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0193 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 193 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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About io km. W of Hedin's camp 74 on 41: 5.   Wu-ch'u coin, diam. 23 mm.

S shore of Qum-darya, and about 44. km. 41: 6.   Wu-ch'u coin, with clipped rim. Pl.

WNW of Lou-lan station.   3°:9.

41.7.   Coin of Wu-ch'u type but without

3o: I-4   Four cores of yellowish-brown agate

visible legend, possibly clipped.

and grey flint.

41:8-II.   Four Wu-ch'u coins without outer rim

30 : 5-8.   Four flakes of agate and flint, two   and cast in such a way that the legend

of them having retouched edges.   has become incomplete. Diam. 18-16 mm.

3o : 9.   Flat, oval stone, probably shaped by 41: 12-13. Two "goose-eye" coins, diam. 13 mm.

nature though very symmetrically.

Hedin's camp 75 on an island in the Finds either from a place in the Qum-westernmost part of the delta of Qum- darya delta, or from Lou-lan station.

31: I.   Bronze trigger from a cross-bow 42.2'   "Goose-eye" coin ? PI. 31: 5

mechanism. I15X18XIi mm. Pl. 31:7. 42:3.   Bronze boss, nearly hemispherical,

hollow, with a straight central pin.

31: 2.   Fragm. of a circular bolt of bronze Slightly projecting flange at the base of the boss.
from a cross-bow mechanism. Diam. The top is a little flattened. Diam. 35 mm. H. 16

I cm.   mm. PI. 3o: 25.

31:3.   Sheep's tooth.   42:4.   Front part of a bronze finger-ring

with flat elliptical bezel with linear

Finds collected by Mr. Chen 1.5-2 km. design. Diam. has been 22 mm. Pl. 31:6.

N of the Qum-darya delta between 417 42: 5.   Small bronze pendant, a flat oblong

and 420 on the map Fig. 37.   piece with ring-shaped loop at one

4o : I.   Two pieces of a corroded coin of Wu-

end; worn out. L. 32 mm. PI. 31:9.


ch'u type, without legend. Diam. 21 42 : 6.   Bronze bead of wire laid spirally.

mm.   Diam. 8 mm.

40 : 2.   Three fragm. of a corroded coin of 42 : 7-8.   Two fragm. of bronze pins.

degenerated Wu-ch'u type. Nearly 429.   Flat oblong bronze object with a

square. Diam. about 18 mm.   broader, oval part at one end. The

40:3.   Strap-end of bronze in two parts. A broader part has two perforations and a longi-
rectangular part with a lower narrow tudinal groove. The other end probably broken end turned backwards (around strap) and fastened off. L. 85 mm. Br. 22-6 mm. Pl. 3o : 17.

to the wider part with a rivet. In the loop thus 42: io.   Various bronze fragm., mostly refuse

formed hangs the second part, rectangular, the   from casting.

lower end with an obtuse point. Both parts have 42 ; I1.   Small lead sinker, disc with central

chamfered edges at the outer ends and two crossed   hole. Diam. 15 mm.

lines. 83X12 mm. Pl. 30: 23.

40: 4.   Rectangular bronze ring, possibly Finds from a place in the Qum-darya
from a buckle. 26X20 mm. Pl. 3o : 26. delta, or from Lou-tan station.

40 : 5-8.   Four smallish flakes of grey-blue or 43:I-2.   Two iron fragm., one bent to form

green flint.   an angle, one straight.

40 : 9.   Piece of flake of yellow-brown flint, 43 : 3.   Iron arrow-head, three-winged with 4

one edge a little retouched.   cm. long tang. Damaged. L. 7.8 cm.

PI. 3o: 16.

Finds from the same place as K. 13421. 43:4..5.   Two iron fragm., one of which is

41 : 1-3.   Three Wu-ch'u coins, diam. 22 and   from a nail or pin.

20 mm.   43 : 6-8.   Three small coin fragm., bronze.

41: 4.   Coin of Wu-ch'u type but without 43 : 9.   Various bronze fragm., partly refuse

visible legend. Diam. 26 mm.   from casting.

42 : I.   Small coin fragm. with a Wu.