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0026 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 26 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13328 : 14-27. Fourteen small potsherds from= K. 13328 : 58-63. Six small potsherds from rims of

several vessels, all with a few   vessels.

black lines painted on red (more or less dark-red) K. 13328 : 64.   Potsherd from globular body of

slip and of very much the same red ware. Th.   small vessel with a semicircular

3-8 mm. -:16 Pl. 2 : 2.   handle 15 mm. long. Light-red ware.

K. 13328 : 28.   Potsherd from fairly large vessel. ' K. 13328 : 65-88. Twenty-four more or less frag-

A violet line forms an angle, with   mentary, loop-shaped handles of

a small dot in the corner ; outside the angle the earthenware vessels. Most of them with flat, some surface is painted with some light-brownish colour. with oval section. Red ware of different shades.

Light-red ware.   Br. about 3-2 cm.

K. 13328 : 29-40. Twelve potsherds with traces of K. 13328 : 89.   Small potsherd with a vertical lug.

painting in black or dark red. The   From both sides a hole has been

ware is of different shades of red.   drilled, but the two do not meet. Traces of black

K. 13328 : 41-43. Three potsherds with traces of painting. Red ware.

dark-red painting on light-red or K. 13328 : 90.   Fragm. of handle, probably of

yellowish-red ware.   same kind as -:49.

K. 13328 : 44.   Potsherd from rim of fairly large

bowl. Has had a loop-shaped verti- K. 13328: 91.   Fragm. of vertical lug, larger than

cal handle. Red ware.   -:89 and without holes. Reddish-


13328 45-47. Three   brown ware.

33   4   potsherds with an applied

K. 13328:92-97. Six potsherds from flat-bottomed

moulding, more or less marked,

with deep finger impressions. -:46 is of coarser   vessels of red ware.

ware than the painted sherds. -: 45 Pl. 32 : 6.   K. 13328 : 98.   Small fragm. of vessel with steam-

K.13328:48.   Potsherd from shoulder of small   holes in bottom. Light-red ware.

vessel. A curved moulding with K. 13328 : 99-120. Twenty-two potsherds, some of

oblique impressions. Hard-burnt red ware.   fine, some of coarse red ware,

K. 13328 : 49.   Potsherd from fairly large vessel   -: 118 brownish grey.

with semicircular moulding form- K. 13328: 121. Spindle whorl made of brownish

ing a handle, with deep oblique impressions made   potsherd. Diam. 47 mm. Th. 7 mm.

with a stick. Same ware as -: 46. Pl. 32 : 5.   K. 13328: 122-124. Three round potsherds.

K. 13328 : 50.   Potsherd from rim of very small K. 13328 : 125. Fragm. of earthenware , object,

vessel. On the short neck a row   hardly a pot. Yellowish-red ware.

of small vertical incised lines. Yellowish ware, 4 K. 13328 : 126. More than half of a hoe or ham-

mm. thick. Pl. 32 : 7.   mer of dense grey stone with

K. 13328 : 51.   Potsherd from rim of vessel with a big hole from one broad side to the other. The

marked incisions across the rim. contour has been oval. At the complete end traces The surface has a greenish coating ; moreover, the of wear. L. has been about 15 cm. Br. about 10

ware differs from the rest.   cm. Th. 4 cm. Pl. 4: 21.

K. 13328 : 52.   Thin potsherd with striation from

the finishing of the surface.   S e n g i m- a g h i z.

K. 13328 : 53-55. Three potsherds, probably from K. 13329: I.   Small potsherd from the rim of

same vessel. Incised garlands and   a vessel. Top and outside of the

ribbons made with three-toothed instrument. These rim painted black. From this border run two vertiand -: 52 might be of somewhat later date than cal black lines set close together. Red ware, hard-

the rest.   burnt and intermixed with some coarse grains of

K. 13328 : 56.   Potsherd of large, thick-walled   sand. Pl. 2: 5.

vessel with some carelessly incised K. 13329 : 2-3. Two small sherds, apparently from

lines. Hard, light-red ware.   same vessel as -: 1. Both have

K. 13328: 57.   Potsherd from rim of bulky jar. two black lines set close together.

The rim is turned over and joined K. 13329 : 4-7. Four small potsherds from rims of

to the shoulder. Thick, light-red ware. Diam. of   bowls. Traces of black line along

mouth has been about 19 cm.   the rim of two of them.