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0223 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 223 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)


[Figure] 42 Approximate plan of ruined city between Qara-shahr and Korla. Hatching = masonry.
[Figure] 43 Earth rampart at Qumush, Quruq-tagh. Approximate plan.

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To Qoroshohr

To Korlå


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Fig. 42. Approximate plan of ruined city
between Qara-shahr and Korla. Hatching
= masonry.

Fig. 43. Earth rampart at Qu-mush, Quruq-tagh. Approximate


The flat bronze button Pl. 15 : 14 is harder to place, but the strap end Pl. 15 : 5 can be compared with Arne 1914 Fig. 228, which was found in Qara-khoja near Turfan and is ascribed to a post-Sassanian period. The relief decoration shows affinities with Hungarian strap fittings of the migration period. (HAMPEL's fourth group).

With the exception of the two Sino-Kharoshthi coins, these objects seem to be from the time during the T'ang dynasty when this region saw heavy traffic and a colourful life in the now ruined monasteries.


Ming-6i.   K. 13442 : 6. Stucco relief head, much decayed.

About half life-size. The hair is part-

K. 13442 : I. Three joined fragm. of a small clay ed by a horizontal ribbon, the lower part having vessel of light-red ware and with dark- the coils laid against the sides. The ear-lobes are

red painting.   somewhat elongated. Pl. 32:11.

K. 13442 : 2. About half of a small low lamp of Baghdad-shahri.

earthenware. Diam. 5.5 cm.   K. 13444. I Small fragm. of Chinese coin with

K. 13442 : 3. Small potsherd with two black lines.   the character "yüan" below the hole.

Light yellowish, hard-burnt ware.   Probably a K'ai-yüan.

K. 13444.2 Sawn-off point of a horn-core.

K. 13442: 4. Small fragm. of ornament of burnt

K. 13444 3-4. Two small chips of black flint.

clay, probably from a sculpture.

(Marked Mi. xi, apparently dropped by Stein.) .   Danzil.

K. 13442: 5. Stucco relief head, the upper part K. 13443 : I. Chinese coin, Ta-li-yfian-pao (766-

missing. Nearly full size. The arched   780). Diam. 21 mm.

eyebrows run down into the very sharp-edged K. 13443: 2. Chinese coin, with unclear legend,

nose. Half-closed eyes, but with large swelling   probably Chien-chung-t'ung-pao (780-

eyeballs. Short upper lip, small much-curved mouth.   784). Diam. 21 mm.

Straight chin with double chin marked below. Pl. K. 13443 : 3. Chinese coin, much corroded, broken.

32 : 9.   Diam. 22 mni.