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0109 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 109 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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Decorated with transverse and spiral bands of Grave 5 J. small incised triangles.

G: Io. Six similar arrow-shafts,   (What is left of the contents of a plundered coffin

5.   5-   probably near grave 5 A).

tamarisk wood, each with two tufts of

feathers. Decorated with transverse bands of small 5• J : I.   Pointed head-dress of dark brown felt

incised triangles. L. 72-69 cm. -:9 Pl. 12 : 14.   with white, elaborate ornamentation

of horizontal, tightly twisted strings, which have

5. G: 1 I.      The greater part of a wooden arrow- been fastened with back-stitches in rows along the
shaft of same kind as the preceding head-dress in four places; only a quarter remains.

ones; the feathers missing.   At the lower edge are four rows of stitches from

5 G:12.   Fragm. of arrow-shaft with three the chin-cord. The lower edge finished with thin

groups of faint, transverse lines.   scallop stitch of similar strings. Top somewhat

frayed. H. about 25 cm. Pl. 1o:6.

5. J : 2.   Wooden arrow-shaft, crooked, with

Grave 5 H.   two tufts of feathers. Neatly decorated

5 H: 1.   Child's head-dress of dark greyish- with transverse and longitudinal rows of small in-

brown felt. At lower edge is inserted a cised triangles, filled with red colour. L. 72 cm.

small piece of grey woollen yarn, chin-cord? H. Fig. 14:1.

about 14 cm. Diam. about 12 cm. PI. II : 5.   5. J: 3-4. Two fragm. of wooden arrow-shafts,

each with a tuft of feathers and de-

5. H : 2.      Child's bracelet. Bead of light green corated with transverse rows of incised triangles.
jade-like stone with brown cord thread-

ed through the hole. Diam. of bead 13 mm. PI. 5• J : 5•   Wooden arrow-shaft, somewhat crook-

9: II.   . ed. Has had two tufts of feathers and

is decorated with two groups of transverse rows

5. H : 3.   Small basket, neatly plaited, of the built up of small incised triangles.. L. 67 cm.
common type though the bottom some-

what flatter than usual. Has had a handle of brown 5• J.: 6.   Fragm. of wooden arrow-shaft with

string inserted through the wall. H. 10 cm. Diam.   transverse and spiral rows of small

about 7.5 cm. Pl. 14:2.   incised triangles.

Mummy 5 K.

Grave 5 I.   5. K : 1.   Head-dress of yellowish-white felt,

5. I: I.   Small plaited basket, the design al-   pointed, with four transverse red

most effaced through wear. Near woollen cords and remnants of a split ermine the bottom a broad band of three-strand braid, skin, fastened with light-red woollen threads in-and a narrow one round the edge, which is also serted in the felt. The head of the ermine hanging finished with some extra coils. Once covered down in front. Chin-cords of the same wool as the with a white felt lid. Remains of a handle of felt. Short string of similar wool inserted in the

white string. H. 13 cm. Diam. about 13 cm.   middle of the rear edge and knotted together. H.

5. I: 2.   Wooden arrow-shaft with two tufts about 20 cm. Pl. 11:4.

of feathers fastened with red wool. 5. K: 2.   Necklace of four brown grass-and-

Decorated with four groups of transverse lines   hemp strings and four dark-red wool-

with thin small triangles. Longitudinal bands of len threads laid together and wound with two pale triangles between the groups. Smoothened point. red woollen threads, which were probably placed

L. 76 cm.   at intervals of 12-14 mm. In one place a small

5. I : 3.   Fragm. of the rear end of a wooden feather tassel fastened with thin sinew-fibre, in

arrow-shaft with a tuft of feathers another place a diminutive grey stone bead. Diam.

and transverse and longitudinal rows of deeply of bead 3 mm. Th. I mm. incised triangles forming zig-zag patterns. Pl.

12:2.   Grave 5 L.

5. I : 4.   Wooden peg with round section, taper- 5• L: 1.   Small flat bead of shell. Diam. 5 mm.

ing towards one end. The other end   Cf. No. 5: 18.

has a step; the thinner part is broken off. L. 31.5 5. L: 2.   Wooden pin, gently tapering, with

cm.   thickened cylindrical head. The head