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0502 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 502 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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R.R. xII. oi. Fr. of alabaster vessel, white. Part of lip and wall of similar form to 02, but thicker. Ch. 2" ; H. i" ; thick. c.

R.R. xII. 02. Fr. of alabaster pot, pale cream ; lathe-turned. Bottom flat, sides cylindrical, slightly spreading towards base and spreading at mouth in segmental curve to form everted rim. Inside does not follow outward flow of rim but continues nearly vertical. Top of rim flat. Ch. 22" ; H. IA" ; thick. 1".

R.R. xII. 03. Fr. of stone jar, white with wavy grey strata. Form exactly like R.R. ai. oi, but slightly larger diam. Ch. inside Ie" ; H. IZ" ; orig. diam. c. 4".

R.R. xII. 04-9. Flint chips.

R.R. xII. ono. Fr. of alabaster, prob. of jar. i i "x 4".

R.R. xII. 037. Iron knife. Blade gracefully curved ; point turned up towards back ; thin tang. 41"4". Pl. CXVI.


R.R. xIII. ox. Limestone bead, flat oval ; perforated longitudinally. Pl. CXII.

R.R. xIII. 02. Stone cup. Green-grey. Flattened glo-

bular shape. Diam. I" ; H.

R.R. xIII. 018. Fr. of pottery, buff ; painted with group of three vertical zigzag lines. 2/"X Ir.


R.R. xv. 01-22, 26, 28, 30-I. Stone implements, also chips of jasper, &c. oz, ribbed blade of brown jasper. 02, point of brown jasper arrow-head. 03, arrow-head of green jasper, but imperfect. 05, part of quartz blade, broad, perhaps used as arrow-head. 07, jasper chip. o8, leaf-shaped chert arrow-head, grey and black. 09, leaf-shaped jasper arrow-head, part of. ozz, jasper chip. 012, jasper chip. 014, jasper arrow-head, point of. 015, jasper chip, with bulb. 017, quartzite point, roughly chipped.


R.R. xvi. 01. Fr. of pottery from large vessel. Red body ; glazed inside copper green. 31"x 41"X 4".

R.R. xvu. oi. Fr. of pottery jar, in two pieces, joined. Buff ; pattern painted in brown-black. Between two pairs of annular lines two upright and two parallel horizontal festooned lines. To lower of these a fringe of short strokes. 3"X 21". (Painted portion) Pl. CXIII.

R.R. XVII. 02-4, 6-8. Frs. of pottery vessels, painted. 02, huff. Painted inside a pair of oblique lines and parallel a ` scrabbled ' line. Tr x x ". 03, buff. A pair of annular lines and a pair of vertical lines. I"X 04, buff. Inside, a concave-sided oblong with ` scrabbled' line across centre. 21" X 2R". o6, buff. Two linked lozenges, cross-hatched. 2" X I". 07, buff. Pair of annular lines and a vertical line. Three vertical zigzag lines near together. I$"X Ii". o8, outside covered with very thin grey wash over which pattern in dense black. A broad zone bordered by annular lines and divided vertically by pair of lines. In each division a triangle with bases coinciding with annular border lines. One triangle points up and the other down ; both cross-hatched. Outer edges of triangles are toothed, and one of vertical lines. Very fine quality. 2"X 2". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. xvII. 05. Fr. of pottery, buff. Part of mouth of jar. Lip painted brown-black. Outside, a zone of oblique loops attached alternately to upper and lower border lines. 2r x xi". Pl. CXIIi.

oz8, jasper chip. 019, chip of chalcedony. 020, quartz arrow-head, rudely chipped. 021, arrow-head, pointed oval, of milky quartz. 026, jasper arrow-head, pointed oval. 028, chalcedony arrow-head, point missing. Pl. CXII.

R.R. xv. 023. Fr. of pottery. Red flake. " x 1".

R.R. xv. 024-5. Frs. of pottery. White glaze ; blue

pattern of Chinese type. 024, red body.   "x r. 025,
white body. ?" X a".


R.R. xvii. o10. Fr. of pottery bowl. Grey. Foot, simply flattened surface of globe. Fine texture clay. Ch. 2" ; H. iZ".

R.R. xvii. 011-4, 34. Frs. of alabaster, from bowls and jars. Gr. fr. (ozz) ig"x ii". 034, miniature conical alabaster cup. Part of side broken away. Diam. 4" ; H. i".

R.R. XVII. oi6, 20-7. Frs. of pottery, unpainted ; mostly coarse gritty body with buff outer surface. 026, grey. Green glaze. 3"X Ig".

R.R. xvii. 017-9. Frs. of bronze.

R.R. xvii. 030. Chert point, grey, sand-worn. Pl. CXII.

R.R. XVII. 031. Bronze rod, with thin part in middle, and at one end a notch resembling half eye of needle. 1:4"x A". Pl. CXVI.

R.R. xvii. 032, 35-7. Frs. of stone, glass, and paste. 032, fr. of weather-worn quartz (?). Perhaps originally worked. ii"x ri". 035, flint flake. 036, blue paste bead ; short barrel-shaped. 037, square glass bead, pale grey, with large round hole through it.

R.R. xviii. oi. Bronze arrow-head, triangular, with projecting edges, broken. Length i". Pl. CXVI.

R.R. xviII. 02-3, 5. Frs. of pottery, from wall of vessels, unpainted. 05, dark brown body, buff slip outside, with bend of annular combing. I*"X Ir.