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0106 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 106 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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made in the shape of the leg of a cloven-footed with red wool above the "hoof" (here merely a beast. The flat sides have lain against one another. knob). Has been wound round near the top as well. A little below the middle the flat sides have some Near the middle the flat sides have faintly incised transverse lines, and around them . the wood is transverse lines surrounded by red colour. L. 21.5 blackened by fire. L. 23.5 cm. widest part 2.7 cm. cm. PI. 8:4.

(Cf. 5. E: 5, 5. F: 7 and others). Pl. 8: 3.   5 E: 6.   Three kinds of woollen strings. Red,

5. D: 11.   Large feather, thinly wound round   and undyed greyish-yellow.
with reddish wool. Broken. Probably

from head-dress. L. 37 cm.

5. D: 12. Two bunches of Ephedra twigs, each Grave 5 F.

tightly wound round with yellow wool, 5. F: 1.   Small basket, neatly plaited; decorated

and joined together. The bigger bunch is also   with oblique zig-zag bands, triangles

wound round with some red and dark-brown wool. and horizontal bands of grass. Besides there are

L. 14 and 15 cm. Pl. II : 6.   two bands of three-strand braid. Has had a handle

5. D: 13-14. Two bunches of cut off Ephedra twigs, of brown woollen string inserted through the wall. tightly wound round with brown and Contained grains of wheat and dried-up millet

yellow wool. L. 17.5 and 15 cm.   porridge. H. 14.5 cm. Diam. about 11 cm.

5. D: 15.   Three bunches of Ephedra twigs 5. F:2-3. Two arrow-shafts of tamarisk twigs,

wound round a couple of times with   each with two tufts of feathers. Some-

yellowish wool.   what bent. L. 77 cm. -: 2 Pl. 7: 14.

5. F: 4-5. Rear parts of two arrow-shafts of

Grave 5 E.   same kind as -: 2.

5. E: 1.   Sample of mantle with fringe. Of

5. F : 6.   Thin tamarisk twig. L. 70 cm.

brownish wool woven in weft rep. 3 5• F: 7.   Wooden object representing the leg of

cm. at fringe edge double shoots of weft in more   a hoofed beast; made in two halves to

open weave. 10.2 cm. inwards from edge of fringe match, which are bound with string in two places. and 17 cm. from selvage there are four shoots of A small bronze ring fastened in the wool wound

weft of red wool.   •   round near the hoof. Four transverse incisions
The fringe is made of wefts gathered in groups, just above the hoof. 25X3.4 cm. Pl. 8: 5.

tightly twisted together and fastened at the lower edge of the fabric. Loops at ends. Th. 3-5 mm.

Dist. between fringe ends 12-25 mm.   Grave 5 G.

Selvage 13 mm. with two warps strengthened by a . 5, G:   Small basket, neatly plaited, with the

thick cordlike edge made of groups of intertwined   usual design of horizontal and zig-zag

wefts (cf. 5. A: 2). Th. of cord itself 7 mm. L. of bands laid on top of the ground work of plain

winding 8 mm.   twined weave. Two bands of three-strand braid.

5. E : 2.   Footwear from mummy. Made of raw- Has had a handle of string inserted through the

hide with the hair remaining, on the wall. H. 13 cm. Diam. about 9 cm. sole turned outside, otherwise inside. A thick twist-

5. G : 2.   Fragm. of basket-work, probably from

ed brown cord, 115 cm. long, runs through a per-

foration in the front part. On middle of instep   large, shallow tray-basket. Double

twined open-work. PI. 14: 3.

are remains of small plumage with red wool insert-

ed through the leather. A seam from opening to 5• G: 3.   Long smooth peg in the form of a

sole on each side. L. of sole 31 cm. W. 13 cm.,   straight serpent with a spool-shaped

across heel 9 cm. Cf. No. 36:4.   object in its mouth. The back of the serpent is

5. E 3.   Wooden arrow-shaft with two tufts covered with small incised rhombi filled with red

colour, forming zig-zag bands. The flat belly has

of feathers. Painted red and decorated transverse lines, every second one with a row of

with transverse rows of small incised triangles.   small pointed triangles filled with red. Just behind

Too crooked for effective use. L. 65 cm. Pl. 7: 11.   the middle part a drilled hole. L. 69 cm. Diam. 1.1

5. E: 4.   Rear part of arrow-shaft of same kind cm. L. of object in mouth 15 cm. Pl. 7: 9 and

as - : 3.   Fig. 14: 3.

5. E : 5.   Wooden object of same kind as 5. 5. G: 4.   Fragm. of wooden arrow-shaft with

D: 10. The two halves tied together   feathers attached to it with red wool.