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0556 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 556 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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wide, with ro 11. to the page. Writing medium sized, nearly upright, thick, but not angular.

Khad. 041. Brownish paper. Fr. of lower R. portion of leaf, 6" x 24". Judging from cord-hole, the leaf was about 4" wide, with 9 II. to the page.

Writing medium sized, thickish, slanting, rather cursive and sprawling. Text appears to contain lokas, but there is not enough preserved to enable one to say how much has been lost or what the length of the leaf was. Visarga seems to be used to mark the end of the second pada.

Khad. 042. Brown paper. Irregular-shaped fr., 4" x 41", forming a portion of middle of a leaf. Writing small, upright, neat, not angular. The paper is ruled faintly to guide the tops of lines. There are small spaces here and there in the text, and these are observed in this transliteration. The writing is similar to the script in B. Koy. 09, q.v.


.... ya na da aya-ksânti   ya samant ... .

.... rma-jnân=ânuparivarttana paramita sta ' ya ma . .

.... pa virya   ya moha-vigame aya-dhyâna

pariksa aya-dâna-da   ya skandha-pariksa a ... .
tihata-jfiâna-darsana-paramita sta ... .

sila-da   ya pudgala sambheda ... .
gati addheh aprati ... .

ya ksânti   ya nirodha-pa(r)y ... .
rsana paramita sta r j tattra ka ... .

ha to to ayarü viryya   ya


paramita sta J tattra kata ... .

nti   ya irddhi pâda parigra(h)e    .

paramita sta ''   ya prajna indu ... .
heta prajfia aya-dhyâna

.arh •   ya ga na va sa do n.    

  •   da jnâna-vasan-âpagata aya-pra .   .

  •   ya asamkâra dal sana aya-§ila da ....

  •   na pariharamâna apârihani prajfiâ-vimukti aya

ya-dana   ya kaya-karmma niyata aya-si .

.... jna ima kaya-karmma jfiân=ânupari ... .

Khad. 044. Brownish paper. Fr. of middle portion of leaf, which was 3r wide ; length of fr. 2 S". Writing rather small, upright.

On obv. the final letters on R. often end abruptly and are not formed completely, as if the writing continued over some other piece of paper which has been removed. On rev. the R. edge has been cut off, and so portions of some letters are lost.

Khad. 045. Ochre-coloured paper. Fr. containing the L. part of the middle portion of a leaf, which was 24" wide: length 2". Writing small, nearly upright, and rather cursive in style.

Kuduk-köl. 031. R. portion of a leaf ; 74" x 44". Paper ochre coloured. Writing large, very thick, angular, upright; the same as on Kuduk-köl. 037.

Kuduk-köl. 032. Brown paper. Fr. of R. portion of

a leaf; 24" x 4". Writing very large, thick, and rather squat.

Kuduk-köl. 033. Fr. of R. portion of leaf; 7i" x 5". Very much decayed. Writing and paper similar to that of Kuduk-köl. 03r, 037.

Kuduk-köl. 036. Paper light brown. Fr. from middle portion of leaf; 3-" x 4-". Writing similar to that on Kuduk-köl. 032, but the letters are more spaced apart, very large, thick, and squat, in lines far apart. See Kuduk-kol. 039.

Kuduk-köl. 037. R. portion of a leaf; 7" x 54" Paper ochre coloured. Writing same as on Kuduk-köl. 031, 033.

Kuduk-köl. 038. Paper dark brown. Fr. from middle of a leaf; 2" x 41". Writing very large, thick, squat, and spaced apart like Kuduk-köl. 036.

Kuduk-köl. 039. Fr. like Kuduk-köl. 036 ; 2" X 4". Paper ochre coloured. Writing the same ; lines far apart. From middle of leaf.

Kuduk-köl. 041. Brown paper. Small fr. from middle portion of a leaf; 34" x 2". Writing largish, moderately thick, nearly upright.

Kuduk-köl. 045. Very coarse thin paper. Fr. 3" x r". Very much frayed and crumpled. Writing largish.

Kuduk-köl. 046. Paper light brownish. Fr. of R. portion of a leaf ; 2*" x 21". Writing same as on Kuduk-köl. 038.

Kuduk-köl. 047. Paper very coarse. Size 5â" X 2*". Writing rough, similar to that on Kuduk-köl. 034. It seems to have been written on both sides, but if so the writing on one side has faded away, and on the other side only three or four stray letters are visible.

Kuduk-köl. 048. A mass of frs., all small, of different MSS. Paper. Writing in some large and thick, in some medium sized, in some small. The frs. are so much frayed, crumpled, and irregular in shape, that nothing material can be made out of them.

Sampula. 028. Ochre-coloured paper. Irregular fr. from middle portion of a leaf; 5" x 5y. Writing large, very thick, upright, squat.

Sampula. 029. Paper light ochre coloured, coarse. Fr. from middle portion of a leaf; 2k" x 3". Writing large, very thick, upright, rather squat.

Sampula. 030. Brown paper. R. portion of a leaf; 8i" x 94". Writing very large, very thick, upright, angular, squat.

Sampula. 031. Fr. 3" x 2k". Like Sampula. 029. Paper. Letters large, very squat. Much crumpled and frayed. Part of middle portion of a leaf.

Sampula. 032. Fr. 5" x a"; like Sampula. 029. Greatly frayed, blurred, and faded : almost illegible.

Sampula. 033. Brown paper. Fr. 3" x r4", from middle portion of a leaf. Writing large, very thick, upright, squat. Two small frs., similar to Sampula. 033.

Sampula. 034. Light brown paper. Fr. 3" x 2g", from