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0644 Storia della Spedizione Scientifica Italiana nel Himàlaia, Caracorùm e Turchestàn Cinese(1913-1914) : vol.1
History of an Italian Science Expedition to Himalayas, Kharakhorum and Chinese Turkistan(1913-1914) : vol.1
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[Photo] t The Depsang Plateau. Panoramic view D: A southern branch stream of the Rimu Glacier. A southern view from the peak of the mountain (5,314) on the left bank (northern side) of a valleyAlt. no Dèpsang. Panorama D. - RAMO MERIDIONALE DEL GHIACCIAIO RIMU. DA UNA ALTURA SUL FIANCO SINISTRO (NORD) DELLA VALLE (m. 5314), GUARDANDO VERSO SUD.
[Photo] b The Depsang Plateau: The upstream of the Sciaiok River, seen from the peak of the mountain on the upper side of the Salakpa district (Cutuclik)Alt. no Dèpsang. L'ALTA VALLE SCIÀIOK, DA UN DOSSO SOPRA A SALAKPA (CUTUCLIK).

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