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0499 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 499 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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Md. (R.R.) ul. 05. Fr. of pottery vessel. Dark grey with dark buff outer surface. Painted with pair of thick annular lines, and a third I" away. In space between, band of adjoining triangles. Vert. ch. i" ; hor. ch. 2" ; gr. thick. r.

Md. (R.R.) lu. o6. Fr. of pottery jar, dark grey coated with dark buff. Painted with pair of annular lines, and

part of pattern of semicircles with hatched ground, All much worn. Vert. eh. z;j" ; hor. eh. z}".

Md. (R.R.) m. o7. Fr. of pottery vessel. Wheel-made ; buff. Below neck, between two pairs of annular lines, a band of two zigzag annular lines. Vert. eh. it" ; hor. eh. 1i".


R.R. oz. Fr. of pottery vessel, terra-cotta. Orn. incised ; a downward spreading vertical band enclosed by double lines and roughly crossed in square lattice of double lines, with two incised marks as pattern in each square. To L. a scar where prob. was handle. Hor. ch. z " ; H. zr ; thick. 3g". Pl. Cxv.

R.R. 02-5. Frs. of pottery bowls. White stoneware (?) body. Glazed white and painted blue. 02, shows part of deep ring foot. Inside is pattern of two festooned bands, joining, and floral decoration running behind. Vert. ch. x"; hor. eh. Ii". 03, 05 (joined), show deep ring foot. Inside, kidney-shaped mass of white scrolls on blue ground ; thin leaf scrolls outside. Outlined grey. Round foot, two grey lines with meander between. Very Chinese. Vert. eh. I j " ; hor. eh. 2jß". Pl. CXVIII. 04, part of rim. Painted inside, a border z}" wide of meandering blue clouds or ribbon. Vert. eh. z " ; hor. ch. 1}".

R.R. 06, 12. Frs. of pottery bowl. Wheel-made ; pale buff. o6, Glazed inside and over rim, grey cucumber-green. Drilled in two places. Vert. eh. i " ; hor. ch. Ir. 012, similarly glazed but slightly darker and mottled. Vert. eh. It" ; hor. eh. Ir.

R.R. 07-9. Frs. of pottery bowl (?). Stoneware (?) ; nearly white. Glazed white and painted with floral patterns in brown-black. Gr. fr. (o8) vert. eh. r ; hor. eh. z".

R.R. 010. Square slab of stone, grey brown, with round hollow sunk near one edge about half-way through. Side of sq. z}" ; thick. -i".

R.R. oit. Fr. of pottery. Stoneware (?) ; grey white. Glazed outside with fine blue. Vert. eh. r ; hor. eh. x".

R.R. 014-20, 24. Glass beads and frs. Various shades of amber, excepting 019, 20. 014, x5,17, roughly spherical, but with facets worked on them. 014, z7 broken. 016, z8, halves of ellipsoidal beads. 019, green, barrel-shaped, half missing. 020, 24, chips of cobalt blue glass. Gr. fr. (0z9) "x in.

R.R. 015. Fr. of bronze sheet. Semi-elliptical with rectangular projection at one end. Long diam. (of half remaining) I", projection r x i".

R.R. 021, 22. Paste beads. 021, irregularly spherical,

turquoise colour. 022, roughly made, ring-shaped, half

missing. Mottled cobalt. Gr. fr. (022) diam. ft" ; depth A". R.R. 023. Carnelian. Roughly spherical ball. Diam. i".

R.R. 025-32. Frs. of glass bangles. 025, two layers fused ; inner green-white, outer cobalt blue ; translucent.


Outer surface with two zigzag lines crossing to form lozenges, in opaque white. Section rectangular. Ch. z1" ; width A" ; thick. 35/". 026-30, 32, opaque grey to black, excepting 028, which is green-brown ; 026, with traces of raised red and white meander ; 028, raised red meander. Gr. fr. (029) eh. z ". 031, translucent dark yellow, keeled on outer flake, flat on inner. On keel a thin cable of opaque white and red-brown. Ch. 2r. PI. CXVI.

R.R. 033-40. Stone implements. 033, jasper arrowhead, pointed oval. Pl. CXII. 034, 36-7, 39, frs. of knife-blades or scrapers. 035, jasper blade, broken signs of use. Pl. CXII. 038, quartz point, broken. Pl. CXII. 040, flint, curved flake, broken. 040. a, chalcedony, finely chipped ; yellowish.

R.R. 041-2. Frs. of vessel. Rim projects slightly outwards, painted. Below rim broad annular line and a group of 8 or 9 vertical lines (` triglyph '). Inside, part of loop of D scroll (cf. K.G. ox.a) ; belongs to vessel similar to K.G. 097. 04x, I "X Ir. 042, painted inside a single curved line with fringe. 2r X i".

R.R. 043, 66. Stone frs. 043. Half of stone disc ; whorl (?). Smoothed to keel-shaped edge and showing half of central hole. Stone dark grey, marbled. Diam. Ia" ; thick. A". o66. Fr. of rim of alabaster jar. Wall " thick, curving out to outer edge of rim, which is 3g" wide. x"x r.

R.R. 044. Fr. of vessel. Narrow annular line of milling outside. 2" X I j)".

R.R. 045, 68. Pear-shaped pottery jars, plain, buff. 045, upper part missing. Diam. 21" ; H. it". 063, thick end downwards with continuation to small solid foot. Broken away at top. H. 6" ; diam. of widest part 3". Pl. CXIV.

R.R. 046--54, 58. Frs. of painted pottery, buff. 046, fr. of tubular jar. Outside, annular lines, also vertical cross-hatched lozenge ; cf. S.S. 039. 2"X Ii". 047 same as R.R. vin. on. Ij"x IA". 048, similar to K.G. 020. IFx Ir. 049, pair of vertical lines. To one side a loop with serrated band, as S.S. 085. 2"x Ir. 050, triple band of vertical zigzags. xi" x f". 051, zone of zigzag serrated lines between pairs of annular lines. 3"x ii". 052, fr. of mouth of vessel. Rim painted, and annular " and oblique lines below. I "x xi". 053, ornament same as 046. I "X i". 054, with annular line and small portion of willow-leaf pattern. j)"X rise. 058, outside, a pair of annular lines, and below, a triangle or lozenge. 4"x