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0583 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 583 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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K.K. 0140. c. Small fr., with illegible Uighur (Mongol ?) characters on very thin brownish paper.

K.K. 0151. A. Uighur document in cursive characters (Turk!) on very thin whitish paper. It is torn in strips, and in too precarious a condition for examination at present. B, C. Two other similar frs. D. A fr. of Chinese on similar paper.

K.K. 0152. as-cc, u-z. as-cc. Three small frs. of Uighur documents on fibrous greyish paper (Turki).

u-z. All small pieces of Uighur documents as above. Writing only to be deciphered where a number of consecutive lines facilitate the reading.

K.K. I. 03. I. 03 d. (?). Fr. of Uighur document, with a few Turki words.

I. 03. j: Slip of soft brownish paper, margins defective, about 26 cm. broad, r r high. Folded in middle, on each side 4 11. in cursive Uighur characters. In placing the paper before you, the writing to the left of the fold can be read, that to the right is inverted. Pl. CXXVI.

K.K. u. 269. b. Fr. of a document on soft whitish paper. Writing, illegible Uighur cursive.

K.K. v-vi. oio. Fr. of Uighur document, one line, in cursive characters, extremely difficult to read.


E.G. 013. a. xvii. a. xvii. Large book leaf (P6thi), Mongol, 17 11. on each side, 23.8 x 9.6 cm.

E.G. 013. a. x. a.x. Smaller book leaf (Pôthi), 20.5 x 7.1 cm. 13 11. on obv. (?), 14 11. on rev. (?) ; 4 11. in red ink on middle of obv., 3 11. in red ink on middle of rev. (?).

E.G. 014. a. xvii. i. ii. Two small frs. of Mongol Pôthi leaves.

E.G. 021. a-f. a. Leaf, somewhat defective (31 x 12 cm.), white stout paper. 23 11. Western Mongol MS. text. b. Pôthi(?) leaf, defective, stout whitish paper, 18.2 X I0.I cm. i6 11. MS. text, Western Mongol. Two 11. begin with a word in red ink. Rev. : 7 11. of text. Rest of page occupied by a system of squares in red ink so high, 8 broad, 78 of which squares contain one or more Tibetan characters (calendar?). c. MS. Pôthi (?) leaf, 16 x r r cm. Upper part yellowish brown paper. One side : 13 11. of Western Mongol text. On the fourth 1. from below one word in red ink, the writing on the third from below entirely in red ink, on the second one word in red ink. Other side : same number of 11. On the first and second some words in red ink, likewise on eighth from above. Torn across. d. Upper part of Pôthi (?) leaf, Western Mongol MS. text. 15 X 10.2 cm. (torn across). 1111. on each side. Pagination : arbin dörbön. Yellowish brown paper. e. Lower part of block-printed

Western Mongol book leaf torn across. I2 X I0.4 cm. Whitish paper. At bottom pagination in Chinese and Mongol. f. Letter MS. Western Mongol (Qalmaq) text. 6 11. complete, beautifully written on soft white paper. 20.7 x 26 cm. Folded into a slip 3.7 cm. broad. Pl. CXXVI.

E.G. 022. a. xxiii-xxxi. Ten very small pieces of Mongol M S.

xxür: Lower end of Mongol MS. book leaf, with 5 11. of three words each on one side. On the other side from one to three words on each line. Stiff brownish paper.

xxiv, xxv. Two pieces of Mongol MS. They had been pasted back to back so as to form one piece (part of a leaf ), but have come apart. About 3 11. on each side.

  1. Corner piece of Mongol MS. leaf (consisting of four thicknesses of thin whitish paper pasted together).

  2. Small piece from margin of Mongol MS. leaf, with remains of 4 11.

xxviiz. Very small fr. with a few chars. in cursive Tibetan (MS.).

xxzx. Very small fr. of MS. letter in Mongol.

xxx. One line of Mongol MS. Letter or document. axxi. Fr. from margin of book leaf, Mongol MS. Remnants of 6 11.


M. Tagh. 0449. A small piece of paper. Soghdian writing on one side, left-hand ends of five 11. PI. Cxxiv.