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0169 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 169 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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twenty-one specimens. Besides these there are one clipped Wu-ch'u, eight without outer rim, and twelve Wu-ch'u of small size, i. e. debased. Twenty-one "Goose-eyes" and twenty-two uncertain fragments were also recovered. No. 32 : 57 may be a non-Chinese copper coin, but this is very dubious.

The discovery of these coins confirms the numismatic results arrived at through the studies of earlier Lou-lan collections.


Two bronze arrow-heads with triangular section are of the ordinary Han type. Pl. 28:43 has a triangular depression on each surface, and a short circular shank, whereas the specimen No. 32 : 59 lacks both of these distinctions.

Pl. 28: 42, of iron, is either a tanged arrow-head or else some sort of awl.


Pl. 28 : I-2 show two fragments from the rim of bronze mirrors of Chinese make, apparently of Han types. The first one has about the same decoration on the thick rim as the complete specimen from Ying-p'an (Pl. 15 : 4). The second fragment is of the same type as Umehara 1933 Pl. 76, which is dated to the second or the third century A. D. The rim is thin with a low ridge just as is Pl. 28 : 4. A third fragment, No. 32 : 62 may be from the same mirror as the second one.

Pl. 28 : 4 is from a small mirror with floral design in low relief, of the type Urne-hara Pl. 77-78 from the later Han dynasty, and No. K. 13378 : 35 also comes from a mirror of this type.

For further discussion of the mirrors cf. p. 165.

Personal ornaments, strap fittings, etc.

The nice bronze finger ring Pl. 28 : 37 has an oval ruby as bezel.

Pl. 28 : 36 is another finger ring of bronze, a sewing ring. Besides these there is a fragmentary finger ring and a small piece of a second sewing ring.

There is a number of beads from Lou-lan, seventeen of glass, seven of stone and two of shell. The double-beads Pl. 28: 15-17 have exact parallels among HEDIN'S earlier finds (Bergman 1935 c, Pl. XIII : II-13). Pl. 28: 6 is an eye-bead of blue glass and of inferior quality. Pl. 28 : 25-26 are round beads made from the marine shell of a Turbo. The same material has been used for the fragmentary ring Pl. 28: 8, whereas HEDIN'S beads of shell were made of a Quadrula, i. e. a freshwater