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0241 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 241 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13341 : 124. Spool-shaped bead of streaked K. 13342 : 26.   Fragm. from the rim of an earth-

glass, white, dark-violet and black.   enware pot. Brown ware with in-

L. 23 mm. Diam. 9 mm. Pl. 33 : 28. termixed coarse-grained sand. Decorated with a

wavy line both on the inside of the wide mouth

K. 13341: 125. Small double-bead of brown glass and on the shoulder.

with white veins. L. 6 mm. Pl.

33 :33.   K. 13342 : 27.   Small fragm. from the rim of an

earthenware vase. Dark grey,

K. 13341 : 126-129. Four small beads of black glass fine-grained ware, decorated with wavy lines. with white veins. Diam. 5-7

mm. Pl. 33 : 29-32.   K. 13342 : 28.   Small fragm. from the rim of an

K. 13341 : 130. Eye-bead, nearly spherical, with   earthenware vessel of reddish

brown ware. Immediately below the rim a raised

six "eyes" consisting of a yellow band with vertical grooves. Prehistoric ? centre bordered by a red and a white line. Diam.

II mm. Pl. 33: 16.   K. 13342:29.   Fragm. from the rim of a small

earthenware ewer with a marked

K. 13341 : 131. Fragm. of barrel-shaped bead of   lip. Thin, red ware.

blue glass with yellow veins in the

surface layer.   K. 13342 : 30-31. Two fragm. from the rims of two

large vessels. Reddish and brown

K. 13341 : 132. Fragm. of mosaic glass bead, green   earthenware.

(in two shades) inset with red

ovals having white centres. Pl. 33 : 18.   K. 13342 : 32.   Sherd from a large earthenware

vessel of brown to grey ware in-

K. 13341 : 133. Fragm. of flat bead or pendant of termixed with sand. A horizontal lug. Decorated black glass with inset of white, with garlands and straight bands incised with a

yellow, red and blue spots. Pl. 33: 19.   dentated instrument.

K. 13341 : 134-135. Two small hollow bronze beads. K. 13342 : 33.   Fragm. from the rim of a large

Diam. 6 and 8 mm.   earthenware vessel. Below the rim

K. 13341: 136. Two small fragmentary beads, one a stout horizontal lug. Thick, reddish-brown ware.

of turquoise, one of greenish glass. K. 13342 : 34-35. Two fragm. from the rims of two

smaller earthenware jugs with a

Objects collected on the 'Tati' surfaces.   handle at the rim. Red ware. -:34 is similar in

K. 13342 : I-12. Twelve sherds of large earthen- shape and ware to K. 13344 (Pl• 35 1)•

ware vessels, with designs of K. 13342: 36.   Broad handle from a larger earth-

garlands and straight bands incised with a dentat-   enware jug of dark-grey to red

ed instrument. The ware is rather coarse, reddish,   ware intermixed with sand.

brown or dark grey. -: 12 Pl. 37: 2.   K. 13342 : 37-41. Five loop handles from fairly

K. 13342 : 13.   Sherd, probably of the same   large earthenware vessels. Reddish

vessel as -: 12. Besides the above-   or grey, sandy ware.

mentioned pattern an incised figure recalling a K. 13342 : 42.   Handle of an earthenware pot ; has

Tibetan character. Pl. 37: 3.   been attached horizontally. Brown-

K. 13342 : 14.   Small sherd of an earthenware   ish ware. PI. 37 : 4.

vessel with an incised figure K. 13342 : 43.   Small fragm. of an earthenware

partly recalling Tibetan writing. PI. 37: I.   vessel with a fragmentary handle.

K. 13342 : 15-24. Ten sherds from earthenware K. 13342 : 44a-k. Sherds from a big earthenware

vessels, more or less decorated   vessel of rather thin, dark-grey
with incised lines or impressed çircles. The ware ware (after washing some of the sherds have is light yellow, red, brown or grey. Most of the acquired a yellowish colour on the outside). Round

fragments are from large vessels.   the shoulder runs an applied border with impres-

K. 13342 : 25.   Two joined sherds from a large sions forming a zig-zag pattern. Below this there

earthenware vessel. The outside is have been groups of hatched triangles with grey, the inside brownish. Covered with irregular the points downwards, and above there has zig-zag impressions recalling basket-work. Pl. been a more freely executed (floral ?) pattern.

36:7.   Pl. 36:5.