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0111 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 111 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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having five V-shaped incisions. 65X13 mm. • Pl. 5: 54.   Portion of tamarisk twig, one end

12 : 7.   charred, decorated with a spiral row

of small triangles carelessly cut in the bark. L. 19

5:44.   One end of a thin bone lamella with cm. PI.

a transverse line. From a bow ? Br.   9 4.

27 mm. L. io6 mm.   5: 55.   Cylindrical head of a wooden pin of
same kind as 5. L: 3 and many others. Decorated with fourteen transverse rows built up (5:4 5 - 5 : 74 found at the W. of small incised triangles with the points turned

end of the palisade).   towards each other and filled with red. The rows

are so narrow that the effect of the triangles is

5: 45.      Wooden arrow-shaft with two tufts that of a zig-zag band. L. 95 mm. diam. 13 mm.
of feathers and decorated with trans- Pl. 9 : 5. verse and spiral rows of small incised triangles

filled with red. Rather crooked. L. 70.5 cm.   5: 56.   Wooden comb consisting of seven long

and four short teeth pierced alternate-

5 : 46.   Wooden arrow-shaft, very crooked, ly through a piece of sinew. Each long tooth has

decorated with four groups of trans- a flat head decorated with seven transverse zig-verse incisions, each consisting of four rows of zag bands formed through two lines of small in-small triangles with the points turned towards cised triangles, filled with red, and with the points each other. The arrangement of these groups turned towards each other. On the back the de-shows that there have been two tufts of feathers. coration is inferior and the seven rows are placed

L. 75 cm. Fig. 14:9.   obliquely. L. 18 cm. W. across sinew 6.5 cm. Pl.

5 : 47.   Wooden arrow-shaft, rear end frag- 9' i.

mentary. Decorated with groups of 5: 57.   Long tooth from a comb of same con-

transverse and spiral rows of small triangles. L.   struction as -: 56, stuck in a piece of

63 cm.   sinew. Decorated with five transverse rows, each

5 48.   Wooden peg representing a serpent consisting of two lines of small incised triangles.

(cf. 5. G : 3) with a spool-shaped ob-

ject   the back are plain, transverse lines. L. 18.8
ject in its mouth. Along the back a double zig- cm.

zag ribbon, and on the sides two extended zig-zag 5: 58.   Tooth of same kind of comb as -: 57,

ribbons, all consisting of small incised triangles.   with same decoration. L. 18.2 cm.
On the lower side of head and neck there are thin

   5: 59.   Tooth of same kind of comb as -: 57,

incised lines, and along the belly a nearly straight   but less well made. L. 18 cm.
band of the same kind as on the sides. 26 cm.

from the head a small hole through the body. L. 5: 6o.   Tooth of same kind of comb as -: 57,

of peg in mouth 14.2 cm. Tail broken off. Present   with unfinished decoration : the trans-

L. 57.8 cm. Pl. 7: 8 and Fig. 14:4.   verse lines are incised but only two triangles are

finished. The flat head painted red, as is the case

5 : 49.   Long black feather, the shaft wound with several of the preceding ones. L. 18.5 cm.
round with red wool, the barbs how-

ever being left free. A pointed peg or pin is at- 5:61-66. Six smooth teeth, apparently from a

tached to the lower end. Probably a plume from a   comb, the teeth of which were kept to-

head-dress. L. 37 cm. PI. 9: 10.   gether by a sinew. There were no long teeth in this

case. L. 87 mm. Cf. No. 36: 14.

5: 51.   Wooden peg with a thinner part, 26

mm. long, at one end. The other end 5: 68.   Bone object, probably used as pin for

has had a similar thin part. A ribbon or suchlike   fastening the mantle. A long straight

has been wound round it. L. 25.5 cm.   tapering part and perpendicular to it a projection

near the thicker end. On the long part seven trans-

5 : 52.   Broken peg of same kind as -: 5o and verse lines. Model of a hoe or some weapon (Ko?)

51. L. 19 cm.   L. 127 mm. Br. across projection 35 mm. Pl. 12: 16.

5: 53.   Fragm. of wooden arrow-shaft ( ?)   5: 69.   Bone arrow-point, conical, with socket.

decorated with longitudinal rows of   Round the base seven incised lines. L.

small incised triangles.   II cm. Diam. i cm. Pl. 12: 12.

5: 50.   Wooden peg with round section, one

end thinner than the other. L. 26.5 cm. 5: 67.   Three small fragm. probably of same

tooth, which is slightly carved.