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0242 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 242 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13342 : 45-50. Six sherds from large earthenware wooden case or suchlike ; they have very likely

vessels.   been joined in the manner shown in Fig. 45.

K. 13342 : 51.   Sherd from the thick bottom of a 55X15 mm. 55X18 mm. 56X17 mm. and 53X13

mm. L. of best preserved rivet 21 mm.

pointed earthenware vessel (or tripod). Dark-grey, hard ware.

K. 13342 : 52-53. Two small sherds of thin-walled Grave 4.

earthenware vessels. Red and K. 13344.   Earthenware jug, restored out of

reddish-brown ware, possibly prehistoric.   several fragm.; one part spoiled by

K. 13342:54•   Fragm. of an earthenware disc weathering. Of the same type as K. 13343 I but

with less accentuated profile. Light reddish ware with two rows of round impres-

intermixed with coarse-grained sand. H. 21 cm. sions along the edge. Pl. 37:9, Diam. of rim 9.8 cm. Widest part about 15.5 cm.

K. 13342 : 55-58. Two complete and two fragment- Diam. of the flat bottom about 9.5 cm. Pl. 35 : I. ary spindle whorls or sinkers made

of sherds of earthenware vessels. Diam. 48-28 mm.

K. 13342 : 59.   Small fragm. of earthenware Grave 6.

vessel with rounded outline.   K. 13345 : I.   The main part of a weathered

K. 13342 : 60-63. Four pebbles of greenstone and   earthenware bowl with low, slight-

sandstone with oval section. May ly concave wall and rounded bottom. The surface

have been used as grindstones and pestles.   of the ware is blue-black, the fracture is brick red.

Diam. about 17 cm. H. 7-8 cm. The same type as

K. 13342 : 64.   Flat, oval pebble of sandstone, K 13337-39. Fig. 47•
probably used for smoothing.

K. 13342 : 65.   Fragm. of a whetstone of slate.   K. 13345 : 2.   The main part of a wooden bucket

K. 13342 : 66.   Small fragm. of a small core of   made of a hollowed-out trunk,

brown flint.   probably poplar. Round the lower edge a row of

holes for fastening the bottom, which might have

K. 13342 : 67.   Seven flint chips, partly used for been of leather. The remaining attachment for the

striking fire.   handle projects obliquely above the rim, following

K. 13342 : 68.   A piece of slag and two iron the grain of the wood. Below the attachment is a

fragm.   primitive, engraved animal figure, probably deer.

Fig. 48. H. 15 cm. Diam. 13-16 cm. Th. of wall

K. 13342 : 69.   Fragm. of a glass bowl, trans- 1 cm. Pl, 32:2.
lucent and uncoloured.

K. 13342 : 70-71. Two fragm. of probably circular, K 13345 3   Thirteen teeth of a wooden comb.

somewhat conical small glasses   The two outer teeth are stouter

from vessels of unknown shape. Pale yellow and than the rest, and have five deep notches on their

green glass.   upper part (to receive strings for tying the teeth

together?) The other teeth have apparently been

K. 13342 : 72.   Ten small fragm. of glass vessels. inserted in some perishable material. L. 112 and

Pale green or uncoloured.   95-93 mm. Fig. 49•

K. 13342 : 73.   A few small fragm. of bronze, K. 13345 : 4.   Part of fire-drill( ?). A wooden

sheet and refuse from casting.   whorl with a broken-off peg

through the central hole. The preserved end of

Grave I.   the peg is charred. Diam. of whorl 48 mm. Th. 15

mm. Pl. 32 : 3.

K. 13343 : I.   Earthenware jug with a stout

handle running from rim to K. 13345 : 5.   Two small pieces of thick, plaited,

shoulder. On the shoulder an incised zig-zag line   woollen braid, blue-green. W. 3.5

and below this a wavy line. Nearly black ware. H.   cm. Pl. 32 : 10.

24.5 cm. Diam. of rim 13.5 cm., at the widest part K. 13345 : 6.   Two parts of a wooden peg with

20 cm., the flat bottom 13.2 cm. Pl. 35 : 4.   square section. From one side a row

K. 13343 : 2-5. Four rectangular bronze pieces of fine holes has been drilled, the other sides are with a rivet hole at each end, the decorated with carved V-shaped lines. 130X 10X9 rivets partly preserved. Probably fittings for some mm.