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0268 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 268 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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1905. Scientific results of a journey in Cen- Inner Mongolia and the region of the Great

tral Asia 1899---19oI. Vol. 2. Stock-   Wall (Archaeologia Orientalis. B. Se-

holm '905.   .   ries. Vol. I) Tokyo and Kyoto 1935.

1936. Sidenvägen. Stockholm 1936.   JACKSON, J. W.

1937. Den vandrande sjön. Stockholm 1937.   Shells as evidence of the migrations

HERRMANN, A.   of early culture. Manchester 1917.

1910. Die alten Seidenstrassen zwischen JANSE, O.

China und Syrien. Berlin 1910.   1935. L'Empire des Steppes et les relations

1922. Die Westländer in der chinesischen   entre l'Europe et l'Extrême-Orient

Kartographie (In Sven Hedin's Sou-   dans l'Antiquité. (RAA IX). Paris

thern Tibet VIII : 2). Stockholm   1935.

1922   1936. Briques et objects céramiques funé-

1931. Lou-lan. China, Indien und Rom im   raires de l'époque des Han. Paris

Lichte der Ausgrabungen am Lobnor.   1936.

Leipzig 1931.   JOCHELSON, W.

1935. Historical and commercial atlas of   The Yakut. (Anthrop. Papers, Am.

China. Cambridge Mass. 1935.   Mus. Nat. Hist. 33 : II). New York

1938. Das Land der Seide und Tibet im   1933.

Lichte der Antike. Leipzig 1938.   KARLßECK, O.

HOERNLE, R.   Catalogue of the collection of Chinese

1899. A collection of antiquities from Cen-   and Korean bronzes at Hallwyl

tral Asia. (JASB Extra-Nr. 1). Cal-   House, Stockholm. Stockholm 1938•

cutta 1899.   KARLGREN, B.

1902. A report on the British collection of   Kina. (Världshistoria utgiven av Tun-

antiquities from Central Asia. (JASB   berg och Bring, 15). Stockholm 1928.

70, 11901). Calcutta 1902.   KATORI, HOZUNIA.

Shina no kinko [Metal Works of Chi-

HORVÅTH, T.   na] . Tokyo 1934.

Die avarischen Gräberfelder von KLEIN, D.

Üllö und Kiskörös. (AH 19). Buda-   Die frühen Seidengewebe auf der Chi-

pest 1935.   na-Ausstellung in London. (OZ 22).

HUANG WEN-PI.   Berlin und Leipzig 1936.

1930. Travels and discoveries in Mongo- KoNOw, S.

lia and Sinkiang. (Journ. Sinol. Stud.,   1912. Orken og Oase. Det inderste Asien

Kuo-hsüeh-chi-k'an II : 3). Peiping   i nutid og fortid. Kristiania 1912.

1930.   1929. Kharosthi inscriptions with the excep-

'933. Kao-ch'ang-t'ao-chi. Peiping 1933.   tion of those of Asoka. (Corp. In-

1935. Two pieces of wooden manuscripts of   script. Indic. II : I). Calcutta 1929.

the Hann dynasty discovered from   1934. Roruka and Chinese Turkestan. (Acta

Lop Nor. (Journ. Sinol. Stud. Kuo-   Orient. XII). Lugduni Batavorum

hsüeh-chi-k'an V : 2). Peiping 1935.   1934.


Europe & China. London 1931.   1928. Die ältesten Beziehungen zwischen

HUNTINGTON, E.   Europa und Ostasien. (Deutsche

The pulse of Asia. Boston and New   Forsch. a. d. Arb. d. Notgem. d.

York 1907.   deutsch. Wiss. H. 5). Berlin 1928.

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1931. Upptäckten av nya Lop-nor. (Ymer). LATYNIN, B. A.

Stockholm 1931.   Work in the region of the projected

1933. Geomorphologic processes in conti-   hydroelectric station on the Naryn ri-

nental basins of Central Asia. (Rep.   ver, Ferghana (in Russian). (Izves-

XVI Int. Geol. Congr. Washington   tiia GAIMK 1m). Moskwa-Lenin-

1933). Washington 1936.   grad 1935.

1936. Resa till Lop. Stockholm 1936.   LATTIMORE, O.

HÖRNER, N. G. AND CHEN, PARKER C.   1928. Caravan routes of Inner Asia. (Geo-

1935. Alternating lakes. (Hyllningsskr. till-   graphical Journ. 72 : 6). London 1928.

ägnad Sven Hedin). Stockholm 1935.   1930. High Tartary. Boston 1930.