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0112 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 112 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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5: 70.   Plaited basket with nearly effaced 5: 90.   Small peg with a tuft of feathers in the

ornaments, apparently oblique zig-zag   upper end. Part of plume of a head-

bands. On the upper part crescent-shaped ornaments   dress. L. 22.5 cm. Pl. 9 : 9.

enclose warp-stems in pairs. Fragm. of handle, 591•   Peg with feathers, of same kind as

made of twisted yellowish string, fastened to the

wall with five separate coils at each side. H. 19   90.

cm. Diam. about II cm.   5:92.    Peg with a black feather, attached to it

with red wool. The upper part broken

5: 71.   Piece of white felt, probably the lid of   off. From a head-dress.


5:93•   Cord of brown wool with a knot at one

5: 72.   Cord of yellowish-white, undyed wool.   end. Probably handle of a basket. L.

Th. 5-6 mm.   31.8 cm. Th. about I cm.

5: 73.   Small peg with a bushy tuft of feathers

fastened to it with red wool. Apparent- Surface finds in general, ly a plume from a head-dress. L. 17 cm. Cemetery 5.

5: 74.   The greater part of a weasel's skin tied

to a piece of white felt, apparently from 5 94   Wooden arrow-shaft, rather crooked,

a head-dress.   with one remaining tuft of feathers a

little above the middle, the upper tuft lost. Decorated with transverse and spiral rows of small in-

(5: 75 - 5:93 were found in the cised triangles filled with red. L. 77 cm.

sand above the coffins E 5 : 95-I01. Seven fragm. of wooden arrow-shafts,

and F).   some thick and some thin, with por-

tions of one or two tufts of feathers and decorated

5: 75.   Wooden arrow-shaft with two tufts of in the usual way with small triangles.

feathers attached to it with red wool. 5: 102-109. Eight fragm. of wooden arrow-shafts

Neatly decorated with transverse and spiral rows   with the usual ornaments of small tri-
of small incised triangles filled with red. L. 76 cm.

Pl. 7: 12 and 12 : 8.   angles. -: 103 Fig. 14: 10.

Arrow-shaft of tamarisk wood with a spiral line with a few incised triangles, all turned in same direction. L. 70 cm.

5: 79-80. Two wooden arrow-shafts, crooked, 5 : I I I.   Wooden arrow-shaft with the usual de-

and having originally two tufts of   coration filled with red. Obliquely

feathers; decorated in the same fashion as -: 75.   pointed at one end. L. 57 cm.

L. 75 and 78 cm. -: 8o Fig. 14:2.   5: II2.   • Fine arrow-shaft of tamarisk wood

5 : 81-84. Four fragm. of wooden arrow-shafts   with four groups of transverse orna-
of same kind as the preceding ones, ments, each consisting of five lines with small though two of them have no triangles, only lines. triangles turned in the same direction. L. 78 cm.

85.   Arrow-shaft of tamarisk wood. Has Fig. 14:5•

5 : 5

had two tufts of feathers but other

5: 113-114. Two rather heavy wooden arrow-shafts

wise undecorated. L. 78 cm.   with a marked groove in the rear end

to receive the bow string. L. 63.5 and 65.5 cm.

5:86--87. One complete and one broken wooden -: 113 Pl. 7: 10.

arrow-shaft, each decorated with a

spiral line. L. 67 and S3 cm.   5: 115.   Wooden peg of same type as 5: 50,

thinner at one end, pointed at the other.

5 : 88.   Wooden peg of same kind as 5: 50. L.   L. 37.5 cm.

198 mm. Pl. 9:3.   5: 116.   Piece of a reed.

5:89.   Plumage from head-dress. A long black

feather, thinly wound with red wool, 5 117•   Flat wooden peg tapering towards one

and four tufts of short brown feathers each tied to   end. 23 cm. from the broad end there is

a pointed peg. The whole plumage kept together by a small oval hollow with burnt surface. L. 58.5 cm. a cross-going peg entirely wound with red wool. Br. 3.9-1.5 cm. Pl. 7: I.

On one side a piece of a weasel's skin. Longest 5: 118.   Wooden object of same type as -: 117

feather 39 cm. Pl. 1o: 8.   but the narrow part has a more round-

5:76-78. Three wooden arrow-shafts with two 5:IJo. tufts of feathers and decorated in the same fashion as -:75. L. 73.5 and 77.5 cm.