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0027 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 27 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13329 : 8.   Postherd with several black lines K. 13331 : 16.   Seven small fragm. of handles

painted on a red slip. The broader   with painting almost effaced.

lines form obtuse angles, the thinner lines cross K. 13331 : 17.   Potsherd from rim of small vessel

each other. Pl. 2 : 6.   with slightly marked neck. From

K. 13329 : 9-16. Eight small potsherds with traces the rim a handle once emerged. The slip on inside of black lines. Probably same reaches to 2-3 cm. below rim. The exterior de-

vessel as -:8.   corated with vertical black lines; the inside rim

K. 13329 : 17.   Potsherd with black lines arrang- has a row of black triangles. The handle was

painted with black slanting lines. Light-red ware ed as -:8, though a little narr-

ower. intermixed with a few grains of sand. Th. about

' ~7'   ed. Of the painting only the triangles on the inside

K. 13329 : 20.   Two joined potsherds with narrow rim are visible.

black lines. The ware half as thick

as the rest. Fig. 1.   K. 13331: 19.   Fragm. of the nearly globular

body of a small earthenware vessel

K. 13329: 21.   Small potsherd with traces of with the base of a handle. Red slip and vertical

parallel black lines.   black lines. Light-red ware (terra-cotta). The

K. 13329 : 22.   Small fragm. of loop-shaded bottom must have been nearly round.

handle of clay vessel. Traces of K. 13331: 20-38. Nineteen potsherds from rims of

black painting.   small vessels of same type and de-

coration as -: 17. -:20 Fig. 2. (Diam. at the mouth originally to-11 cm.).

T o q s u n.   K. 13331 : 39.   Thirteen small potsherds from

K. 13331 : I.   Long handle from earthenware   rims of vessels similar to the pre-

vessel. On a red slip there are ceding, painting not very well preserved.

three groups of slanting black lines, each group K. 13331: 40-84. Forty-five potsherds from same

consisting of three nearly parellel lines. The rims   kind of vessels as the preceding.

were also painted black. Light-red ware. L. II cm.   -: 40 Pl. 2: 9, -: 42 Pl. 2: 8.

Pl. 2: 7.   K. 13331: 85-86. Various small potsherds, some of

K. 13331 : 2.   Upper part of handle of same type   them with traces of the same kind
and decoration as -: I but less of painting as the preceding, and all of similar clear. Probably only two lines in each group. The ware.

handle emerges from the actual rim of the vessel. K. 13331: 87.   Small sherd of greenish-grey flint

K. 13331 : 3.   Upper part of handle like -: 2,   with a few retouches.

with traces of a group of three K. 13331: 88.   A few small fragm. of bone and

slanting lines in black.   human teeth.

K. 13331 : 4.   Fragm. of long handle, narrower

than the previous ones, with three groups of black lines, four in each, arranged in a C h a r c h a n. zig-zag. Br. 18 mm.

K. 13331: 5.      Fragm. of handle similar to -:4 Purchased. According to statement, found in the
but the groups of black lines con- Kohna-shahr.

sist of three lines each. Br. 17 mm.   K. 13334.   Painted pottery vase with spherical

body and high cornet-shaped neck.

K. 13331 : 6.   Fragm. of handle with a black-

A little above the widest part there is a small

painted zig-zag band consisting of handle on each side. Light yellow-brown ware, two borderlines with shorter oblique lines between. rather thin, contains a small amount of fine-grain-

Br. 18-2o mm.      ed sand. The neck is painted light yellow with a
K. 13331:7-15. Nine smaller fragm. of handles of lattice pattern in black. The yellow slip reaches similar type and decoration as the 2-3 cm. below the rim on the inside ; close to the

previous ones. Br. 10-22 mm.   rim are traces of black triangles. The body has a

4 mm. Fig. 2.

K. 13329 : 18-19. Two small potsherds with black

lines, probably same vessel as K. 13331: 18.   Small potsherd from rim of vessel

from which a handle once emerg-