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0132 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 132 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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damask. At the wrist a band of plain rep in pis- uishable measurements : undyed silk 37 mm., green tachio green. The garment has a waist band (partly discoloured), red, undyed, dun fawn and fastened at the side seams. Large parts are miss- prune, each about 8 mm., with red strip about 45

ing, but reconstruction is possible, Fig. 23.   mm. on top. Fig. 24.

The ornamentation of the front pieces continues 6. A : 3 a. Fragm. of waistband ( ?) sewn to-

round the neck towards the front, with red silk   gether, of undyed silk.

strip, about 4 cm. wide, and a silk ribbon in warp-

rib weave, 4 cm. wide, with three similar parallel 6. A : 4.   Silk trousers, undyed taffeta, full

borders of different colours, each with a stylized   width of fabric 47 cm. Two widths are

lion in a field in reversed colours, Pl. 16: 1. The used for each leg; the seams at the sides. The pattern of the outer border, alternating in red and front part is missing. In the hind part a piece

white, quite distinct, the others are indefinite.   from the fork is preserved. At the top is a double
This band is missing on the left lower front piece, edge in which is inserted a folded silk strip, 6 cm

wide, for fastening the trousers round the waist.

the right one having been laid over the left.

The red silk, forming the lower part of the Trousers gathered at ankles and edged with double sleeves, is of damask in plain weave and twill, silk strip. Seams sewn with undyed silk. Fig. 25.

biased and composed of several pieces. The pattern 6. A : 5 a-b. Two sleeves, fragmentary, from under-

consists of rows of zig-zag lines of various kinds   garment, of undyed silk taffeta, sewn
attached to ribs, between which are partly dia- with the full width of the fabric, about 47

monds, partly human shapes. Pl. 16:9.   cm. Cut in rounded shape. The seams turned in,
At the lower part of the bodice is a waistband, sewn with undyed silk. sewn on with undyed silk, to hold the dress to-

gether. In the right-hand seam are similarly applied 6. A : 6.   Piece of undyed silk taffeta, full

ribbons of the same silk as in the bodice, with   width of fabric 46.5 cm.

loops in one of which the pair of scissors —: 12 6. A: 7 a-b. Ribbon and strips of undyed, plain

was suspended.   silk weave.

All the seams are turned towards the back or

inside. Fig. 23.   6. A: 8 a-c. Silk ribbons, folded, plain weave.

6. A : 3.   Skirt of silk, undyed and resembling 6. A: 9 a-b. Several fragm. of undyed, brown and

   taffeta, composed of biased panels, one   red silk taffeta of various qualities.

of which is much broader than the others and 6. A: 9 c. Several fragm. of undyed, loosely

gathered at the bottom, with a border in various   woven cotton fabric in plain weave,
colours. At one side the skirt was cut between partly white, partly discoloured to brown.

two panels before burial. Nine panels are now 6. A : 10.   Pouch of rather coarse silk taffeta,

distinguishable, although some remnants suggest   undyed, yellowish. Sewn out of one

the possibility of even more. Of these nine, three   piece straight   gathered at both ends. At one of

are well preserved. Five panels form one part,   a p   g

four another. The top of the skirt had been these ends are two ribbons, with knots, loops and

gathered; the waistband is missing. The panels ends running through the gathering; two ribbons are sewn together with plain seams as far as to are sewn on at each .side of pouch opening, with about 22 cm. from the bottom of the skirt, their the ends torn off. The ribbons are sewn with the tightly gathered about 10 cm. Then comes the edges folded in and then turned. Round the middle

of the pouch is sewn a folded strip of red taffeta

border hanging like a frill. The panel seams are

covered from the bottom up to as far as about with remains of imprints of hammered gold.

Reddish brown untwined silk has been used. The

half the height with edgings of coloured silk of pouch is lined with undyed, loosely woven silk

plain weave. From the right : red, red, red, prune, inp lain weave, poor quality. Dram. about 7.5 cm. red, prune, red, prune, red; the last seam is with-

out edgings, the first width being only a small   PI. 16:4.

piece.   6. A: II.   Bag of figured silk, warp-rib. Ground

   The border is made separately and lined with   prune-coloured. The pattern is corn-

the same undyed silk as in the skirt, and sewn   posed of fine light-green floral scrolls. This col-
on to its lower edge. It is composed of double our is also used for outlining buds and flowers strips of silk taffeta turned downwards and sewn of blue. One Chinese character woven in. Very

together successively at the lower edge with silk   frayed, the silk discoloured. Small remnants of
of the same colour as the strip. The colours of the lining of undyed (?) taffeta at one edge. 15.7X8.3 strips from the bottom upwards, and with disting- cm. PI. 16: 7.