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0352 Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1
Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1 / Page 352 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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BELLEW, H. W. From the Indus to the Tigris. Lon., 1874, PP. 496.

An account of a journey from Quetta via Sistan to the Persian Gulf. An interesting and valuable book, written in a scientific spirit.


  1.  On the Nature and Probable Origin of the Superficial Deposits in the Valleys and Deserts of Central Persia. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc., London, vol. 29, 1873, PP. 493-503. One of the most valuable contributions to Persian geography and geology.

  2.  Zoology and Geology. In "Eastern Persia," Vol. II, L., 1876, Geology, pp. 439-506. One of the most useful books on Eastern Persia.

CHIROr,, VALENTINE. The Middle Eastern Question. Lon., 1903, pp. 500.

From a 'political and literary standpoint this book ranks high. Scientifically it is valuable for its vivid picture of the contrast between the Persia of the past and of the present.

CuRzorr, GEo. N. Persia and the Persian Question. Lon., 1892, 2 vols.

This is generally agreed to be the best book on Persia as a whole. Unfortunately it deals very briefly with Eastern Persia.


  1.  Elementary Meteorology. Boston, 1894.

  2.  An Excursion to the Plateau Province of Utah and Arizona. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology of Harvard University. Vol. XLII, 1903, ,pp. I-50.

  3.  The Mountain Ranges of the Great Basin. Ibid., pp. 12g-177.

  4.  River Terraces in New England. Ibid., Vol. XXXVIII, pp. 279-346.

FERRIER, J. P. Caravan Journeys and Wanderings in Persia, Afghanistan, Turkestan, and Beluchistan. Lon., 1857.

A fascinating volume of exciting adventures and wonderful escapes. It contains interesting accounts of the manners and customs of the various people encountered, and brief notes on history and geography.

FORSEs, FREDERICK. Route from Turbat Haideri, in Khorasan, to the River Heri Rud, on the borders of Sistan. Journ. Roy. Geog. Soc., vol. 14, 1844, pp. 145-192.

A fairly 'interesting journal published almost as written. Although the work contains considerable information about villages, Turlooman raids, etc., it is chiefly of value to the traveler who proposes to follow the same route.


  1.  Introduction to "Eastern Persia," Vol. I, pp. ix=lvii .

A sketch of the history and politics of the eastern border of Persia from Sistan southward.

  1.  journey from Bandar Abbas to Mash-had by Sistan, with some account of the last-named Province. Journ. Roy. Geog. Soc., vol. 43, 1873, pp. 65-83.

A good account of a journey, with an excellent summary of the geography of Sistan. It contains, however, little which is not found in later works.

  1.  Notes on Recent Persian Travel. Journ. Roy. Geog. Soc., vol. 44, 1874, pp. 183-203. A readable account of a few general features of Persia, of a journey from Bushire to Teheran, and of the ravages of the famine of 1871.

HOLDICH, T. H. The Indian Borderland. Lon., Igor, pp. 397.

An account of Othe borders of Afghanistan from a surveyor's standpoint. Although the book is arranged according to the author's journeys, not by subjects or places, it is a valuable contribution to history and geography. It contains some excellent descriptions of scenery.

LANDOR, A. H. S. Aoross Coveted Lands. 2 vols. N. Y., 1903.

A well-written book, containing a large amount of information, part of which is unreliable.