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0105 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 105 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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5. A : 5.   Bunch of four wooden arrows. Two fine. In one place about I cm. broad a weft strip
tufts of feathers fastened to each shaft of brownish red wool of same quality as above, in with woollen yarn. Ends bluntly pointed but with- an other place remnants of the same. Warp : 3o out arrow-heads. Tied together in the middle with threads to io cm. Weft: 165 threads to io cm.

a brown woollen string. L. 72 cm. Pl. 7: 13.

5• B:3-5• Fragm. of wooden arrow-shaft or such-

5. A : 6.   Small basket, finely plaited. Rounded   like (partly glued together) decorated
bottom, nearly cylindrical wall widen- with small incised triangles filled with red colour, ing at the top. Decorated with triangles, horizon- and arranged in transverse or spiral rows.

tal lines and a step-like zig-zag pattern of some- 5_ B : 6.   Small wooden tooth with a flat part

what glossy grass laid on top of the ground. Made

at one end, which is decorated with in a close plain twined weave, and having two

three transverse rows of incised small triangles. three-strand braids, one near the bottom, the other

Probably from a comb. L. 97 mm.

near the mouth. The mouth is covered with a layer

of white felt kept in place by a double string 5• B : 7•   Lower jaw-bone of a vulture.

wound round the felt. The handle consists of a

white woollen string knotted to the edge in two Grave 5 C.

places. The middle part of the handle is twisted

and inserted beneath the strings that keep the lid 5• C: 1.   Fragm. of a wooden object of same

in place. There seems to have been a second handle   kind as 5: I19-I24. Peg with oval

section, tapering towards one end, which has a step. made of a brown string fastened lower down. The basket contained a few remains of a dried-up mat- Wound round with coarse brown string near erial, which has been analyzed and found to con- middle part. Present L. 35 cm.

sist of millet porridge. H. 16 cm. Diam. about 12

cm. Pl. 14:5.   Grave 5 D.

5. A : 7.   Two cords of reddish brick-coloured 5. D: T.   Cord of fine, glossy wool in reddish

  •            wool, with which the mummy's hair   cream colour. Folding and loose thread
    was tied behind. L. 45.5 and 49 cm. Th. uneven, of one end preserved, the other end torn off. L.

2-7 mm.   90 cm. Th. of cord 9 mm. and of spun thread 2 mm.

5. A : 8.   Sample of grains of wheat strewn over 5. D: 2.   Small basket like No. 5. A : 6, rounded

mummy.   bottom. Pattern consists of horizontal

5. A : 9.   Sample of Ephedra twigs strewn over bands and rhombi arranged in oblique zig-zag rows.

mummy.   H. II cm. Fig. 14:8.

5. A : io.   Small dried-up pieces of animal's ( ?) 5• D : 3.   Rear part of arrow-shaft made of reed,

hide.   with remnants of three-winged fea-

thers. L. 27.5 cm.

5. A : 11.   Seven cut-off tips of calves' ears (?).

5. D: 4-5. Two wooden arrow-shafts, each with two tufts of feathers. Decorated with

small incised triangles arranged in transverse and

Grave 5 B.   longitudinal rows. L. 76 and 75 cm.

5. B: 1.   Portions of loin-cloth with inserted 5• D: 6-7. Two fragm. of wooden arrow-shafts

fringes along the lower edge. Tapestry   decorated with small incised triangles

woven in step pattern in dark reddish-brown wool   arranged in transverse and spiral rows.

and undyed, light yellowish wool, partly dis-

coloured to light brown. Warp of same wool. Wool- 5• D: 8.   Wooden pin, gently tapering, with

len yarn of fringe, wound firmly and 2-ply in loin-   thickened cylindrical head cut in one

cloth, th. about 1 mm.; wound more loosely and

piece with it, and decorated with five transverse

4-ply in fringe, th. 3-4 mm. Warp: 4 threads to I bands, each consisting of two rows of small incised

cm. ; weft : about 16o threads to io cm.   triangles. L. 175 mm.

Fringe fragmentary, consisting of two untwined 5. D: 9.   One half of a wooden object: peg of

threads inserted round extreme warp threads of   even breadth, a little thicker at the

lower edge laid together and twisted. L. of longest   ends. One end bluntly pointed. Semicircular sect-

preserved thread of fringe 19.3 cm. W. of loin- ion, flat side a little hollowed out. Cf. 5. L: 4 and

cloth 6.8-7.6 cm. Pl. 13 : 4.   others. 92X19 mm. Pl. 8 : 9.

5. B : 2.   Fragm. from mantle of tight rep 5. D: io.   Pair of wooden objects made to match:

weave of light brown wool, soft and   two pegs of about semicircular section