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0067 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 67 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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graves would a priori seem justified, but it has nothing in common with the rest. There is, moreover, one circumstance that points to a somewhat later time than that of Lou-lan. We know that the width of the silk woven in Han time and immediate post-Han was very nearly 5o cm. and that this width was kept fairly constant, there are several examples of this in the silk materials in this collection. Now the width of the silk used in the coat in Grave io is 60.5 cm. We do not know exactly when the width of silk was increased above the Han standard, only that it probably happened sometime between the end of the Lou-lan period and an early part of the T'ang dynasty. On the other hand, it is certain that this burial is pre-Mohammedan, i. e. previous to the loth century. It has possibly some connection with the unexamined graves around Yaqinliq-köl to be mentioned below.


to : r.   Man's coat of undyed silk twill, lined   The lining on the whole follows the cut of the

throughout with undyed cotton fabric outer material. Fig. 6.

in tabby weave. Silk six-leafed warp twill. Full

width 60.5 cm. Fabric alternately on right side and 10: 2.   Pair of high leather boots, made to

back, according to selvages. Cotton fabric rather   fit either foot, the toes pointed. The

coarse. Full width 39.5 cm.   legs much higher in front, where pieces of leather

The coat is cut in kimono shape over the should- straps are still preserved. The side seams run from ers, the material being all in one from the lower top to sole. The vamp is joined to the leg with a edge of the front pieces to that of the back. The horizontal seam ending at the side seams. The sole back has a middle seam ; broad front pieces, biased consists of two layers of leather, joined to the up-over the chest, are crossed as far as the side per with a sandal-seam (i. e. the upper being seams, right under left. The right front piece has turned outwards and sewn direct on to the sole). a ribbon of cotton fabric attached, to be tied with Other seams are turned in with an inserted strip another ribbon fastened inside the left side seam. of leather along the seam. The top edge of the leg The left front piece has been tied with two pairs is finished with a folded strip of leather. No heels. of ribbons, remaining in the front piece, with a One boot repaired at lower part of the foot. The

corresponding ribbon at the right side seam on the shape of the foot is now somewhat deformed as

exterior of the coat.   the leather has dried. H. 52-53 cm. L. of sole

The lower part of the coat has an open slit as 26-27 cm. W. of sole 6.5-7 cm. Pl. 6: 3.

far as the waist at the left side. A wide piece at

the slit is joined to the front, lying under the back 10:3.   Doll of brown felt, made of two

piece, which covers is. Both front and back are   pieces sewn together and stuffed. Over

biased outwards and downwards.   the front of the head a piece of coarse fabric is

Within the slit are several pleats. The lower sewn on. Round the waist is a cord of brown wool, part of the coat is sewn together on the right side. which has been tied on to strips of dark brown, Several inserted pleats and biasing here add to coarse fabric. Small attached piece of hide with

the hair left on indicates puberal hair. Pl. 6: t.

the width. The sleeves, having reached over the

hands, are biased from the wide armpits towards to : 4.   Nearly triangular piece of brown felt

the hands. Each sleeve is joined right across to-   with cast seam round the edge. On one

wards the middle. At the wrist is a small fold side, bones of a sheep's foreleg are fastened with

turned in, 7.5 cm. on right, about 9 cm. on left, rough strings. The bones may be a little charred. forming a kind of cuff.

Around the neck, along the biasing of the front 43X29 cm. PI. 6: 2.

pieces is a strip, 7 cm. wide, divided by a fold,   ro: 5.   Four small bones, probably from —: 4.

towards the neck 3.3 cm. wide, towards the coat

2.7 cm. wide.   io : 6.   Two fish vertebrae.