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0590 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 590 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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cross-legged on dark crimson cushion decorated with rows of pearls. Head turned slightly to L. and trunk curled to R. Trefoil crown on head ; massive gold collar which is shown passing in front of trunk.

In R. p. hand a white cup held crooked at breast. L. p. hand in lap grasping pointed object, perhaps a radish. The only garments seem to consist of a stole and a loin-cloth. A large jewelled armlet near each shoulder, plain bracelets and anklets.

Stole and loin-cloth red. Flesh dark grey. On f ace are several repetitions of a spot pattern composed of three small dots in brown. Field of body halo dull green, border dark maroon. Outer ground, some light colour powdered with large yellow and red spots.

Panel cut square at top with corners sliced off. Bottom roughly rounded. Obv. part split away, traces of writing on intact surface. I I" x 5' X i". PI. XIV.

Har. 051, 052, 077. Rectangular wooden tablet, slightly curved ; ends cut concave. A string-hole near one end. On one side three 11. cursive Brâhmi script, and on other one long and one short 1. Broken in three pieces. 8 x q" X 8 ".

Har. 053. Irregular rectangular tablet, roughly cut on all edges, with seven II. cursive Brâhmi script. Very clear. Rev. blank. 5â" x . 4" x â".

Har. c54. Oblong wooden tablet, rounded at one end, pointed at other, near which a hole (broken away to point). Three 11. cursive Brâhmi script on one side, centre I. interrupted in middle. Other side, near point, a short 1. 7" X 18" X

Har. 055. Oblong wooden tablet, rounded at one end, pointed at other, with string-hole. On one side four 11. cursive Brâhmi script ; rev., two 11. On rev. a line scratched marking off rounded end from body of tablet. Well preserved. 6â" x 2 P. x 1".

Har. 056. Rectangular wooden tablet, with traces of writing partly planed off on one side. One long edge hacked with cutting instrument. 94-" x 2g" x y.

Har. 057. Oblong wooden tablet, squared at one end, pointed by two concave cuts at other. No hole. Three Il. cursive Brâhmi script on one side. One 1. near edge and another near square end on other. 78" x xi"), ".

Har. 058. Oblong wooden tablet, slightly rounded at one end. Three 11. (incompl.) of cursive Brâhmi script on each side. Well preserved. 54" x Ii" x h".

Har. 059. Fr. of rectangular (?) wooden tablet, showing three 11. cursive Brâhmi script on one side ; rev. blank. One end and one side broken away. 5z" x 2" xAu.

Har. o6o. Oblong wooden tablet, roughly narrowing at both ends, a string-hole at one end. Three 11. cursive Brâhmi script on each side. Fairly preserved. I4s" x I4" xis".

Har. o61. Wooden stick, flattened on one side, retaining natural slight curve and taper. On flattened side, cursive Brâhmi script in four columns, three of three 11. each and one of two II. Rev., three columns, two of three 11. and one of two. Well preserved. 148" x xi" to r" x a".

Har. 062. Square wooden rod, with thin tenon at each end, a dowel-pin hole in each showing that rod formed one side of frame or similar object. On one face of rod a 1. of cursive Brâhmi script. Well preserved. Length with tenons Io8". Thickness c. r° square.

Har. 063. Rectangular wooden batten, broken away at one end and cut slightly thinner at other end as though to fit into a mortice. Faint cursive Brâhmi script on all four surfaces. Wood well preserved. I I4" x IA" x

Har. 064. Oblong wooden tablet, fiat on one side, other side convex. One end irregular, other square. Blank. 64"xI s"X3"

Har. 065. Rough wooden stick, with bark in places, split from twig ; a narrow surface smoothed and bearing a few cursive Brâhmi chars. 58" X 8" X ".

Har. o66. Fr. of rectangular wooden tablet, concave at end near which is hole, broken away at other end. Part of two 11. cursive Brâhmi script on one side, and part of one on rev. Well preserved. 2*" x 8" x~".

Har. 067. Fr. of rectangular tablet, showing two 11. small cursive Brâhmi script. Broken away at one end. 2$" X I" X fi".

Har. o68. Fr. of wooden tablet, irregular shape, pointed at one end and square at other. One I. of cursive Brâhmi script on each side. 6k" x 116" x

Har. 06g. Short stick, rounded at each end and split lengthwise from a round twig. On one edge notches, as for a tally. Worm-eaten. 7" x 2" x

Har. 070. Wooden stick, retaining bark excepting where cut. Longitudinally split from round twig and cut flat on other face. On cut side one 1. cursive Brâhmi script. 51" x x 4".

Har. 071. Fr. of stick, evenly notched on one side. Broken at both ends. Perished. 28"

Har. 072, 073. Frs. of wooden writing tablets, same character as 058, to which they may possibly belong. Gr. fr. (072). I8" x I;"

Har. 074. Fr. of wooden writing tablet, with traces of writing on one side and a smear of red paint on each side. Broken at three edges. 4" x 8" x i".

Har. 075. Fr. of soft felt, sewn into a sort of irregular oblong pouch. 6-k" x 4s".

Har. 076. Rectangular wooden tablet, in many frs., joined. Square at one end, rounded at other. Part of square end missing. Hole at rounded end, broken. Three Il. cursive Brâhmi script on one side, four Il. on other. 6" X 14" xA~.