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0020 Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1
Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1 / Page 20 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000177
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FIG. 39. Kuve-Gen-Shigai-ef and some of his men at Akh Tash, Son Kul    68

4o. The flat-.topped Bural-bas-tau, looking southeast    73

  1. The flat-topped Bural-bastau, looking south    73

  2. Distant Profile of the Afexandér Range, looking west    75

  3. Rough sketch map of the ranges sòúthwèst of Issik Kul    75

  4. Ideal section from range C to D, figure 43, looking east    76

  5. A tarentass at a station on die post-road between Vyernyi and Semipalatinsk    77

  6. Rough outline of the Dsungarian Ala-tau, looking south    77

  7. Rough sketch of a range near Abukumof Station, looking south    78

  8. The rolling steppe north of Sergiopol, Semipalatinsk    79

  9. The Chalai Range from Kum-ashu Pass in the Kok-tal Range, looking north    84

5o. Moraine in the Tuluk Valley, looking west    85

  1. A young moraine within the old moraine in the Chalai Range, looking north    86

  2. Snówfield below Sutto-bulak Pass in the Kungei'Alâ-tau, looking southwest    88

  3. Profile of a cirque at the head of a normal valley    90

  1. Cirque in the Kalkagar-tau   

  2. :Cixques in.the Kalkagar-tau.   

66. Cirque near.Sutto-bulak Pass, Kungei Ala-tau   
J7. General cross-section of the Narin formation, looking east

. 58.. A small mónocline in the Narin formation, looking east   

59. Three-mile section through Ulu-tuz gorge, looking east   

6o. The Alabuga. Valley, looking north   

. 61. Four-mile section across the northern .border of the Narin formation, looking east. 95

   . . 62. . Fifteen-lnile.section across the Kach-kar Basin, looking east 96

  1. Terraces of the (western) Kugart, looking northeast 98

  2. Three-mile section across the (western) Kugart Valley, looking northeast'    99

  3. Gorge.of the. (western) Kugart, above Taran Bazaar, looking east    99

  4. One-mile section of gorge in the (western) Kugart Valley, looking northeast    Ioo

  5. Upper terrace of the (eastern) Kugart, near the Kirghiz Bridge    ioo

. 68. Gravel bluff in the terraces of the (eastern) Kugart, looking south    Ica

6g. Ten-mile section of a landslide in the (eastern) Kugart Valley, looking northeast    Io2

  1. Two-mile section .of terraces in Alabuga Valley, looking east Io2

  2. Three-mile section of terraces at the junction of the Alabuga and Narin rivers.:    103

.72. Ideal section of terraces    104

73. A drowned valley in the plain at the east end of Issik Kul, looking northeast    108

.74. Shorelines of Issik Kul at the northwest end (A), the middle (B), and the

.   northeast end (C) of the lake    109

  1. Diagram of the relation of a valley, the raised beaches, and the present shoreline

of Issik Kul    IIo

  1. Profile of the Issik Kul shorelines on a granitic headland, looking west    i u

  2. Effect of tilting on an inclosed lake; uplift on the right    •    112

  3. Effeot of tilting on an inclosed lake; uplift on the left 112

  4. Stone circles near Lake Son Kul 114

  5. A carved stone on the plain at the east end of Issik Kul, looking south    116

  6. A skeleton map of Fergana    1~3

. 82. Map of the Pamir, taken from Sven Hedin's map    124

83. A Kirghiz caravart.,on its way to the Alai Valley    125

  1. A.poplar the.Taldic Valley...,. .    125

  2. Looking up_tthe Talflic Valley at the entrance to the broad plain Of Ak-Biisa-Ga. 126

86. Ak-Busa-Ga     127

  •  . 87. . Looking a.çross the Alai Valley to the Trans-Alai Mountains    127

8$. The Kirghiz in the Alai Valley   


89. Looking down the Kara Kul from Uy Bulak Pass    130

s .9o. .Deflated bowlder of granite    X31