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0020 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
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[Figure] Structure of Scale Armour

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P. 236, n. x. For Plate LV read Plates LVl-LVII,LXXXVIII. P. 238, 1. 2. For Yamen read Ya-mên and so elsewhere.

P. 246, 1. 3, a. f. For R. iv read R. ii.

P. 252, 1. 36. While this chapter was passing through the press Mr. F. H. Andrews informed me of his having discovered, among the objects brought back from Tibet by the late expedition, and now deposited in the British Museum, a suit of mail, evidently old, which shows the plates or scales arranged in the reversed order exactly as on the Kubera image of the Dandan-Uiliq shrine and in the Gandhara example. The plates are not rivetted but ingeniously threaded, by a method which is illustrated in the accompanying diagram of Mr. Andrews. The disposition of the holes, one at the rounded end and three on each of the longer sides, is exactly the same as in the piece of hard leather, N. xv. 005 (see diagram, p. 4 x r ), and thus strikingly confirms the suggestion made regarding the latter (p. 374) that it belonged to a scale armour.

P. 257, 1. 16. For king read kind.

P. 269, n. 15. For D. rIx. 13 read D. ni. x2 ; for D. vi. 4, 6 read D. vi, 2, 6.

P. 288. D. x. Ix. Add See Plate LV.

  1.  D. vi. 3. Add See Plate LXVII.

  2.  D. vIx. 3. d. Add See Plate CXVI.

P. 302. D. (T.) o5. Add See Plate LV.

P. 335,1. 26. N x. 2. c is not shown in Plate XCVII.

P. 343, n. 4, 1. 2. For 10+80+190 read to+86+190.

P. 374, 1. 26. For the discovery of a Tibetan coat of mail which conclusively proves that the piece of leather must have formed part of a scale armour, see above, Add. to p. 252, with illustration.

  1.  L 20. For N. xix. 1 read N. xix. x. I. 5, a.f. For N. xx. 1 read N. xx. x.

  2.  n. 6. For p. 335 read p. 334.

  3.  1. x3. On my recent passage through Chitral and Mastilj I repeatedly traced the same flower ornament in the architectural wood-carving of those valleys.

  4.  N. iv. 80. Add See Plate LXXI.

  5.  N. iv. 133. Add See Plate XCIII.

  6.  N. v. 6. Add See Plate CII.

  7.  Fora reproduction of N. x. x in fuller detail see p. xxiv. N. x. 2. C is not shown in Plate XCVII.

  8.  N. xii. 3. Add See Plate LXX. P. 402. N. xv. 59. b. Add See Plate CXIII.

Srructure of SCAIe Armour obverse

P. 404. N. xv. x22. Add See Plate XCVII. P. 407. N. xv. 207. Add See Plate CXIII.

  1.  N. xv. oox. a. For (interior) read (exterior), for (exterior) read (interior).

  2.  N. xv. oox. c, f, g, h, j. Add See Plate LXXIV. P. 413. N. xx. 03. Add See Plate LXIX. P. 425, 1. II, a. f. For 31 read 31 a.

  3.  E. i. 4. Add See Plate CIX.

  4.  E. i. 39. Add See Plate CIX. P. 441. E. i. 025 does not appear on Pl. LXXVII.


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