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0589 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 589 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Appendix M]   BROUGHT FROM KHOTAN   1055

type in single red robe, hands in lap and a pearl tenia round base of Usnisa. Figure to R. is in same pose, but the body is either nude except for loin-cloth, or clad in close-fitting skin-like garment.

Symbolic devices shown all over body and limbs. At neck is what at first sight appears to be a necklet ; but it does not extend beyond the front of shoulders. Double concentric circles are on shoulders, L. p. breast, two on each forearm, and three on each lower leg. On upper arms is a Pôthi, on R. p. breast double concentric triangle.

Borders of nimbus and halo, dark red outlined buff. Field of nimbus dark green and of halo paler green. Lotus, green. To R. on red ground of panel part of a standing figure in long dark red and green robes banded with pearls ; it seems to turn 4 to R. but to look to L. in direction of two first. Perhaps a donor.

Where painting is rubbed off black Brâhmi writing appears, and on rev. are a few characters, showing this to be an old writing tablet used for painting. R. end corners cut off obliquely ; near base of pointed end two holes drilled through, 2" apart. A third hole drilled through junction of two halos. Condition abraded. 48" x 74" X 4"• Pl. XIV.

Har. 037. Fr. of painted wooden panel. Obv.: Standing Avalokitesvara fig. holding in L. p. hand, near thigh, Amrta flask. Lower part of robe red, stole probably dark green. All badly defaced, L. side broken away. Clumsy replica of Har. 042.

Rev.: All defaced excepting upper part of sketchily drawn head ; full face, wearing simplified Mukuta. ro"x 24" x

Har. 038. Fr. of painted wooden panel. Buddha figure seated, hands in lap, head 4 to L. Red robe and background ; dark blue body halo ; purple nimbus. R. half broken away, upper part burnt, back charred. Rough work.

Intact side edge shows chamfer at back near bottom. At back the level of wood has been very slightly cut away for a width of about 4" as though to fit some kind of frame, and this part is not charred. It suggests that the burning occurred while the panel was still in its frame or support.

1,,1 7ä x 24 .

Har. 039. Painted wooden panel. Only few traces of paint remain. Two holes are drilled in opposite long edges. 94" x 24" X f-e".

Har. 040. Fr. of ,painted wooden panel. R. p. half of standing Bodhisattva figure. Head 4 to L., eyes cast down. Close-fitting red robe ; green stole. R. p. hand raised to shoulder level. Nimbus, blue with red border. Perhaps Avalokite§vara. Surface abraded ; R. half of panel broken away. 91" x 2" X s".

Har. 041. Fr. of painted wooden panel. Obv.: standing Buddha figure in Abhaya-mudrâ. Blue hair, red upper robe, brown under robe. Bare feet resting on lotus seed pod. Upper corners of panel cut off and hole drilled at point. R. edge split away, also part of upper L. corner; two other splits in remainder of panel. Rev.: traces of

drawing of seated Buddha figure. i 2" x 21"   ".

Har. 042. Painted wooden panel. Standing Bodhisattva, prob. Avalokite§vara, 4 to L., holding in R. hand lotus and in L., hanging down, a long-necked ovoid flask. Hair long with floral Mukuta. Bodice of a discoloured yellow tint, with cartouche ornaments on arms near shoulders. Skirt tight fining, pink, figured with three-spot pattern. Narrow stole, dark green. Nimbus and vesica bordered red-brown. Top angles of panel cut off; surface badly abraded. Traces of Brâhmi script under painting. ma" x 3S" X ". Pl. xIV.

Har. 043. Fr. of painted wooden panel. An allover pattern of six-petalled rosettes evenly spaced with half-open (?) flowers in spaces. Colour perished and uncertain. Part on one long side broken away. Hole drilled 34" from one end. r 2i" X 24 X â".

Har. 044. Painted wooden panel. Probably a seated Buddha fig. in black robe. Badly defaced ; surface

of panel rough; split at both ends. r 14" x   x

Har. 045. Fr. of painted wooden panel. L. p. half of seated Buddha figure, hands in lap. Head, against blue nimbus, turned slightly to L. Single dark red-brown robe with black contour lines ; a white line at turnover at neck and another at wrist. Pink body halo.

Work rough. Half of panel missing and lower part broken. Back shows part of thickness split away. ry $" x 24" x

Har. 046. Painted wooden panel. Obv.: two seated figures, one above the other. Upper sits on green seat, figured with four-petalled pale rosettes, and is dressed in dark maroon robe with red sleeves and borders and wears black boots. Head missing.

Lower seems to be dressed in red tunic with green hem, green stole, and maroon under robe. On head a low coronet. Face missing ; R. p. hand raised to shoulder level and turned outward, palm up, probably holding some object ; L. p. hand at breast.

Background blue, enclosed in elliptical border, beyond which red ground. All very badly abraded.

Rev.: a similar scheme, but only a few faint traces remain. Few written characters in red at top. One lower corner of panel broken off and a hole drilled near ; another hole just above centre, filled with paste. io8" x 24" x

Har. 047. Wooden tablet, lath-shaped, containing on each side two lines of Brâhmi writing. Both ends of tablet are cut slightly concave with edge chamfered. A hole at each end, one broken in half. 84" x r" x

Har. 048. Rectangular wooden tablet, consisting of a long narrow blade with thickened portion at one end roughly cut for a seal case. At opposite end a string-hole. Two 11. of Tibetan script on one side and traces of similar characters on the other. 74" x 4" x i".

Har. 049. Rectangular wooden tablet, slightly

concave at ends.   String-hole near one end. Two 11.
cursive Brâhmi script on one side. Shallow groove along centre of reverse. Well preserved. 5-i" x â" x i".

Har. 050. Painted wooden panel. Ganega seated