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0153 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 153 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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35 : 12-13. Two fragm. of the same fabric as   The pouch is lined with undyed silk in plain

—: II.   weave. H. 17 cm.

35 : 14-   Two ribbons, made of biased hemp 35: 19.   Shoe, woven in silk over the last, in-

(?) fabric in plain weave, folded to-   terlining and sole of hemp(?). Inner
gether with the edges turned in, and ribbon of thin lining missing. The toe part well preserved, the undyed woollen fabric in plain weave, now yellow. side and heel parts partly dissolved, the warp gone,

Probably from a waist-band.   a very small piece of sole remaining. The weave of

35 15•   Ribbon of folded silk taffeta, partly the outer part is rep-like, the texture of interlining

and sole is braid-like, as in the former case the

sewn together and tied in a loop. The two ends are torn off. Before washing the silk pair of threads are every time twisted in the same

was very light in colour, now yellowish brown.   direction, in the latter case every other time in

the opposite direction.

35: 16.   Fragm. of ribbon, made of dark red   The side and heel part in buff colour; there

silk taffeta, folded and with the seams may have been small green insertions at the sole turned in. At one end, with selvage, the edge is fastening. The toe elaborately figured and distinct-folded in and shows marks of stitches; weaved ly narrowed from the sides. At the opening a buff

as a result of gathering. The other end frayed.   edging is laid along the cord and sewn on to the

interlining. This edge has probably run round the

35 : 17.   Small square piece of red silk taffeta. entire opening. The pattern of the toe part is

Embroidery of chain-stitch in blue, striped downwards, towards the toe. Immediately yellowish white and moss-brown silk. The pattern below the upper edge is a border of buff dragons consists of alternating rows of standing hearts, on a red ground. Below this are some small green within which are bars on each side of an S ; in the indistinct figures with a central V. A pair of slit-point a drop. Above the hearts a dot and two op- like "eyes" extending backwards into a red line. posed C's, carrying an acute angle. The square is Below these lines a row of birds ( ?) in purple, cut out from a larger embroidered piece. It is all on a buff ground. The central horizontal border, edged round with brown silk. No lining. In three red with small light-green ovals, has a row of corners small pearls threaded on silk and fastened red birds on the top and a row of green ones with a knot. The fourth corner damaged. 8.5X8.5 below. The central vertical stripe is marked with a

cm. Pl. 22 : 3.   red triangle in the upper row of birds and a light

35: 18.   Pouch of silk warp-rib of two different green field in the main horizontal border. The

lowest part of the toe is damaged, and the pattern

patterns. It is made of a small straight

piece, rounded at the bottom, and a larger and somewhat indistinct. A horizontal row of broad broader piece, gathered round the lower part of green triangles arranged in pairs with the points the former and sewn on along the edges of the meeting on a horizontal line. Below these the narrow piece. A small extra piece is let in be- pattern is indistinguishable; it seems to have been

tween the larger and the smaller pieces near the finished with a red edge with a small buff diamond in the middle. Approx. L. 23 cm. Preserved L. top.   greater than that of the original, while the weft
The larger piece consists of two reversed pieces, has stretched owing to missing warps. PI. 24: 1-2. the pattern thus being reversed as well. The

ground brownish red, the pattern dark blue and 35:20.   Small fragm. of yellowish brown

yellow, of oval shape and composed of several   warp-rib with waved pattern in some-

kinds of small volutes, inter alia one element with   what darker colour.
three rolled-in volutes and three slender prongs.

Pl. 23 : Ia. Repetition of figures : in the warp di- 35 : 21.   Piece of yellowish white felt, which

rection straight succession ; in the weft direction   covered the corpse, either as a shroud

alternating rows. Two Chinese characters also   or as a lining to the coffin.

form part of pattern.

The   35.22.   Small fragm. of coarse woollen fabric,

he smaller piece has a dark blue ground and

dark brown and yellowish.

a pattern in red, yellow and light blue. Pattern

incomplete; on one side a leaf, a flower on a long 35:23.   Wooden cup, lathe-turned. The upper

stem and the end of a scroll. On the other side   part painted red, the lower part black.

two birds facing one another, part of a cloud On the moulding near the bottom, alternating scroll, three rolled-in volutes with three slender black and red lines. H. 7 cm. Diam. of mouth 9.6

prongs, and a Chinese character. Pl. 23: I b.   cm. Pl. 27:6.