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0192 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 192 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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Near to the W of camp B 62, S of Between camp B 6i and B 62, about 4

Qum-darya.   km. S of the latter.

23 : I-3.   Three potsherds of hard-burnt ware, 27: I-5.   Five potsherds of a thin-walled, light-

blue-grey or reddish. Recalling Han   red vessel with slightly projecting rim.

23 : 4-5.   Two small flint flakes.   About 2 km. SSW of camp B 61, S of

23 : 6.   Chip of light-green flint.   Qum-darya.

23 : 7.   Small piece of lead.   28: r.   Potsherd from the rim of a vessel with

straight neck and a plain moulding I

23:8.   Small piece of iron.   cm. below the rim. Red, rather thin ware inter-

mixed with coarse sand.

Scattered finds between camp B 62 and 28:2   Small potsherd with traces of applied

a point 4.5 km. W of it, near the right   decoration. Thin, brownish-red ware.

shore of Qum-darya.   28: 3-10. Eight potsherds of the same ware as

24:I-2I.   Twenty-one potsherds of fairly uni-   I.

form ware, hard-burnt, reddish-brown 28: II.   Part of small core of grey flint.

to blue-grey.

28: 12-14. Three flint flakes.

24:22-23. Two small iron fragm.

28:15.   Fragm. of arrow-point of green flint.

The base shaped into a short tang. Br.

1600 m. SW of camp B 62, S of   14 mm. PI. 4: 14.

Qum-darya.   28:16. Arrow-point, willowleaf-shaped, of

25 : I.   Potsherd of brownish and blue-grey   translucent agate. L. 29 mm. Br. 10

ware, intermixed with sand.   mm. PI. 4: 13.

25:2.   Irregular core of light-brown flint or 28: 17.   Flint scraper?, irregular.

agate.   28:18.   Small knife of green flint, nearly

25 : 3-4.   Two small flint flakes.   crescent-shaped. 36X19 mm. Pl. 4: 6.

25 : 5.   Small flint scraper; indistinct type.   28:19.   Bifacial implement of dark-green

25:6.   Small flint chip.   chert, one end straight and unworked,

the other end convex. 29X31 mm. PI. 4: 17.

  1. 7.   Bifacial implement of light-green flint.

Coarse knife, unfinished? L. 55 mm. 28:20.   Oval chip from a flint pebble, worked

Br. 29 mm. Pl. 5: 10.   on one side.

25:8.   Chip of green flint.   28 : 21.   Oval knife of grey flint, worked on

one side. 58X29 mm. Pl. 5 : 9.

25 : 9.   Flat piece of light-red chert with green

striation. A little chipped along two 28:22.   Small knife of brown flint. 45X19

edges. L. 105 mm.   mm. Pl. 4 : 9.

25:10.   Pebble of grey flint, one side struck 28:23-24. Two chips of green flint, slightly

off . by man.   worked.

28:25.   Roughly worked piece of greenish-

S of Qum-darya, between finds Nos. 25   grey flint. Unfinished axe?

and 27.   28:26.   Fragm. of a flat piece of quartzite

  1. 1-5.   Four complete and one fragmentary   with one edge worked.

coins with thick verdigris. The shape 28: 27.   Various flint chips.

recalls that of Wu-ch'u.   Qum-darya, near camp B 61 about 2 km.

26: 6.   Bronze socket, cylindrical with a small below Yardang-bulaq.

perforation I cm. below the rim. Prob-

ably a mounting for the lower end of the handle 29: 1-4.   Four potsherds of uniform reddish-

of a Ko-weapon. L. 57 mm. Diam. 33 mm. PI.   brown ware, rather thin and inter-

31 : 10.   mixed with coarse sand. Wind-eroded.