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0500 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 500 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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R.R. 055. Fr. of wall of vessel. Plain, red with buff slip outside. I1" x1".

R.R. 056-7, 59. Frs. of bowls. 056, painted inside, broad annular line. Below, a row of ` fringe ' lines. 2"X i1". 057, rim painted. Outside, below rim a pair of thick annular lines. Zone between, divided by verticals and traces of ` fringe '. 21"X If". 059, painted outside with a pair of annular lines ; on one side a zone of hatched lozenges formed by interlacing zigzags, on other a group of three vertical lines. If


R.R. v. ox, 5. Frs. of pottery vessels, covered with rich red slip imperfectly burnished. oz, shows wide out-curved lip and bulbous side. Prob. from shallow bowl. 3â "X Ir". 05, similar form, but smaller and thinner. 2"X II"

R.R. v. 02, 4, 7. Frs. of coarse pottery. Red. Gr. fr. (02) 31"X3".

R.R. v. 03. Fr. of pottery, glazed pale green. 2" X 28". R.R. v. o6. Fr. of alabaster (?) bowl. Prob. part

R.R. 060-1. Fr. of vessels, grey. oho, rim painted. Outside, below rim, a pair of annular lines. Below these a zone of hatched lozenges. r"x 1". o6z, inside, a painted V-shape ; ` fringe ' round outside. I8" X I".

R.R. 062, 67. Lumps of copper and slag.

R.R. 064. Fr. of bowl ; ring foot and lower part ; burnt black. 3" X 2".

R.R. 068. Fr. of pottery, grey, thin. Painted with two oblique fringed lines. IA"X ii". Pl. CXIV.


of shallow saucer. Orig. diam. must have been large. Ch. of lip if ; width from lip towards centre II".

R.R. v. 08, 0II-13, 15. Miscell. frs. of glass, paste, and bronze. 015, turquoise-blue paste, tubular bead.

3~   3

X 1-r •

R.R. v. og. Jasper arrow-head, black, leaf-shaped. Pl. CXII.

R.R. v. 010. Chert arrow-head, brown grey. Pl. CXII.

R.R. v. 014. Fr. of pottery vessel. Red ; plain with rich red surface, imperfectly burnished. 21"X 2*".


R.R. vi. ox. Jasper arrowhead, pointed oval. Pl. CXII. R.R. VI. 02. Fr. of pottery bowl, grey body. Echinus

form. Painted black on rim and below in series of bands,

plain or scalloped. 2 â" X 2 I ~" X 4".

R.R. vi. 03-4, 7. Frs. of pottery. Rich red inner surface, dark grey outside. Gr. fr. (03) 2 "X 2â".

R.R. VI. o8. Fr. of alabaster bowl. Ch. i g" ; thick. at wall a".

R.R. VI. 09-12. Frs. of stone vessels. White, marbled with thin grey lines ; lathe-made. 09, part of wall ; shows lines of lathe-turning. ozo, part of bottom and wall of bowl. 011-12, parts of wall. Gr. fr. (ozo) ch. inside, hor. If ; thick. 4".

R.R. VI. 013-17, 33. Stone arrow-heads. 013, green jasper, pointed oval. 014, black chert, coarsely flaked, damaged. 015, black chert, imperfect. oz6, brown chalcedony, tapering, tang missing. 017, yellowish chert, pointed oval. 033, chalcedony, pointed oval, half of. Pl. CXII.

R.R. vi. 018-21. Stone chips and slag fr.

R.R. vu. oi. Fr. of pottery, dark grey, incised. Pair of incised annular lines ; panel of incised zigzags above, which another pair of annular lines divides. On each side, borders of triple incised lines. r-'- "x 22". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. vii. 02-5. Frs. of pottery. Grey and hard, with incised patterns of chalcolithic' type. No paint. 02, below rim on outside a pair of annular lines ; a vertical line, and to R., in ` triglyph ' space, three parallel horizontal zigzag lines. i "X I r. 03, between pairs of slightly

oblique lines a pair of horizontal lines. Above and below, rows of horizontal zigzag lines. I$"x If. o¢, from bottom and side of jar. Bottom quite flat, the side rising straight up from it, or slightly inclined inward as in alabaster and ` chalcolithic ' jars. Near base, badly incised annular lines, and above these a group of oblique hatching. Ch. of base I" ; H. IZ ". 05, from wall of vessel. Covered with incised cross-hatching. if X 2".

R.R VII. 06, 7, 10-12, 14, 16, 20. Frs. of pottery. o6, grey. Traces of slip or glaze washed on outside. Inside faintly ribbed. 21"X 22". 07, dove-grey. Ring base ; under-surface dished. Diam. Ii" ; H. 2". ozo, dark brown with remains of brown slip or glaze. Lip out-turned with wavy upper surface. Faint ribbing inside and out. 21"x 21". ozz, similar to preceding but lip coarser. 22" X 3". 012, red. Plain. I4"x I4". 014, from large ring base. Fine red, slightly burnished. 22"X ii". oz6, lip out-turned and flat on top. Buff with fine red slip, prob. once burnished. 32"X I". 020, upper part of wall leans to form graceful lip. Red, surface originally well burnished. Il"x IZ". Pl. CXV.

R.R. vu. o8-g, 13, 27. Frs. of pottery, ` chalcolithic '. o8, buff ; shows pair of annular lines in brown black. 22"X if. 09, red. Shows raised keel-shaped rib painted black, and annular lines below it. Same type as Machi. 010+011. 32"X22". 013, buff, plain. I "XI ". 027, buff. Traces of paint. xi" X IZ".

R.R. vii. oi5. Fr. of pottery, grey, coarse. Incised patterns consisting of zone of zigzag, hatched between