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0022 Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1
Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1 / Page 22 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000177
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'FIG. 137. Cross-section of the Kan Su Valley at an elevation of i 1,000 feet    194

138. • Plan of the moraines of the Taka Valley    196

139.: Cross-section of the Taka Valley, looking north    197

-Ì4Ö. View down the Kuzzil Su on the eastern border of Bokhara, showing a gravel-

filled valley which has been re-excavated    203

  1. Terraces and meanders of another Kuzzil Su near Chadir Kul, on the Tian •

Shan Plateau, at an elevation of ii,000 feet    204

  1. Terrace wall of the Kan Su, west of Kashgar, showing horizontal gravel above

tilted Mesozoic strata    205

  •  143. Terraces of the Kok Kiya, on t+he Tian Shan Plateau, at an elevation of 11,500

feet     206

  1. Cross-section of the Ispairan Valley, showing successive periods of cutting and•filling    ..-... 207

  2. Shor Kul, looking south    209

  3. North and south seotion of the plain of Shor Kul from the lake to the moun=

tains of Dungsugot   .. 212

  1. 'Cross-section of a valley cut in the silt at Dungsugot    212

  2. The gravel-covered lacustrine deposits at Dungsugot, illustrating the same

features as the preceding diagrams   ' 213

  1. Windmills at Tabas    •   " 228

  2. Horizontal section of a Persian 'windmill    228

  3. Ruins at the Mil-i-Kasimabad, near Zabidan 229

  4. Sketch map of the double basin of Iran    231

  5. The ruins of Old Kuchan 236

  6. North and south section along the Heri Rud at Pul-i-K•hatun •    238

  7. Section near Khitayi, on the southern border of the Zorabad Basin 239

  8. North and south section along the Anau Brook, across the Anau fault block    255

  9. Terraces of the Heri Rud, near Khatayi   26o

  10. Sketch map of Kogneh Lake and the Jam Basin 261

  11. A slightly terraced valley in the mountains of Binalud Kuh, 3o miles north of

Twrbat-i-Haideri, March 3, 1904   , , . 266

16o. Terraces in the valley of Hraji Hussein Beg in the Ohahak Basin    267

  1. The town of Bajistan, looking east    268

  2. Terraces at the northeastern corner of the Baj istan Basin    269

  3. A typical portion of the gravel desert northeast of Sistan    278

  4. A raft of reeds poled by a sayid, or "fowler," on the edge of the swamp of Sistan. 279

  5. An arm of the Lake of Sistan    2$o

  6. Canals in the delta of the Helmund at Sistan    282

  7. Ideal cross-seotion of the mesa of Kuh-i-Khoja    286

  8. Ideal cross-section of the lake terraces and bluffs on the northwest shore of the

Lake of Sistan    294

  1. Lacustrine bluffs and recent sand dunes near Seh-kuheh    296

  2. Abandoned beach and lacustrine bluffs at Sebazkim    297

  3. Old lake beach at Sebazkim, looking west    298

  4. Ideal cross-section of the old lacustrine beach at Sebazkim 298

  5. Sketch map of the ancient shore features in the Bay of Sebazkim   . 299