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0147 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 147 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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Diam. at widest part 19.4 cm., at mouth 13 cm. H. ing). The tray is cut in the solid with a raised

13 cm. Pl. 21 : 4.   edge round the upper surface. The legs, 10.5 cm.

long, are thinner in the middle. They are affixed

34 : 8.   Wooden cup or dipper without foot. to the tray with tenons. 48X28 cm. Pl. 19: I.
Cut, not turned, in one piece with a

ring-handle flattened on top. Diam. 15-14.5 cm. 34: 21.   Wooden food-tray of the same type as

H. 8 cm. Pl. 19:6.   -:20 but with straight legs fastened

with round tenons. Two legs missing. 32X20.5 cm.

34 : 9.   Wooden cup of same type as -: 8 but L. of legs 6.7 cm. PI. 19:2.

somewhat oval. The rim gnawed, prob-

ably by some rodent. Diam. 12.5-11.7 cm. H. 7 34: 22.   Broken-off leg, probably from a tray

cm. Pl. 19 : 5.   of the same kind as the preceding ones.

34 : 10.   Wooden cup of the same type as the Slightly resembling an animal's leg. L. 7.5 cm.

preceding one, handle broken off. 34:23.   Carved wooden leg of food-tray; con-

Somewhat oval shape. Probably made of elm.   ventional lion-leg pattern, oval tenon.

Widest diam. 16-14.5 cm., diam. of mouth 13-12 Full length 12 cm. L. of tenon 2 cm. PI. 20 : 5. cm. H. 9 cm. Pl. 19 : 4.

34: II.   Oval wooden cup of the same type as 34.24.   Nearly circular wooden board with a

the preceding ones but with the handle   square groove on one side. From the

edge two holes converge towards each corner of

missing. Split in old days and repaired with string. the groove, and through the holes leather strings

L. 14 cm. Br. I1.5 cm. H. 8 cm.   have been run; they have also followed the groove.

34: 12.   Fragm. of a fairly large wooden cup The board may possibly have been suspended by

of the same type as the preceding ones. the strings horizontally. 13.2X I 1.3X 1.5 cm. Pl.

Widest diam. 16 cm. H. about II cm.   32:4.

34: 13.   Ring-handle with flattened top from 34: 25.   Wooden bow, probably of tamarisk.

a largish wooden cup, possibly -: 12.   The middle part for the space of a

34: 14.   About half of a small wooden cup of hand's-breadth is left uncarved, but from there

the same kind as the preceding ones; and towards the ends about half the thickness of several pieces glued together. Widest diam. io cm. the wood is carved away, giving these parts of

H. about 7 cm.   the bow a nearly semicircular section. One end

missing. The remaining end has a carved notch

34: I5-16. Two fragm. of the rim of a large

wooden bowl with a roughly carved for attaching string. Present L. 92 cm. Original L.

receive the legs, the square tenons of which run mm., 69X83X6 mm. and 50X65X4 mm. -:27 Pl. through the tray. In the middle of one end the 20 : 3, -:29 Pl. 20 : 4.

under-surface has a contour carving resembling a 34: 30-31. Two long hair-pins of black-lacquered

heart. Both sides used as cutting-board. 41X28 cm.   bamboo. L. 16 and 15.3 cm. PI. 20 : 1-2.

H. 6-7 cm. H. of legs 4 cm. Pl. 19:3.   34 : 32-34. Three wooden spindle whorls, each

34 : 20.   Rectangular wooden food-tray with   with a fragm. of the peg remaining in
four legs (two of which are now miss- hole. The whorls are hemispherical or flat. Diam.

groove on the outside below the rim.   probably 112 cm. Br. 2.3 cm. Pl. 32:1.

34 : 17.   Wooden beaker, cut, not turned. The 34: 26.   Fragm. of a compound bow, which has

entire rim is broken away. Present H.   been built up of wooden, bone and

14.5 cm., diam. of flat bottom 6.5 cm. PI. 19: 7.   hornlamellæ and sinew. Twenty-one fragm. in all,

but this is less than a third of the bow. One end

34 18.   Small round basket with lid. Flat bot- complete. It consists of two curved bonelamellæ

tom, the wall is sloping inwards. The with a notch for the string 2 cm. from the end. lid is made with a step between the edge and the On the inside a hornlamella is wedged between; flat top. Coiled with interlocking stitches on a the central part is occupied by two wooden memsingle-rod foundation. H. with lid 13 cm., without bers, and the outside is covered with sinew. The

lid 8 cm., diam. of bottom 15 cm. Pl. 21: I.   bonelamellæ are 25.5 cm. long and 1.5 cm. broad

34 : 19.   Rectangular wooden food-tray with at end. The horn member is 18 cm. long. A loose

four low, stout legs. The tray cut in hornlamella is 3.3 cm. wide. Fig. 3o and PI. 18: io. the solid with a raised edge round the upper sur-

face and two transverse raised ribs on the under- 34:27-29. Three wooden combs with fine teeth

surface. Near the ends of these ribs are holes to   and nearly semicircular back. 72X83X6


I 29