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0498 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 498 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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in brown-black, round root of neck a thick line-; below, a band of long hatched triangles, between two thick lines. Ch. ri" ; width 2" ; thick. A".

R.R. III. o8. Fr. of pottery vessel. Outside greenish buff ; inside pale terra-cotta. Painted round shoulder, band of zigzag contained between a pair of thick lines. Above, round root of neck, a thick line. Below, another thick line below which fr. of solid rectangular pattern with scalloped outer edge and open centre. 4/">< 21" X /".

R.R. XII. 09. Fr. of pottery jar, brownish terra-cotta. Overhanging lip ; slightly swelling side. Lip painted black. Below, outside, thick line, and below that a band of curved-sided lozenges hatched, between thick lines. Strongly ribbed inside, smooth outside. H. II" ; ch. Ir.

R_ .R. III. 010. Fr. of pottery vessel, fine grain terracotta of pale colour. Well-smoothed surface. From rather long neck the shoulders spread very gradually. Painted with three parallel rings round narrowest part of neck. Below, an ibex drawn in outline, eye circular, horn well curved, ear a thin line, hair shown by wavy lines. Line of back almost straight. In middle of back appears to be a solid vertical band and farther back the curve of another horn in opposite direction to first. All painting in washy brown. Shape, workmanship, and orn. evidence a different

, type from the geometrical pottery. Well burnt. H. 3" ; ch. at widest 3e" ; gr. thickness 1". Pl. CXIV.

R.R. III. on. Fr. of pottery vessel. Shape probably echinus. Rim painted purple-black, on shoulder, between two lines a group of eight vertical lines of irreg. upward-curved scallops. Ch. 21" ; H. I i" ; thickness A". PI. CXIII.

R.R. In. 012. Fr. of pottery bowl, terra-cotta ; appears to be bottom of shallow saucer-shaped bowl. Rough inside, smoothed outside. Small flat foot without mouldings. Double line faintly incised encircles foot at a distance of about ft". Ends of ` circle ' do not meet but miss, forming an unintentional spiral. Bowl was probably finished in an inverted position on wheel. Ch. 4" ; diam. of foot Ii" ; gr. thickness c. A".

R.R. III. 013. Pottery jar, in frs. now joined. Wheel-made ; pale buff. Echinus shape ; no foot. Upper part painted with band of zigzag of four-lined bends, between thick border lines. Round short neck a broad line,

. and another round junction of upper and lower curves. Paint, brown ; execution rough. H. 4" ; diam. 5" ; width of mouth 2k". Pl. CXIV.

R.R. nl.. 014. Fr. of pottery vessel, terra-cotta similar to 019 ; prob. part of the same vessel. If"X I"X}".

R.R. nx. 015. Fr. of stone vessel. Slate grey. Carved on outer surface with an upper edge, three reed mouldings below a flat fillet from which depend five wavy bands. To R. pattern changes, but too fragmentary. Whole piece cut to circular curve, but broken at all sides. Hor. ch. 1 " ; H. $" ; thickness A". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. In. 016. Small pottery jar, complete ; pinkish buff. Quasi-echinus form, flat underneath ; seems to have

contained a whitish paste which is slopped down side. No orn. H. 21" ; diam. 2 ft" ; width of mouth Imo" ; of base PI. CXIV.

R.R. III, 017. Fr. from wall of pottery vessel, buff. Painted with encircling line from which a pair of vertical zigzag lines. To L. part of long leaf-shape with hatching. Ch. 2jß"X I"

R.R. III. o18. Fr. of pottery vessel, slate grey throughout. Rim delicately tapering in section and slightly everted. Painted in warm brown lines. Lip painted ; below, a line, then a band of triangles as in 07, but turned the reverse way. Body with a quality approaching porcelain. H. r "; ch. IA"; ft—A" thick. Pl. CXIII.

R.R. Iu. 019.. Fr. of wall of pottery, fine terra-cotta wiped over outside with richer coloured clay. No orn. Hor. ch. rr ; H. 2" ; thick. }".

R.R. III. 020. Fr. of pottery vessel, pinkish buff ; green buff outside. Painted with band of segmental lines in purple-black springing from border lines ; background hatched in two directions. Vert. ch. zy" ; hor. eh. ii" ; thick. *".

R.R. ni. 021-30. Frs. of worked stone. 021, white, conical, blunt point. H. Ii". 022, white, half of whorl. Diam. Ii". 023, 024, 026-30, flint flakes, scrapers. Gr. measure, 026, rft"X r". 025, white, opaque. Thin disc pierced through centre, and ribbed on both surfaces. Very exactly cut. Diam. i".

Md. (R.R.) uI. ox. Pottery jar. Buff ; of tubular shape, very slightly narrowing upwards and again very slightly expanding near mouth, which is broken away ; flat base. Painted with pair of annular lines just above widest part. Sides divided into four vertical panels by pairs of lines. In each panel a broad line springs from annular line and curves to R. to about centre of height. A reverse curve meets it and curves upward. H. 3" ; gr. diam. 2}". Pl. CXIV.

Md. (R.R.) M. 02. Fr. of pottery vessel, grey buff, with lighter surface. Burnt hard and distorted at neck by fire. Painted with pair of lines round upper part of shoulder. Above, part of zigzag line ; below, willow-leaf pattern as Md. (R.R.) II. 06. Vert. ch. 2 " ; hor. eh. 3".

Md. (R.R.) m. 03. Fr. of pottery vessel, grey to buff, with green-buff surface. Round upper part a pair of annular lines, with beginning of solid black panel in centre above. Below, two pendent semicircles, with hatched ground, as Md. (R.R.) ix. 012. Vert. eh. Ii"; hor. eh. 2ft".

Md. (R.R.) III. 04. Fr. of pottery vessel, grey, with remains of buff surface ; echinus shape. Painted with pair of annular lines at root of short neck. " below a second pair, and in the slightly sloping space between the two pairs a band of adjoining triangles. Between a third pair of lines, vertical broad leaf with midrib of three lines, and on either side two half-leaves. Vert. eh. 3" ; hor. eh. 3k". Pl. CXIII.