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0353 Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1
Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1 / Page 353 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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LovETT, B.

  1. Narrative of a Journey in Baluchistan. In "Eastern Persia," Vol. I, pp. 1ig-142. A concise, unadorned ,description of routes, of slight value except to the actual traveler.

  2. Narrative of a Visit to the Kuh-i-Khwaja in Sistan. Journ. Roy. Geog. Soc., vol. 44, 1874, pp. 145-152.

A personal account of a visit to the holy mesa of Sistan, and of the 'writer's attempts to carry on surveying operations.

MAI.coL,M, JOHN. The History of Persia. 2 vols. Lon., 1815.

This book is still one of the most valuable sources of information on Persia.

MACGREGOR, C. M. Wanderings in Baluchistan. Lon., 1882.

Very brightly written and entertaining, although not containing much that is of permanent . value.

MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. The Basin of the Helmund. Proc. Roy. Geog. Soc., n. 5., Vol. I, p. 191. An empirical account of the mountains surrounding the Helmund basin, of the main tributaries of the river, and of the chief routes.


  1. The Southern Borders of Afghanistan. Geog. Journal, Apr., 1897. A short account of the people and physiography of the southern border of Afghanistan. Valuable and .interesting.

  2. The Baluchistan Desert, south of the Helmund River. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc. of Lon., vol. 53, DP. 289-295.

A brief account of the physical geography of the region similar to that contained in (a), followed by notes on various rock specimens.

O'DONOVAN, EDMOND. The Mery Oasis. 2 vols. Lon., 1882.

An interesting book, full of stirring adventures. Northern Persia is described chiefly from a poliitical and :historical standpoint, but there are also good accotants of the people and of .physiographic features.

RAWLINSON, H. C. Notes on Sistan. Journ. Roy. Geog. Soc., vol. 43, 1873, pp. 272-294.

A scholarly article containing a good summary of the !history of Sistan and of the changes in its canals and water-supply.

SMITH, EVAN. The Perso-Baluoh Frontier Mission, 187o, 1871, and the Perso-Afghan Mission, 1871, 1872. In "Eastern Persia," Vol. I, pp. 145-391.

A straightforward, trustworthy narrative, with many valuable, though empirical, descriptions of isolated phenomena.

Sr. JOHN, O. B. On the Physical Geography of Persia, and Narabive of a Journey through Baluchistan and Southern Persia. In "Eastern Persia," Vol. I, pp. 1-115.

The chapter on the ,physical geography of the country is of a general character, and is of great value. The remainder is an account of a journey, with occasional descriptions which are of permanent value.

SYKES, P. M. Ten Thousand Miles in Persia, or Eight Years in bran. Lon., 1902, pp. 481. This book is easily the most valuable work on Eastern Persia. It aims to supplement the work of Lord Curzon. Unfortunately the order of presentation is based strictly on the accidental circumstance of the writer's line of march, and a single subject is scattered in many places. The amount of research involved in the production of the book, and its accuracy, make it indispensable to every student of Persia.

VREDENBURG, E. A Geological Sketch of the Baluchistan Desert and Part of Eastern Persia. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India, Vol. XXXI, part 2, 1901, pp. 179-302.

This work embodies a large amount of valuable data, and is the only recent scientific work on this part of the world.

YATE, C. E. Khurasan and Sistan. Lon., 1900, pp. 442.

An exceedingly personal narrative of travel, with bits of historical, oommeroial, and military information scattered through it.