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0194 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 194 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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43 : 10-I I. Two small fragm., probably from 44: 2.   Bronze arrow-head, three-winged with

bronze vessels with fluted wall.   socket. The bases of the wings form

43 : 12.   Spindle whorl made of grey potsherd. barbs. The socket has three small slit-like openings

Diam. 32 mm.   between the wings. L. 35 mm. W. between the

points of the barbs 15 mm.

43 : 13.   Small piece of turquoise.

44:3.   One end of a wooden slip with eight

Finds collected by servants on N side of   indistinct Chinese characters careless-

ly written in black. L. 106 mm. Br. II mm. PL

the Qum-darya delta at an unknown 29:15

locality, or localities.   44: 4-5.   Two small fragm. of much decayed

44: 1.   Wu-ch'u coin, broken in two. Diam.   wooden records with nearly effaced

25 mm.   writing. Br. 8 mm.

Hörner's and Chen's Lop-nor collection, (except the finds from ruins).

Find made about 9 km. to the W of the About 500 m. S 75° E of K. 13356. salt crust at the southern end of the new 1/2-31.

lake Lop-nor and 8 km. SSE of Stein's K. 13357. Core of brown flint made of a flat

Fort L. K. 5/I-31.   stone 9 mm. thick.

K. 13352. Small flake of yellow flint, finely About 4 km. almost due N of K. 13357..

retouched edges. L. 42 mm.   I /2-3 I .

About 3 km. to the east of K. 13352.   K. 13358: 1. Part of an oblong whetstone of grey

/I-   slate with a suspension-hole near one

5,   3I   end. L. 75 mm.

K. 13353 : I. Core of green flint. Flakes chipped off K. 13358 : 2. Small chip of striated opal or jasper. from one side only. L. 51 mm. Pl.

4: 16•   12.5 km. SSE of Lou-lan station near

K. 13353 : 2. Chip from top of grey flintcore. The the W border of the large salt crust. The straight edge retouched as a scraper.

P1. 4 :15.   pick from a rich site. 2/2-31.

K. 13359: I.   Core of brown quartzitic stone.

About 4 km. to the east of K. 13353.   Cylindrical. L. 45 mm. Pl. 4: 18.

5/1-31.   K. 13359: 2.   Core of dark grey flint or agate.

K. 13354. Core of dark-grey flint. Oval section.   L. 38 mm.

L. 26 mm.   K. 13359: 3.   Roughed-out core of dark grey


Find made in a wind-eroded hollow some K. 13359: 4-22. 22. Nineteen small fine flint flakes

km. W of the large salt crust and a few   with one or both edges retouched.

hundred m. E of K. 13354. 5/1-31.   The longest is 55 mm.

K. 13355.   Bronze buckle with a strong button- K. 13359 : 23-32. Ten small fine flint flakes.

shaped hook on the middle of the front K. 13359: 33-36. Four flint chips. part. The rear part has an oval hole for attaching

the strap. Thick verdigris. 55X40 mm. Pl. 3o: I. About 4 km. NE of K. 13359. 2/2-31.

K. 13360. Polished axe of green chert with

About 26 km. due S of Lou-lan station   brown flames. The polishing is con-

near the W border of the large salt crust. centrated on the broad sides and especially on the

I/2-31.   cutting edge, which is almost straight but slants

slightly, not being parallel to the median line. The

K. 13356: I-5. Five small flakes of yellow-brown narrow sides are not worked. 53X35X 12 mm.

and grey flint.   Pl. 5:13.