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0576 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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[Figure] XII Ast. ix. 2. (Transcript only.)

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and in the first [year 1] of Yung-shun ... he died during his tenure of office, when the tale of his years was

thirty-[   ].... On the fifth day of [   ] he was buried north of the departmental city according
to the primordial rites . . . sad ; sighing over the stream that flows past 2—a long-enduring grief ; his kinsmen . . . and ... ? [ . . . 3 ] finally he was encoffined . . . the youthful official's prime of life, truly also ... inscribed thus.

XII. Ast. ix. 2. (Transcript only.)

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This gentleman, by surname Fan, and personal name Yen-shill *, was a native of Kao-ch`ang Hsien. His character was one of refined simplicity, his mental faculties were clear and lofty. While he expounded his teaching in the front court, his voice penetrated also to the back region 5. Unfortunately, when he was little more than a year past sixty 6, a malignant disease laid hold of him, in which neither drugs nor probing were of any avail. Ah me ! thus does the wise man pass away 7. On the i-hai day, the twenty-sixth of the ninth moon, the first day of which is jên-shén 8, in the chi-cg ou year, the first of Yung-ch` an? , he died at his private residence, aged eighty-three 10, and in the same year, on the third day of the intercalary ninth moon 11, he was buried

1 The transcript has („ which I imagine to be a mistake for 7, inasmuch as the Yung-shun period lasted only one

year (A.D. 682).

2 An allusion to Lunyii, IX. 16: 'Standing by a stream, the Master said: Thus it hastes away, never stopping day or night.'

I. I can make nothing of these


4 Also mentioned in the colophon Ast. ix. 2. 053.

5 That is to say, he was a professional teacher who did not neglect the education of his own family.

e ' For over a year he had been making his ear an obedient organ ' (for the reception of truth)—an allusion to Lunyii, II. 4.

7 Perhaps a reminiscence of the verse chanted by Con-

fucius shortly before his death : t A lt " ' Lo !

the wise man he withers away.' See Li chi, II. 1. ii. 20.

a This is a mistake : the first day of the ninth moon is

A) king-hsü. I-hai, on the other hand, is the correct cyclical designation of the twenty-sixth day.

9 r4 October, 689.

19 This is surprising., when we consider that his fatal illness began more than twenty years earlier. I suspect an error in the transcript or in the engraving itself; perhaps

i -I-- ' sixty ' should be read instead of A - f ` eighty'. " 21 October.