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0110 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 110 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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is decorated with seven transverse zig-zag bands 5: 17.   Ninety-six small shell beads, mostly

which are formed through small, very pointed, in-   with the original string remaining in

cised triangles. L. 15.3 cm. Fig. 14:7.   the holes.

5. L : 3.   Wooden pin of same kind as -: 2 but 5: 18-   Three thin, flat beads of shell. Diam.

with thicker head, having eleven   6 mm. Pl. 15: 9.

groups of triangle-bands. The pointed end broken 5: 19.   One hundred and twenty-four small

off. Found sticking in the woollen fabric -: 6.   beads of shell of same kind as -:21.

L. 17.3 cm.   5: 20.   One hundred and fifty-five small beads

5. L : 4.   Wooden object consisting of two   of shell of same kind as -:21.

halves, of the same kind as 5. D: 9 etc. 5 : 21.   Ninty-three small beads of shell. Diam.

When found the now decayed red wool was neat-   5-2 mm. Pl. 15:15.

ly wound round a layer of feathers in the sunken

part of the two halves. One end straight, the other 5 : 22.   Small flat, oblong object, slightly

blunt-ended. The interior deeply hollowed out; it   curved, of light-green dental bone ( ?).

contained a few bones from the head of a large The convex surface has ten transverse lines 25X6 lizard. The two halves are of uneven length: 11.5 mm. Pl. 15:7.

and io.5 cm. Diam. 2.6 cm. Pl. 8: 6.   5:23.   Fragm. of corroded, somewhat con-

5. L: 5.   One half of an object identical with   cave bronze ring-fitting.

-:4. The hollowed part is painted 5:24-25. Two small bronze fragm., possibly of

red. 9X2.7 cm. Pl. 8: 1.   two-winged . arrow-points.

5. L : 6.   Two fragm. of an undyed, pale yel- 5: 26.   A few corroded bronze fragm.

lowish-white woollen mantle in rep

weave. The warp twisted somewhat harder than 5: 27.   Wooden cup, made in one piece. Near

the weft. Selvage preserved at one part, strength-   the edge there are two pairs of holes

ened by a thick cord.   7 cm. from each other. H. 11 cm. Diam. 13.5

12.5 cm. Pl. 12 : 15.

5: 29.   Small wooden object of nearly the

same shape as -:28. 51X14 mm.

Finds mainly from the S ll r- 5 : 30.   Fragm. of round wooden peg with

face of Cemetery 5.   four globular mouldings and two

(5 1-5 44 from the flat eastern end of the hill.) transverse rows of small triangles filled with red.

Pl. 9:8.

5: 1-2.   Two willow-leaf-shaped arrow-heads 5: 31-39. Nine fragm. of arrow-shafts or pegs

of light-green silex and brown chert.   of wood, decorated with transverse or

Rather blunt-ended, of inferior make. - : 2 is longitudinal rows of small triangles filled with

slightly polished. L. 39 and 41 mm. Pl. 12 : 4-5.   red.

5: 3.   About half of a leaf-shaped arrow- 5: 40.   Two-winged arrow-point of bone with

head of green silex. Pl. 12 : 6.   large barbs and a socket to receive the

5: 4.   Leaf-shaped arrow-head ? of polished shaft. On each side six incised lines, V-shaped.

slate. L. 42 mm. Br. 12 mm. PI. 12 : 3.

5: 5-   Whetstone of slate, one edge has some 5 : 41.   Small bone object of unknown use. A

transverse lines. 97X25 mm.   straight piece with an oblique project-

5:6.   Flat bead of green, flamy serpentine. ion. Decorated with four groups of transverse

lines. A groove follows one edge of the project-

Diam. 9 mm. PI. 15:8.   ion and continues along the shorter part of

5: 7-15.   Nine barrel-shaped beads of striated, straight member. L. 73 mm. Pl. 12 : 11.

grey and white opal. L. 12-8 mm. Pl. 5:42   Bone object of same type as -:41

15: 16.   but with broken points. Pl. 12: 10.

5: 16.   Eight small beads of shell (a Spondy- 5: 43.   Fragm. of bone lamella with one flat

/us) attached to the original cord.   and one convex surface, the latter

5. L : 7.   Small bundle of reddish-brown wool,

wound round in two places with the 5 : 28.   Rectangular wooden object, handle ?

same kind of thread, in one of which a small   One side convex, the other concave, at

feather is inserted.   each end a moulding. 79X18 mm. Pl. 9 : 7.

88X18 mm. Pl. 12 : 9.