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0503 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 503 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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R.R. awn. 04. Fr. of pottery bowl, buff. Lip black. Inside painted an oblong lozenge with scrabbled' band across middle. 2"X 2". Pl. CXIII.


R.R. XIX. 01, oz. Frs. of pottery vessels, faintly ribbed inside. Slip outside with groups of annular combed lines. or, 31"X Ir. 02, 21"X Ii".


S.S. ox, 5-6. Frs. of pottery vessels. oz, painted on edge inside, oblique band of three parallel zigzags running downwards and stopping abruptly. 6"x 3}". PL CXIII. 05, rim painted ; pair of annular lines below. To R. vertical band of multiple-line zigzag. To L. vertical undulating band suggesting a wriggling snake. Markings on body of snake cleverly indicated. 5" X 4". Pl. CXiv. o6, painted horizontal band of roughly drawn hatched squares, touching at their horizontal angles. 31" X 3f". Pl. CXIV.

S.S. 02+53. Frs. of pottery vessel. Terra-cotta. Flattened bulbous shape with short neck curving out to everted rim. Painted in black. Rim, black ; line round root of neck. Below, a band of multiple-line zigzag between two border lines. Below, a band of two rows of semicircles, widely spaced. Background of this band hatched in two directions. When such semicircles are opposite and touching, the background forms slightly hollow-sided squares or lozenges as in R.R. ni. o1, ix. oz, &c. Surface abraded. Gr. diam. 6e" ; H. z}". Pl. CXIV.

S.S. 03. Fr. of pottery bowl. Hand-made (?) in mould. Hard porcelain-like texture, but is opaque and dark dove-grey. Rim painted black. On outside, a broad, smeary black band, from which rises long zigzag meeting upper band. Within zigzag a solid black triangle rising from lower band. Inside, at bottom of bowl, a large rosette of rough semicircular petals set round a thick circle. Device within circle nearly all missing. Outside surface shows marks of smoothing tool in various directions. Discoloration in places from fire of kiln. Ch. across rim 4" ; thick. c. }". Pl. CXIII.

S.S. 04. Fr. of pottery vessel. Buff ; painted in brown-black with three parallel vertical lines. On either side are bold elliptical and D-shaped scrolls bearing at intervals pairs of short spines. 6/" x 3f". Pl. CXIII.

S.S. 07, 26, 32-3, 63, 70-2. III. Frs. of vessels, with linear patterns in black; 063, ribbed inside. Gr. fr. (07) 5e".

S.S. 08. Fr. of pottery bowl, buff. Rim painted black, and pair of lines within. Roughly drawn double zigzag forms a continuous border. 3r 21"

S.S. 09, 14, 39, 48, 54. Frs. of vessels, painted. 09, shows square with sides produced ; square and outer angles filled solid ; on open side of outer angles rough serrations. 3"x 21". Pl. CXIII. 014, fr. of base Of jar ; buff ; shows end of double-line vertical zigzag: Diam. 31" ; H. Ii". PL CXIV. 039, vertical band of crosshatched lozenges ; pair of vertical lines at one side. Ift"X 2". 048, ornament as S.S. 09. 41"X 2g". Pl. CXIII.


054, fr. of neck with pair of broad annular lines and zigzag of broad serrated lines. I"x

S.S. 015. Fr. of pottery bowl ; saucer-shaped. Inside has annular lines with cloud-like rolling line between as border. From this run alternate plain and serrated lines which meet and form a succession of triangles one within the other. Surface seems to have been burnished after painting. Outside shows pleasing engine-turned effect of vibrations of scraper. Simple ring base. 5"x3/". Pl. CXIII.

S.S. 016,19, 21, 23, 25-30, 47, 49, 61, 62, 66, 75, 80, 85, 117-18, 120. Frs. of pottery vessels, buff. Painted with designs in brown-black, mostly annular bands and zigzags. 026, Pl. CXIII ; o66, PI. CXIV. 021', 085, show ellip tical cartouches containing zigzag lines. Pl. CXIII. Gr. fr. (021) 3k". 027, on shoulder, a band of ` flying bat' zigzags ; on side a band of four-line zigzag. 21"X Il". 061, broad band of multiple-line zigzag between solid broad border lines. 21"x Ii". 075, three thick annular lines and band of alternate ` triglyph ' and hatched triangle. 2t"X 2"; 062, two vertical lines slightly diverging hatched across, ladder-wise. R. and L. appear parts of tufted curves as on S.S. 04. 21"X Ir. 030, kite shapes placed vertically and joining end to end, cross-hatched. 21"x xi'. 0120, seems to be a modification of S.S. 09. 025,040,011'4, curved shapes, hatched.

S.S. 020, 37, 95. Frs. of pottery bowls, red. 020, plain rim leaning inwards and thickened ; outside, shows paring marks. 21"X Ir. 037, outside vibration marks of scraper. 2*"X Ir. 095, inside, softly ribbed ; outside, irregular wheel scratches. I "x 2".

S.S. 024. Fr. of pottery vessel, painted. Divided by double line into two zones both containing the same ornament. The design is formed of semicircles described with pairs of lines alternately from upper and lower boundaries of zone. Within are hollow-sided cross-hatched triangles. 41"X3". Pl. CXIII.

S.S. 031, 34, 36, 73, 76, 84, 9o, 99, 102-4, Io6, 109. Frs. of pottery vessels. Fine texture, grey and thin ; majority painted with linear designs in rich black. Gr. fr. (01-04) 2"X 1}".

S.S. 050. Fr. of pottery. Buff ; painted outside with band of broad vertical zigzags. It"X 21". Pl. CXIII.

S.S. o51. Fr. of pottery, apparently not from vessel. Buff ; painted. Between two pairs of lines four rows of parallel zigzags. Outside, traces of scroll similar to S.S. 04. 3 "X 21". Pl. CXIII.