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0198 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 198 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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Near the ruin that contained the find K. 13404. 12/2-31.

K.13405:I-2. Two cores of grey flint, - : 2 fragmentary. -: I PI. 4: 19.

K. 13405 : 3-5. Three small flint flakes, one with retouched edges and one with worn ones.

Scattered finds between Chen's camp

91 b and 91 c. 13/2-31, either NE or SW of 404.

K. 13406: 1-4. Four small flint flakes, one of them with a retouched edge.

Scattered finds between 400 and 411 on

the map Fig. 37. 20/2-31.

K. 13407: I.   Irregular core of light-green flint.

K. 13407: 2-12. Eleven small flakes of grey, green, yellow and brown flint and agate, three of them with retouched edges.

6 km. ENE of the ruin that contained the finds K. 13401, and at the N shore of the northernmost branch of the delta.

20-2 1/2-31.

K. 13408: I.   Miniature bronze vessel, shaped

like a scoop. The bottom is flattened, otherwise the shape is nearly semiglobular. The 25 mm. long handle is hollow to receive a wooden haft that has been kept in place by a rivet through a hole in the socket. Two grooved lines run round the widest part of the vessel; the handle has some lines crossing one another. Diam. 44 mm. H. 25 mm. PI. 30 : 18.

K. 13408: 2-3. Two small pierced lead discs, probably sinkers. Diam. 18 and io mm. -:2 Pl. 30: 19, -:3 Pl. 31: 3.

K. 13408: 4.   Fragm. of a whetstone of green

slate with suspension hole.

K.13408:5.   Spindle whorl of bitumen. One

side flat, the other vaulted. Diam. 45 mm. Th. 18 mm. Pl. 29 : 3.

Find near camp 91 (though it might have been found elsewhere and merely dropped near the camp).

K. 13409. Small fragm. of the thickened rim of a bronze mirror decorated with two rows of small triangles, "saw tooth" pattern and a zig-zag line. Br. 18 mm. Th. 4 mm.

Between Chen's camp 91 a and 91 b. 12/2-31, somewhere between 401 and 412 on map Fig. 37.

K. 13410 : 1-4. Four small flint flakes, -:4 with retouched edges Pl. 4: 10.

K. 13410: 5.   Flake of yellow flint or agate.

Thick, and with retouched edges. The median ridge is chipped on both sides. Probably used as a scraper. 47X I 1 mm. Pl. 5: 5.

5 km. NE of ruin 404. 22/2-31.

K. 13411 : I.   Fairly large core of green flint.

Flakes split off along half of the circumference. Pl. 4: 22.

K. 13411: 2.   Axe made of a flat piece of brown

and red, flamy chert. The convex cutting edge has probably been polished. The whole object is much weathered. 67X35 mm. Pl. 5: 17.

About I I km. ENE of ruin 404; in the N part of the Qum-darya delta. I1/2-31.

K. 13412.   Small flake of grey flint with re-

touched edges. L. 43 mm.

Mesa somewhat to the north of the delta and between 41 I and 418 on the map Fig. 37. 22/2-3 I .

  1. 13413. Blade of bronze knife (broken in two) with convex back, which is thicker than the rest of the blade. The edge is damaged.

  2. 89 mm. Pl. 30 : 22.

Along the route between 41I and 418 on the map Fig. 37. 22/2-31.

K. 13414: I.   Core of grey flint. L. 43 mm.

K. 13414 : 2-5. Four small flakes of flint, three of them having retouched edges.

K. 13414: 6.   Irregular drill of red agate with

short point and one convex edge retouched as a scraper. L. 35 mm. PI. 4: 8.

Nearly I I km. SSW of Astin-bulaq and 2 km. N of the northernmost branch of the delta. 24/2-31.

K.13415. Irregular axe of dark-green chert, polished round the straight cutting edge. 83X37X19 mm. Pl. 5: 15.