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0157 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 157 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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into the end of every fringe. Th. about 6 mm. L. also finer strands of wine-coloured wool, all more

about 10.6 cm.   or less felted, th. about 3-I mm.

L. of warp direction excl. fringe 171.4 cm. L.   The top part forms the doll's head. Around the

of incompl. weft direction 32.1 cm.   "face" a light greyish yellow strand of yarn, be-

Near the cordlike selvage and somewhat above hind this a wine-coloured strand. About 4.5 cm. the middle the mantle was gathered into three below the "face" the combined "neck" and "waist" small bags containing Ephedra twigs. Only one are wound round with a blackish brown coarse

of these is preserved. Pl. 26:4 and Fig. 32.   folded strand with a loop holding some short

36:4.   Footwear of raw hide, made after brown grass(?), fixture for girdle(?). Round a

about the same pattern as 5 E:2. The part of the waist and hanging down between and hair turned outside on the sole, otherwise turned around strands of yarn is laid a piece of coarse inside. The top and upper part in one, with only one fabric of soft white wool. The woollen fabric is seam running from the opening to the front and in plain weave and does not recur among the

sideways. The tops have been tied together with one other Lop-nor finds. The warp is firmly twisted,

th. 2 mm., 3 threads to 1 cm. The weft in shoot

strap at each side. The upper edge of the tops is two threads parallel, vaguely spun; two double

serrated. Into the toe are inserted three red ends threads to 1 cm.

of wool and remnants of small feathers. Between   Size, excl. hanging strands, 14 cm. PI. 1I.2.

heel and arch the sole has a notch at each side.

Both soles are joined in front with a narrow piece. 36:9.   Small bundle of sinew-fibres and dark

The shoes seem scarcely to have been used. L. 26.5   and light wool, twined two and a half

W. 10.5 H. 18 cm. In each shoe an inner sole: a times with fulled felt, thin and fine and wound square piece of brown lambskin with curly wool, five turns with red wool, th. 3 mm., of the same

finished with scallop stitching of red, untwisted

woollen yarn 3-4 mm. thick. The sole in the left 36: io.   Brown woollen string, L. 258.6 cm.

shoe 11X19 cm., the one in the right shoe has one   Th. 3 mm.

end torn off, the edging is gone, size about 10X24 36: 1I.   Braid, two pieces of the same kind,

cm. Pl. 26 : 6.   of white wool, th. 2 mm. Braiding

36: 5.   Small basket, plaited of grass and made of eleven strands of yarn over one under

dicotyledonous roots and stems. Of the one thread. W. about 1 cm. L. 28.7 and 21.1 cm.

same shape and make as those from Cemetery 5, 36: 12.   Human hair, dark brown, partly turned

but decorated with net pattern. Cf. Mr. Ljungh's   grey.

analysis, Appendix II. Thick handle of brown 36: 13.   Tress of dark brown hair, the upper

woollen cord. The basket is partly broken. H. 19.5

cm. Diam. about II cm. Pl. 26 : I.   end tightly wound round with string.

L. 61 cm.

36 : 6.   Basket cover of white felt. Has been 36: 14.   Small wooden comb, consisting of

attached with white strings on top of   eleven round teeth (one missing) in-

- : 5.   serted in a piece of sinew. L. 6.5 cm. Br. 6 cm.

36: 7.   Portion of fringe-like loin-cloth con-   PI. 27:10.

sisting of braided white woollen cord, 36: 15.   Pin of hard wood with barrel-shaped

round which alternately red and undyed white

head decorated with four transverse

long double-wool strands have been laid and drawn bands, each bordered by a row of small incised together with a loop. Two undyed strands of wool,

each folded with one loop alternating with two triangles. L. 147 mm. L. of head 56 mm. Pl. 27:8.

double red strands laid together. The strands of 36: 16-17. Two pins of hard wood. The barrel-

white wool are undulated and slightly felted, th.   shaped heads are decorated with nine
4 mm. The red strands are slightly felted and un- rows of small incised triangles, their points turned twisted, spun thread th. 2 mm. L. of loin-cloth 40 upwards. The rows arranged in groups of three. cm., longest end of fringe 28 cm. The quality and The triangles have been filled with red. L. 163 colour of the wool the same as 5: 148-149. Pl. mm. L. of heads 47 mm. -: 16 Pl. 27:7.

26: 5.   36: 18-20. Three wooden pins of the same kind

36 : 8.   Doll made of wool rags fastened on   as -: 16-17 but with plain heads.

to a small wooden peg of the same L. 154-134 mm. L. of heads 48 and 43 mm. -:20

model as Pl. 9 : 2. L. of peg 94 mm.   Pl. 27 : 3.

Round and over the pin are thick strands of 36:21.   Bone pin with spool-shaped head.

light greyish brown and blackish-brown wool,   Smooth surface. L. 10 cm. PI. 27:4.

colour and quality as the felt. L. 9 cm.