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0238 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 238 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13335.   Pottery jar of light grey, hard ware. K. 13341: 5. "Goose-eye" coin with irregular

Low narrow neck, bulky shoulder   contour. Diam. 10-12 mm.

and flat bottom. The surface of the shoulder is K. 13341: 6. Portion of square bronze buckle.

slightly wavy from a furrow running spirally round   rivet in each corner. 36X30 mm.

the vessel. H. 17.5 cm. Diam. of rim 8.3 cm.   Pl. 33 : 3.
Diam. at widest place 15.5 cm. Diam. of bottom 8.5

cm. Pl. 35 : 3.   K. 13341: 7. Portion of bronze buckle, pear-

K. 13336.   Clay pot of reddish-brown, partly   shaped contour. 24X21 mm..Pl. 33: 2.

black ware containing rather coarse K. 13341:8. Portion of brass buckle. The front

grains of sand. Around the short neck a leather   part is oval and has a small point,
strap is fixed (probably modern) to stop up a the rear side is rectangular to receive the strap. leak. H. 12.5 cm. Diam. of mouth 8.3 cm. Diam. 19X18 mm. Pl. 33: I.

of widest part 12.2 cm. Diam. of bottom 8.5 cm.

K. 13341:9. Bronze strap-end, from buckle.

Pl. 35 : 2.   Rectangular plate with the short end

K. 13337.   Pottery bowl of dark grey, nearly wavy. From the other end projects a double hoop

black ware. Rounded bottom, the (broken) which has passed round the tongue-bar wall slightly widening towards the rim. H. 10.5 of the buckle. The edge is bevelled along long cm. Diam. of rim 15.7 cm. Diam. at lower edge of sides. One hole for a rivet. 30X20 mm. Pl. 33 : 4.

wall 13.2 cm. Pl. 35 : 5.

K. 13341: 1o. Small bronze pendant, square with

K. 13338.   Pottery bowl of the same type as   two loops. The flat part has five

the preceding one but with low wall. engraved circles on each side. 17X14 mm. Pl. Moreover, the ware is a little lighter. H. 9.5 cm. 33:8.

Diam. of rim 14.5 cm. Diam. at lower edge of wall

K. 13340.   Chinese bronze mirror with handle

(broken). One side has a decoration K. 13341: 13. Bronze mounting in the shape of a

in very flat relief : to the left a person is sitting   six-petalled rosette with large cent-
under a tree. He is wearing a dress with many ral hole. Diam. 16 mm. Th. 5 mm. Pl. 33 7

folds, and a halo. Behind the tree a cloud scroll. K. 13341: 14. Bronze ring, cornet-shaped. Diam.

To the right a standing figure carrying something   20 mm. Th. t i mm. Pl.6.

on his hands. Between the two figures are a crane   33
or heron and a tortoise. The scene is encircled by K 13341: 15. Sewing ring of bronze with three

two raised lines, and the rim of the mirror has a   rows of small hollows. Diam. 21 mm.

moulding that also runs along the handle. L. 18.1   W. 7 mm. PI. 33 : 1o.

cm. Diam. 9.9 cm. Reddish-brown patina with in- K. 13341: 16. Three fragm. of a small brass finger

significant green spots. PI. 33 : 23.   ring which has contained a round

K. 13341: I. Chinese coin, K'ai-yüan-t'ung-pao   stone.

(618-627). Diam. 25 mm.   K. 13341 : 17. Small spiral of bronze wire. L. 8

K. 13341: 2. Chinese coin, T'ien-sheng-yüan-pao   mm. Diam. 5 mm. Pl. 33 : 13.

K. 13341: 3. Chinese coin, T'ien-hsi-t'ung-pao K. 13341: 18. Fragm. of flat bronze tube, traces

(1017-1022). Diam. 26 mm. The   of lines across. L. 24 mm. Diam.

reverse is carelessly stamped.   7-8 mm. PI. 33 : 14.

K. 13341:4. Copper coin of the same shape as K. 13341 : 19. Small bronze bead enclosed in a

the Chinese ones but with four non-   grooved bronze band. Diam. about 9

Chinese characters. Diam. 24 mm. Pl. 33 : 9.   mm.

13.6-14 cm. Pl. 35 7.   K. 13341: II. Bronze strap-end? from buckle?

Two loops at one end, the other end

K. 13339.   Pottery bowl of the same type as rounded. Below there has been a rivet. Ornament-

the preceding one. The rim is partly ation consisting of coarse lines. 15X10 mm. PI.

broken. Within the ware is red and contains rather

33: 5•

coarse grains of sand. H. about II cm. Diam. of

rim 18.4 cm. Diam. at lower edge of wall 18.1 cm. K 13341: 12. Small bronze pendant, triangular

Probably originating from Grave 7. Pl. 35:6.   with a notch across the lower point.

15X10X4 mm. Pl. 33: II.