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0497 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 497 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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Md. (R.R.) H. 024, 42. Frs. of pottery vessels. Buff. 024, coated outside green-buff, painted with two pairs of annular lines, and two bands of zigzag lines between. 042, same pattern, but part missing. 024, vert. eh. 1i" ; hor. ch. Ii". 042, vert. ch. 8" ; hor. eh. Ir.

Md. (R.R.) II. 025. Fr. of pottery vessel. Dark grey, very hard ; unpainted. Vert. eh. 14" ; hor. ch. 3f".

Md. (R.R.) II. 026. Fr. of pottery vessel. Purple-brown ; unpainted, and faintly ribbed. Vert. eh. 24" ; hor. ch. Ir.

Md. (R.R.) II. 027. Pottery jar. Buff to grey. Distorted at mouth, which is also broken. Pear-shaped broad end below, with solid tapering foot. (For foot, cf. Pumpelly, loc. cit. i. Pl. 20, Fig. I.) H. 31" ; gr. diam. 2h". Pl. CxIV.

Md. (R.R.) n. 028. Fr. of stone jar, white and cream, stratified with grey. Prob. lathe-turned ; broken on all sides. Flat bottom and straight sides leaning slightly inwards as they rise. Inside, bottom bowl-shaped. (Resembles Pumpelly, loc. cit. i. Pl. 45, Fig. 5 and Egyptian stone jars.) H. 4" ; ch. of base 24".

Md. (R.R.) II. 029. Bronze rod, in five pieces, incomplete ; tapering at both ends, where it is broken away. L. 41" ; gr. thickness «" tapering to i".

Md. (R.R.) II, 030-I. Two frs. of roughly worked flint. 030, with curved point, prob. a borer. L. IT" ; gr. diam. h". 031, oblong, rounded at one end and broken at other. Flat on one side, ridge on other ; edges worked. Scraper (?). L. Ii" ; diam. i".

Md. (R.R.) II. 032. Fr. of stone bead, grey ; steatite (?). Barrel-shaped, ribbed round centre and with row of ring


and dot on each side of ribbing. Drilled with large hole. L. 2" ; diam. r.

Md. (R.R.) u. 083. Fr. from fiat rim of alabaster jar; overhanging outer edge of lip ; inner prob. flush with surface, but worn away. Cf. Md. (R.R.) I.014. H. i" ;

outer ch. i".

Md. (R.R.) II. 034-5. 035 I"X f,8 "X

Md. (R.R.) II. 036. Fr. of pottery jar, buff. Foot broken away. Gr. II. 2" ; eh. 3i".

Md. (R.R.) n. 037. Pottery jar. Pale terra-cotta. Nearly straight sides leading to broad mouth with simple rim. Large piece broken out of one side (cf. Pumpelly, loc. cit. i. Pl. II, Fig. I). H. 5" ; diam. of foot I4". Pl. CXIV.

Md. (R.R.) u. 038. Fr. of pottery vessel. Grey ; faintly ribbed inside. Painted with band on lip, a pair of faint thick lines below, with adjoining lozenge shapes between ; each lozenge hatched vertically. H. 1" ; Hor. ch. I1'".

Md. (RR.) II. 089. Fr. of pottery vessel, buff-grey coated buff. Painted with annular line round root of neck (?), and below a band of S shapes suggesting a debased guilloche. Below, a second annular line with downward hatching. Vert. eh. I4" ; hor. eh. Ii".

Md. (R.R.) II.040. Fr. of pottery vessel, buff. Painted with pair of lines round root of neck. Below, two pairs of curving lines, ` feathered ' with short faint strokes on their upper side. From the lower line of each pair there is downward hatching. Vert. eh. 1" ; hor. eh. 2i". Pl. CXIII.

Md. (R.R.) II. 043. Piece of slag. Grey. L. ii" ; gr. diam. I".

Frs. of bronze. 034 "X r ;


R.R. In. Md. III. oI-5. Frs. of bronze. All corroded. oz, fr. of rod, 2"X4". PI. CxVI.

R.R. III. Md. III. o6, 07. Frs. of stone implements. o6, broken blade of green jasper with battered back (à dos abattu) ; opposite edge used. Length i". 07, coarsely worked flake. 1"X i".

R.R. III. 01. Fr. of shallow pottery bowl, pale buff. Form, echinus ; painted in dark purple-brown. On rim plain band. Below, outside, a thick line and in space a band of lozenge shapes, horizontal corners touching, vertical corners touching line and rim band. Lozenges filled with cross-hatching. e. 21-"X 24".

R.R. III.02. Fr. of pottery vessel, pale buff. Painted in dark purple-brown. Two thick lines round bulge of curve, above which two sets of slightly curved hatching, meeting to form V shape. 2"X 22".

R.R. III. 03. Fr. of pottery vessel. Warm buff ; slightly greenish outside. Om. in purple-black ; rim painted solid. At root of neck, thick encircling line. Below, two bands, bounded by two lines, with sort of chequer between each pair of lines. Chequer is formed by a succes-

sion of pairs of squares, hatched vertically. Pattern probably adopted from woven reeds. H. with rim hor. 22" ; eh. from root of neck c. 2?". PI. CXIII.

R.R. III. 04. Fr. of pottery vessel, warm buff ; dark olive buff outside. Painted in purple-black angular forms with thin cross-hatching within. 24"X Ii"X

R.R. HI. 05. Fr. of pottery vessel, buff. Painted with two bands of double lines in black ; between them long willow-leaf forms arranged in zigzag order. Leaves, hatched. Other encircling lines, one above and other below, indicating further bands of same (?) orn. H. 62" ; hor. eh. 5i". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. III. 06. Fr. of pottery vessel, pale terra-cotta ; greenish buff outside. Form similar to o8. Painted in brown, a band II" wide round shoulders, consisting of two broad border lines with triangles between as in 07. Below, another line and two segmental downward curved lines, with hatching in the spandrel. H. 2" ; eh. across neck 3".

R.R. III. 07. Fr. of pottery vessel. Shape prob. similar to o8. Reddish buff, greenish buff outside. Painted