 24".

Md. (R.R.) n. 07, x8. Frs. from wall of pottery vessels. Pink-buff, with green-buff surfaces. 07, pattern painted in brown, with leaves and zigzag lines. Hor. eh. 21" ; vert. eh. 21". Pl. CXIII. oz8, pattern painted in good

black, similar to above. Hor. eh. 2" ; vert. eh. x ", Pl. CXIII.

Md. (R.R.) u. og, io. Fr. of pottery vessel. Red. Painted with two annular bands, Jr apart, and between, a series of thin vertical strokes ; prob. ` triglyph ' ornament. Vert. eh. xi"; hor. eh. xi".

Md. (R.R.) n. on. Fr. of pottery vessel. Rich red ; surface polished. On outer surface two diverging incised lines, with slightly projecting surface between ; prob. root of handle. Vert. eh. i" ; hor. eh. Ii".

Md. (R.R.) u. 0X2, 41. Frs. from wall of pottery vessels. Green-buff. Painted with opposed semicircles and background hatched in various directions. Gr. fr. (01.2) vert. eh. Ii" ; hor. eh. Ir.

Md. (R.R.) II. 013. Fr. of pottery vessel. Green-buff. Painted with annular line from which depend semicircles hatched vertically. Below, a second row of semicircles, with fringe of short strokes hanging downwards. Vert. eh. Ii" ; hor. eh. IA". Pl. CXIII.

Md. (R.R.) II. 014, 22. Frs. of pottery vessels. 014, pink-grey with green-buff surface, painted with two pairs of broad annular lines f" apart. Between, a series of touching isosceles triangles, one long side nearly vertical. Triangles hatched parallel to base. 022, dark-grey with green-buff surface. Shows similar pattern at one end, and part of curved line with hatching at other. 014, vert. eh. Ii" ; hor. eh. 21". 022, vert. eh. 2' ; hor. eh. 1".

Md. (R.R.) II. 015. Fr. of pottery vessel. Buff, with green-buff outer surface. Painted with apparent modification of willow-leaf motif. Vert. eh. xi"; hor. eh. 2i".

Md. (R.R.) II. 021. Fr. of pottery jar. Dark grey with buff surface. Painted solid band on rim ; below, two annular lines with group of three vertical zigzag lines depending from the lower one. R. and L. vertical rows of joining lozenges, cross-hatched. Vert. eh. 2i" ; hor. eh. 2f". Pl. CXIV.