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0552 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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scribed with a circumflex-like mark ^ ; in the transcripts the finals are then written similarly, with the mark ^ over them. The final is sometimes attached to the preceding letter.

There are many small errors and omissions, and vowels are sometimes of wrong length. Both anusvâra and visarga are often wrongly inserted or omitted ; and visarga appears to be used as a mark of punctuation more often than otherwise. A large dot, which is often more or less like r' , is also used for punctuation, and appears to mark the end of the first line of a verse, where the passage is poetry.

I have tried to identify the passages that occur in these fragments, but without much success. Thus I have examined the Vajracchedika, the smaller Sukhâvativyaha, and the Prajnâparamità Sirtras in Anecdota Oxoniensia, Aryan Series, Part I, Buddhist Texts ; the Buddha-carita in the same series, Part VII ; also the Divyavadana and the Lalitavistara, and the remains published in I Ioernle's MS. Remains mentioned above ; but have not succeeded in identifying any passage therein.

From the Saddharmapundarika come : Khad. 016 and 027 ; Ile-dong. o9 ; Domoko. 0120 and 0124 ; Balaw. 0153.

I have not found any of these passages in the Avaddnasataka, Madhyamikastttras, Siksâsamuccaya, nor Mahâvastu.

[Fol• the sites of Balawaste (Balaw.), Domoko, Farhâd Beg-yailaki (Far.), Khâdalik (Khad.), see Serindia, i. pp. 155 sqq., 197 sqq. ; iii. pp. 1246 sqq. ; of Kuduk-köl and Sampula, above, i. pp. loo, 128 sq.—A. STEIN.]



Balaw. 0153. Paper ochre coloured. R. portion of a leaf, which is 34" wide. Size 54" x 34-". Writing small, neat, not angular.

Contains verses in Upajati metre, with a redundant twelfth syllable sometimes. Verse r8 ends apparently at beginning of visible portion of line 2 of Obv. ; verse 20 ends in line 3 ; and verse 25 ends in line 3 of the Rev. These verses come from the Saddharmapuirdarika, Kern—Nanjio's edn., xiii. pp. 19-25. The figure ` 8 ' in line 2 should be ` 9 '. It contains p. 281, verse 19 to p. 282, line 13 of that edition. Hence apparently 5 verses, Nos. 2r-25, occupy nearly 6 lines, and it follows from a calculation of the syllables in those verses, together with the numbering of the verses, that each line of the complete leaf comprised about an average of some 36 letters; and as about 17 letters occupy 4-:1-!' on an average, it also follows that the entire leaf with its margins was about Ioi" long. Hence the L. side of the leaf to the extent of about 5 :", containing 18 or 19 letters per line on an average, has been lost.

Balaw. 0155. Paper brown. Fr., 2 4" x 3", from middle portion of a leaf. Writing medium sized, rather cursive, with letters not in strict alignment.

Domoko. 0120. One leaf, complete except that (i) R. side has been torn away and (2) L. margin has gone and the L. portion has been almost obliterated through damp for

at least 14", and the letters there are illegible. Size 9k" x 31-". Paper brown. Pl. CXXII.

Writing medium sized, upright. In some places letters from some other MS. have become impressed on this and so interfere with the legibility.

Two other fragments : see below.

This passage comes from the Saddharmapu?atiarika, KernNanjio's edn., iii. p. 79, lines ro ff. to p. 8o, line ro.

With the foregoing are two other fragments unmarked :

(i) an irregular piece (extreme measures 71" X 3a") belonging to R. part of a leaf. (ii) a small fragment, z4" x

These are on same kind of paper and have same kind of writing as the foregoing, but are very much frayed and damaged, so that only a few letters here and there can be read.

Domoko. 0122. R. portion of a leaf, which is really a double leaf, consisting of two thin leaves stuck together. Size 7*" X 28". Paper brown. Writing large, very thick, upright, with the letters spaced apart. Pl. CXXII.


.... la-duhitur=vâ raksâ paripâlana

. . . . m=âyu-plani-vidyâ kalya murthâya .

. . . . su puspe • dhnma-parihare ârya pra§asta ..

. . .. na garbhe stave stavite   Atha khalu hâri
.... [v]ocat Aham=api bhadatiita Bhagavams=tasya kula